Week Four 10-Pack

It’s Friday, and so it’s time to take a peek at the 10-pack of takes for the coming weekend of NFL action.

Here they are, at

One of the items might focus on a certain game that will be played in a certain city on a certain night and televised on a certain four-letter network by a certain analyst who always has a certain look on his face that certainly suggests that he’s badly constipated.

6 responses to “ Week Four 10-Pack

  1. TO at #2. The obsession continues. Owning the media drones has become a goal now for TO, one he will easily succeed at. When TO finally does blow, you’ll be so disappointed. It will most certainly be directed at someone other than his teammates or coaching staff. Sure, he’ll vent, but not how you’re hoping.
    So how’s it feel to be TO’s beotch, Florio?

  2. Bill Cowher is doing the game Monday night ? If there ever was a man who looked like he needed to dump a grumpy it’s Billy the Chin.

  3. @ leatherneck:
    Ahmen sir. The day Olbermann does anything like call a live game will be the day I stop watching that network. If it wasnt for the Office, I’d stop watching NBC just for having his “news” show.

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