Del Rio tells Garrard not to do a radio show

Often, we catch wind of a story, we decide it’s not all that interesting, the folks at the AP subsequently decide that it is, and we get 500-plus e-mails from well-intentioned readers who hope to alert us to the situation.

Sometimes, we still let it go.  But since there’s a way we can make ourselves part of this specific story, we decided, “What the hell?”

Before September, I’d been appearing every Friday afternoon on 1010XL in Jacksonville with Mike Dempsey.  (As long-time members of PFT Planet might remember, Len Pasquarelli of ESPN once refused to do a segment with Dempsey because Dempsey provides me with regular air time.)  But then Dempsey told me in August that I’m getting bumped for some guy named David Garrard, who’ll have a one-hour Friday show during the season.

So my spot was moved to Wednesday, and I think I said something snippy like, “That’s fine, because one thing Garrard and I have in common is that by the end of the year neither of us will be the starting quarterback of the Jaguars.” 

Anyway, the new development is that coach Jack Del Rio caught wind of the show — several weeks after it, you know, first aired — and Del Rio has told Garrard to turn in his headset.

Dempsey and I talked about it during my spot on Wednesday.  It’s an incredibly short-sighted decision from Del Rio; at a time when the fan base is staying away from games in unprecedented numbers, anything that can be done to shore up the connection with those who remain (and those who might return) makes plenty of sense.

Though Del Rio claims that his primary objection comes from the fact that the show airs two days before a game, we think the truth is that Del Rio listened to the show once or twice and decided that Garrard wasn’t engaging in the patent-pending “talk while saying nothing” approach that many head coaches employ, and that Garrard might eventually be too candid about things going on within the building.

Garrard confirmed, via published reports, that Del Rio explanation that his concern arose from the timing.  “He said, ‘As a father figure, I’m just trying to tell you this isn’t
good late in the week like this,'” Garrard said.  “‘You can field
things early in the week and . . . rehash the past game.  But late in
the week, you want to be studying your film, you want to be with your
family and you want to be off your feet, relaxing.’  I totally
understand where he’s coming from.”

In other words, “If I hope to have a chance at being the starting quarterback of the Jaguars at the end of the current season, I’d better just do what the man wants.”

Our guess is that Del Rio took this approach because he realizes that it’s now too late for 1010XL to rearrange its weekday schedule in the hopes of getting Garrard on the air on Monday or Tuesday.  So by raising the issue several weeks into the season, Del Rio essentially slammed the door on Garrard’s extracurricular activity.

(By the way, is it a good thing to have the guy who left a tree trunk and a sharp axe in the locker room as a “father figure”?)

So we bid farewell to our former kinda-sorta colleague at 1010XL.  And we actually prefer Wednesday afternoon.  By 3:15 p.m. ET on Friday, I’m usually deep into my second 12-pack.

16 responses to “Del Rio tells Garrard not to do a radio show

  1. Who wants to listen to David Garrard on the radio? You know who people want to listen to on the radio? Brett Favre.

  2. Dempsey does the “Football Show” everyday at 3PM. All he did was replace that with Garrard on Friday’s. He could have easily done it on Monday/Tuesday.
    No other NFL player does a call in show that late in the week, for good reason, and it’s all done on Monday/Tuesday.
    Why’d you leave out the fact that there is a clause in Garrard’s contract which states he has to clear things like this with the team, and he didn’t?
    It probably had a lot to do with 1010XL cutting part of Del Rio’s quote about the fans when he essentially said he doesn’t care what the fans think and ran it as a promo the whole week prior. They conviently cut out the portion where he said directly afterwards “if we win they love us, if we lose they hate us.”

  3. Florio writes of “anything that can be done to shore up the connection with those who remain…”.
    I write: “shore up,” as in get them to go to the shore?? Mike, you’ve been spending too much time on the Eagles message board.

  4. I can’t believe they can’t give him a two minute training session where he says “we’re just trying to get better each day,” just like the coaches do. That’s all any of these players and coaches ever say anyway. So, what’s the big deal ?
    Radio guy: David, can you give us precise details on the offensive game plan ?
    Garrard: Well Steve, that’s a great question, we’re working hard in practice everyday and just trying to get better.

  5. The truth is Del Rio was angry that Garrard’s delivery on the talk show was 100 times better than his throws. Oh, and Jacksonville Jagwiiires fans suck.

  6. Wow lets tally the list:
    1. Leftwich
    2. Marcus Stroud
    3. Shaq Harris
    4. Mike Peterson
    5. Garrard?

  7. Wow lets tally the list:
    1. Leftwich
    2. Marcus Stroud
    3. Shaq Harris
    4. Mike Peterson
    5. Garrard?

    What are you implying here. We all know how much good Leftwich did this team (and he’s proving it by getting close to being benched in Tampa). Stroud was fairly useless in his last season or two in Jacksonville and was damaged goods. (Please don’t say “look what he’s doing in Buffalo. ” He is the most experienced guy on an average line). Harris is the major reason this team is in the talent hole it’s in…and believe me, I really tried to buy into his recent high picks, most of which are gone.
    I miss Peterson, but he’s getting old and he should have kept his mouth shut about his contract, or dealt with the management directly, rather than airing it out in the locker room. He brought that on himself.
    I might not agree with Jack’s move 100%, but I can understand it. The team was 5-11 last year and is 1-2 right now. Being in “rebuilding” status means you may be bad for a while, and this is the time to focus on getting better. Not spending Fridays chatting on the radio. I understand why he did it.
    Besides, right now, who could the Jaguars use to replace the guy, if that’s what you’re thinking? McCown?
    Oh, wait, I forgot…they’re going to draft Tim “Ouch-My-Brain” Tebow next year, right?

  8. “By 3:15 p.m. ET on Friday, I’m usually deep into my second 12-pack…” and well on my way into developing another drunken, far-fetched conspiracy theory that links Randy Moss to Brett Favre to Steve McNair’s mistress’s former lover’s arresting officer, while drunkenly stumbling around the backyard, ripping my shirt off Hulkster-style and screaming
    into the night sky…

  9. “By 3:15 p.m. ET on Friday, I’m usually deep into my second 12-pack.”
    Yoo-hoo chocolate drink comes in a 12 pack?

  10. Had this been Romo I think PFT would have seen if Brady or Manning had a late week radio show and pointed out how the real professionals handle things.
    Speaking of professional: “That’s fine, because one thing Garrard and I have in common is that by the end of the year neither of us will be the starting quarterback of the Jaguars.” With statements like that, there is little doubt about truth of the 12 pack comment…

  11. Hey Florio. I bet David Garrard has a better chance at starting at QB next year than Jack has at being a head coach next year. And David has more class than either of you.

  12. In some ways this is a non-story and I can see why Florio hesitated to even put it out there.
    But the fact is that it’s just weird when you really think about it. Let any Jaguar do any show any time any day if it will energize a very apathetic fan base.
    Until such time as Garrard says, “yeah, we plan on surprising them with Greg Jones and tailback and lining MoJo up as a WR……” who really cares what day he’s on? Garrard’s no idiot. He’s not going to give any any game plan.
    Certainly there are better things for Del Ego to be worrying about.

    SEE YA

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