T.O. blames the media for his passive-aggressive routine

Bills receiver Terrell Owens visited on Monday with our Sporting News Radio colleagues, the 2 Live Stews (check us out with the Stews — a/k/a Ryan and Doug Stewart — every Thursday at 2:25 p.m. ET). 

And Owens focused on the media for making him look bad by twisting his words and/or asking him loaded questions.

Owens said that the questions he was asked after Sunday’s zero catches for zero yards and zero touchdowns performance were aimed at provoking him to say something controversial.

“It really just shows you the angle that the media has taken all these years,” Owens said, via the Buffalo News. “Over the years I’ve always kind of spoken openly about
whatever is being asked with my answers, so the last four or five years I’ve kind of noticed
that and tried taking some steps to prevent some of those things from happening.

“But [Sunday] as you saw, it was obviously . . . [the media] took some more than initiative to
try to get me to kind of go down the wrong path.  I know the last two teams that I’ve been on,
I felt like I left those teams prematurely due to media interviews that I’ve done and things
kind of taken out of context and they created sort of a media whirlwind in the locker room and
things kind of went downhill from there.  I’m just trying to do the best job I can do as far as
answering the questions and trying to be a better teammate and not try to throw people under
the bus.”

There are three major problems with T.O.’s position.

First, and as we’ve recently explained, he didn’t leave Philly early because the media twisted his words.  He left Philly early because he wanted more money, either from the Eagles or from another team.  And he deliberately embarked on a plan to get himself traded or fired.

Second, when a guy claims he’s constantly misunderstood, maybe he should be thinking about taking communication classes, not acting classes.

Third, his effort to not throw people under the bus confirms our belief that he uses passive-aggressive tactics to accomplish the same outcome.  When asked, for example, whether he and teammate Lee Evans are being “wasted” in the Bills’ offense, Owens didn’t simply say “no.”  He offered up, repeatedly, the mantra that he’s running the plays that are called.

In T.O.’s incredibly simplistic world, such a response is appropriate, because he hasn’t affirmatively thrown anyone under the bus.  But what he doesn’t realize is that, when a bus is rolling toward the coaching staff and/or the quarterback and T.O. doesn’t push them out of the way, the end result is the same.

Owens also told the Stews that he spoke to the media after Sunday’s loss to the Saints because he was basically told by the league that he had to make himself available.

“The last couple of games I haven’t done interviews because I’ve done interviews where I’ve
been tongue-in-cheek or playful with the interview and again the media has taken those things
and misconstrued them and taken them out of context,” Owens said.  “So I was trying to take
myself out of the situation and not do interviews at all until I had a talk with [NFL Senior
Vice President of Public Relations] Greg Aiello and kind of got into a heated discussion with
him as far as my stance on not doing postgame interviews because I’m not trying to go down the
same road that I’ve been down before.

“So I took the initiative and they told me I had to talk in the postgame.  I just went in
there and did the best job that I can do without creating any media headlines.  Obviously, what
I did [Sunday] created headlines.”

Bottom line?  He wants to create headlines.  He needs to create headlines.   But he wants to do it without looking like he’s creating headlines. 

T.O. loves the attention.  He craves it.  But he knows that, based on his history, he now needs to create the impression that he is different.

But he’s not any different.  He’s just a little smarter. 

Not much, but a little.

43 responses to “T.O. blames the media for his passive-aggressive routine

  1. “So I took the initiative and they told me I had to talk in the postgame”
    So watch a few BB interviews, follow his lead. No one can use so many words while not saying anything at all better then him.. follow his lead.

  2. Actually he is blaming the NFL. He is trying to stay out of the spot light and they are forcing him to do post game interviews. Why are they forcing him to do the interviews, because the media went and cried to the NFL. The guy really wants to stay out of the spotlight and keep his head down. If I had Trentative Edwards throwing me the ball I would have nothing nice to say either. Captain Checkdown is scared of his own shadow.

  3. I’m not a T.O. fan but I saw the press conference and the entire room full of reporters was baiting him question after question after questions. What a bunch of assholes. It was a complete joke.
    Yo, Buffalo “reporters”: Ask the guy a question, write the answer down, move on. Don’t try to make it your life’s mission to get a player who is trying to be a good teammate to blow up the locker room.
    Buffalo media = classless assholes.
    Then again, that’s probably why they ended up working in upstate Siberia.

  4. I think in this case actually T.O. is somewhat correct. He’s a dumbass obviously, but the media often does ask him questions with the expectation that he’ll say something headline worthy. For example, look at the way they ask essentially the same question to him and Evans, but put it differently depending on which one they’re asking. I certainly don’t mean to defend T.O., it’s not hard to answer a question with a vanilla answer. I’m just saying that sports reporters jobs are to make headlines. So that’s what they’re out to do.

  5. He totally has a point.
    Every time I’ve seen TO interviewed, the media basically does whatever they can to bait him into saying something that makes him sound like a jerk.
    It’s his own fault for falling for it time and time again, but still, he has a point.

  6. The media tried to bait him into throwing someone, anyone, under the bus.
    He didn’t comply. I take TO’s stance on this one. (God, I can’t believe I just said that.)

  7. I personally can’t stand TO, but he was correct in this instance. The reporters were shamelessly baiting him into saying something they could use as a headline. While he probably could have done a better job to deflect the questions, he was definitely in a no-win situation during that interview. A no-win situation that he himself has created over the years with endless interview stupidity, but a no-win situation nonetheless.

  8. Owens, as far as I can tell, is the biggest jerk in sports and has been for some time. The only reason people pay any attention to him is to see what selfish, idiotic thing he’ll do next. He brings the same guilty pleasure as watching some train wreck reality show.

  9. Nitro says:
    September 29, 2009 11:52 AM
    “So I took the initiative and they told me I had to talk in the postgame”
    So watch a few BB interviews, follow his lead. No one can use so many words while not saying anything at all better then him..
    I beg to differ.
    (Or should I say, I think a growing trend would indicate that what most Americans think is the formula for compromise and accountability is actually not a workable timetable or premise upon which to build a fully stabilized and burgeoning foundation for hope and change, unless you count those individuals who suppose that substantial gains can be made through a little hard work and sacrifice, despite the notion that not all involved in the disparity of process ultimately deliver upon a unilateral promise to forgo any future or relinquish any past endowments associated with such milestones or other amenities as capital gains, income holdings, exemptions, blah blah babbity blah…)
    the President
    (But BB is pretty good, too…just wait until he gets the teleprompter involved!)

  10. “T.O. blames__________”
    Familiar headline, eh?
    T.O. is the one who CREATED that relationship with the media–he’s locked in a prison of his own design, the victim of his own self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Excuse me if I find it a bit hard to feel any empathy for the guy.
    Reap what you sow, ass-ham.

  11. The guy thinks he’s smart enough to dance around the English language and he’s not.
    On another note has he ever been romantically linked to a woman? Don’t think I’ve ever seen him date anyone and he’s not the kind to socialize in private. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

  12. I agree with him. Every question they asked was trying to get him to say something bad about Edwards, PLay Calling, Coaching or anything else that they think may make a story.

  13. He said he was “trying not to throw people under the bus.” That tells me that he DOES think that the failures are someone elses issues, and not his own. In football all you can do is your best. You have the talent, and do your best, that is all you can really do. Blaming failures, especially your own, on someone else is really not solving anything.
    If you aren’t getting the ball on deep routes, maybe it is because your QB can’t stay on his feet long enough (think Raiders and Moss). That is a chance you took when you chose to sign with a mediocre team. No one player can make a team successful. Hope TO learns that lesson at least. It is a team sport for a reason.

  14. Let me add another vote for the idea the skunk gets poked just to try and make him spray some stink.
    Yes, he is a skunk.
    Yes, he is being baited.

  15. When TO was signed, it was genius. He was top-10, and got $6.5m.
    What is the going rate for a top WR? $3m-4m? So the Bills “overpaid” $3m. They got a top guy, a superstar, that would bring ticket sales and media attention including his VH1 reality show that would be filmed in Buffalo.
    Brilliance. Until the drama unfolded.
    But I am not going to go where you think I am. The drama that unfolded points to a much bigger problem that Buffalo has beyond worrying about TO’s antics.
    There have yet another QB issue. When they brought in TO to join what they called a #1 receiver in Lee Evans, all the excuses stopped.
    Either Trent Edwards would put up or shut up.
    Why would Buffalo want a QB that has “two #1’s” and yet after three games they’ve combined for 13 catches. Total. Between the two of them.
    I am NOT going to make any arguments for the drops TO has had. A few of those were just plain dumb and there’s nobody to blame but himself.
    But for a guy that has all these weapons, Edwards is pretty damn useless. A lame-duck QB who can’t make plays downfield will never last, no matter how cheap the owner Ralph Wilson is.
    By the way, Trent Edwards has NEVER had a 300-yard passing game and he isn’t a rookie… it’s not even his second season lol. Philly’s backup threw back-to-back 300’s the last two weeks.
    I would think Buffalo needs a new QB real soon. We haven’t seen anything yet. And that’s the problem when it comes to Trent Edwards.

  16. Hey Eldorado,
    If you want to blame someone, blame your pappy for leaving you and your mammy and not raising you like a man.
    Or blame your grandmammy for failing to raise you with morals.
    Blame everyone else, grandmammy will still let you suck on the nip.

  17. He loved the media while using them for his agenda of calling out teamates right & left in San Fran, Philly & Dallas.
    Nothing is his fault…ever…he’s just misunderstood.

  18. Hey PFT… leave the freakin guy alone. I’m about to turn away from this website for good. I honestly enjoy a lot of the stuff you guys do, but this is total classless garbage and you know it. This isn’t just piling on, this is straight-up mean spirited grade school crap. The only ones that “need to make headlines” and “crave attention” are you – and this is the wrong way to go about it.
    I wasn’t a T.O. fan initially, but useless crap like this puts me on his side of the arguement. This isn’t “news” or “rumors”, this is practically slander. This is truely sad stuff coming from you. One more of these, and I’m steering away from PFT and NBC.

  19. tyler is right ….. the player got what he wanted, we are talking about him
    in this instance the player is right, but he is trying to cover his ass by blaming the media for everything he has ever said
    did the media trick him into saying jeff garcia is gay?
    they tricked him into saying favre is better than mcnabb, while he was still playing with mcnabb?
    the media tricked the player into saying whitten and romo had a conspiracy to not throw him the ball????
    (tears in my eyes) sniff, sniffle, sob, sniff thats my quarterback man, your not being fair ….. thats my quarterback

  20. I absolutely loathe TO. I hate him more than any player in the NFL. I think he has something mentally wrong with him and has serious insecurity and immaturity issuses. With that said his numbers dictate he will be a strong HOF candidate (would be a shoe in if he wasn’t such a cancer), which begs the questions:
    1) Who in the world would present TO for the HOF?
    2) Could TO eschew the introduction and do a much more douchey version of the Jordan speech?
    Nonetheless should be interesting when his name comes up for HOF stuff

  21. That’s right, the media is why Owens sucked on the field and had no catches.
    And its his own past behavior which prompts the media to hit him with those questions.
    We can smell the reek coming from Buffalo all over the country its that strong. Maybe if the kind of drops would be more concerned about catching the ball instead of what the media was saying he might *actually* catch the ball.

  22. I watched the interview and heard the questions he was being asked. They were trying to agitate him and asking questions that would get him in trouble. I have believed for some time now that TO is simply a child in a man’s body. If you read anything about this guy’s childhood you can see tell he was shealtered and never really grew up. He has said and done some absolutely stupid things in the past, many of which were his fault and not the fault of the media. But in this case, the guy just wants to stay out of trouble and they are trying to create trouble. I believe in this case he is right.

  23. Moss is dogging it to get to play with Favre…T.O. is purposely not talking to the media to make headlines…
    Florio, you have turned this once great website with a wealth of information into the “Jerry Springer Show” of football information. Please stick to reporting rumors, news, etc. and stop injecting your stupid hateful bias into every article related to Mick Vick, Brett Favre, T.O., etc, etc, etc.
    I wonder how Florio would act if T.O. or Vick were West Virginia grads…would we get anything more than the standard NEWS about them? I highly doubt it. Pathetic, Florio. Just plain freaking PATHETIC!!!

  24. TO is right. The questioners should be flogged. passsive/aggressive? How about reporting news instead of trying to stir up trouble

  25. Hey Florio! You forgot to mention that Favre’s responsible for T.O.’s behavior! Remember? Like how Favre is responsible for the Vikes cutting Bobby Wade and for Randy Moss taking plays off.

  26. Bottom line? He wants to create headlines. He needs to create headlines. But he wants to do it without looking like he’s creating headlines.
    Florio loves the attention. He craves it. But he knows that, based on his history, he now needs to create the impression that he is different.
    But he’s not any different. He’s just a little smarter.
    Not much, but a little.

  27. “T.O. loves the attention. He craves it.”
    — the MEDIA also loves the attention that TO brings on himself. The MEDIA also craves it. T.O. may be everything you claim him to be Mike, but the MEDIA is also guilty of exacerbating who TO is. Its you (the media) who also needs him, because it’s what sells newspapers, sports talk shows, and internet rumor mills. I’m no fan of TO, but to say he WASN’T baited by the media on Sunday is delusional and/or down right arrogant.

  28. for once I think TO wants the media off his back … Florio, you know very well that you guys aren’t really saints

  29. He is so delusional it’s nauseating! He has true talent but he’s wasting the best years of his career being a cry baby diva, who cares more about money then playing the game. I said it when he was with the niners, and I’ll say it again-THAT MAN IS CANCER TO ANY TEAM HE “PLAYS” ON!

  30. Terrell doesn’t want the media off his back. He still wants all the attention. He just wants it the way he wants it. The fact that the media are nothing more than a pack of jackals doesn’t make him any less of a knob.

  31. I dont think he did anything wrong at all. I understand what your trying to say that just because he didnt put down his teammates directly by not defending them its the same thing.
    But I think if any of us was in his position that game we would have acted the same way. He just loss his 3rd game in a row and didnt help his team in anyway so obviously he was upset going into the interview. But if you watch the video when he started the PC he had it together but once the media started egging him on and trying to bait him into saying something controversial he started to get pissed off. After one guy asked him about his streak ending another guy did the same thing and by the time they started asking him about his teammates he was fuming so instead of giving them any kind of answer he kept saying the samething. So ya maybe he was passive-aggressive but not against his teammates against the media. They kept fishing for a headline with the same instagating questions so he gave them the same bland answer.
    Like I said we all would have done the same thing there probly even worse I know I would have. If there were a bunch of people trying to goat me into saying something thats going to get me in trouble after I already have answered them and clearly was aggravated about it I would have went batsh*t. And I would have been in the right.

  32. Route36,
    The Bills are 1-2, not 0-3. They should be 2-1 though (should have never lost that Pats game).
    You know very well that if Owens had said “no” to that question, you and everyone else would call him out for lying (as he obviously does not think Evans and him are being used properly). Stop creating stories when there are none. TO is trying to get the media off his back and they are relentless. They are the real jerks in this story. BTW, it seems like Edwards and Quinn are both afraid (or incapable) of throwing the deep ball. I don’t see either of them having much of a future in this league.

  33. Greg Aiello and kind of got into a heated

  34. the nfl generates money on controversy or else they would prevent Owens from talking. I, personally, can’t stand Owens because he trashes his teammates and tries to make headlines. but that’s what america loves – especially the media to get noticed. PEOPLE, THIS IS A SPORT. WE HAVE REAL WORLD PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH THAN A FOOL TALKING TO MEDIA ABOUT SPORTS.

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