Jeff Garcia can't have it both ways

Jeff Garcia’s comments criticizing the Raiders organization and some their players has received a lot of attention over the last day.

And while we shouldn’t be surprised the always opinionated Garcia let loose, Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune points out that Garcia’s actions while on the team make his words sound hypocritical.

Garcia criticized some of the players around him for lacking commitment, but there are questions about the calf injury that sidelined Garcia for much of training camp.  This was the same injury that popped up in Tampa in 2008 when the team flirted with Brett Favre, and then magically disappeared when Favre became a Jet.

Garcia wasn’t able to practice, but McDonald notes that he wasn’t interested in the small things off the field and was hardly a shining example for his young teammates.  Garcia said he’d provide leadership. but didn’t bother to show up for most of the teaching sessions QB coach Paul Hackett would give to the position.

Writes McDonald: “When Garcia walked to and from practice, he looked like a 12-year-old whose dog had run away.”

It’s fine if Garcia didn’t want to be in Oakland, but it’s disingenuous to criticize the team  afterward if he was giving a half-ass effort. 

And there is hardly any guarantee Garcia would be any good for the Raiders.  Oakland, after all, saw Garcia’s limitations first-hand when they beat the Bucs to end last season.

McDonald believes that Garcia quickly regretted signing with Oakland, and now he may be regretting leaving because Russell’s play has been even worse than expected. 

Garcia also may be wondering if he’s going to get another chance in the NFL.

The frequent drama that has followed Garcia around for the last decade probably isn’t helping his chances of finding a gig.

32 responses to “Jeff Garcia can't have it both ways

  1. Garcia dogged it in Oakland. We should also talk about how Randy Moss has been dogging it recently.
    Garcia and Moss – couple of dogs. Dogging it. And being hypocritical.

  2. Garcia is just grumpy because he knows his career is over. Time to move on Jeff, you’re no Brett Favre.

  3. i’m glad someone other than jerry is finally bringing this part of garcia’s comments out. the second anyone familiar with the raiders organization saw his comments knew they were a joke. the guy didn’t do anything while he was in oakland, and then became bitter that he wasn’t handed the starting job.
    the guy won b/c he was gritty in like 3 seasons of his over decade long career. does so much stock need to be put into what he says?

  4. It’s probably not fair to lump Moss in with Garcia. Moss lets it be known that he plays when he wants. Garcia is more of a politician, saying the right thing when everyone is looking, doing what he wants when nobody is. A dysfunctional team like Oakland won’t rally around a self-serving turd like Garcia.

  5. Garcia has been signed with seven different teams since entering the NFL (if you count PHI twice). That’s a HUGE red flag that he either can’t get along with coaches or other players.
    Even when he plays the lights out (SF, PHI and TB), those teams have been at best lukewarm about re-signing him. I don’t know why that happens, but I think that’s pretty telling.

  6. So Garcia is known as a good guy and a team player in two fully functional organizations like the Eagles and 49ers. However, when he goes to an absolute train wreck in Oakland, all of a sudden we are to believe that HE is the problem? Spare me!

  7. Garcia had his chance…And if he would of just stayed, right now he would be playing as a starter! He knows that he blew his shot and the Raiders know he blew it also. Bringing him back without giving Gradkowski or Frye a shot. Is a insult to them. Don’t look for Garcia to be no where near Oakland any time soon.

  8. He did the same thing in Detroit too. His girlfriend at the time even called into a Detroit radio station and ripped on the hosts when they criticized his play.

  9. Honestly who cares what a medicore QB who has been dumped by every team he has ever suited up for thinks? BSPN had this as the top story in their headlines….what a joke. I think Jeff should care less about The Raiders and worry about the next team he’ll be cut from.

  10. It’s not fair that Garcia can’t have it both ways when JaMarcus is allowed to- he gets to suck at throwing AND running yet still be a starter!

  11. Garcia doesn’t have a lot left in the tank…but JaMarcus’ tank has been bone dry from the day he was drafted.

  12. It’s called a “half-assed” effort, Rosenthal.
    If Florio is going to allow you to pretend to be a journalist, at least know correct grammar.
    You’re making his site look bad.

  13. Oakland is death for any NFL player but, you’re still getting paid a ton of $$$ to play a game…! Keep your mouth shut and play hard!

  14. “So Garcia is known as a good guy and a team player in two fully functional organizations like the Eagles and 49ers.”
    I guess you forgot about the way that the eagirls let him go the first time.
    “I was surprised I wasn’t offered a contract. There was never anything to negotiate over. We never know what it would’ve amounted to. It wasn’t about the money. It was about being in a great situation. We just wanted to have a reasonable opportunity to be respected, to be appreciated for what took place last year. Are there other reasons why I wasn’t offered a contract? We’ll never know.”

  15. VoxUcker says:
    October 3, 2009 7:18 PM
    Vox goes both ways.. mouth & butt.
    thats the funniest shit ever..

  16. Garcia is just upset people dont see his talent early but instead have him waste time on a bench and with a clip board. He feels Oakland should have handed him the starting qb job. Finally somebody speaks up against this oakland piece of crap organization. Oh how the entire Raider Nation prayed somebody would one day put Oakland ownership and management on plast, finally somebody has done it and we dog him for it. SAhame on Raider Nation. Even the fans are dumb as the management

  17. @ nastynate….What’s “plast”?
    I’d correct you but I wanna hear your thought process.
    You drunk?

  18. Garcia is such a dickhead.
    He runs his mouth about what a great leader he could be be for the Raiders after he QUIT THE TEAM.
    What an amazing leader.

  19. Garcia is an awful fit for Oaklands vertical passing attack as he has no arm strength. He’s a WCO QB only. He fits Philly perfectly. He should be complaining they let a bum like Kolb play in front of him.

  20. I thought this headline was a joke when I first read it. Nice one Rosenthal.
    Folks, you’ve got to listen to the (good) local beat writers who cover these teams. Jerry Mac is the man. When the clowns from BSPN or any other national media organization who really know next to nothing about the day-to-day happenings with these teams speak, it’s basically assumptions based on some vague, prevailing perception of players and teams.
    Fact: JaMarcus was at nearly every OTA, at every training camp practice and flew several receivers in to work with him in the off-season.
    Fact: Garcia talked crap from Day 1 about how he was the best QB in Oakland and subtly undermined JaMarcus at every turn.
    Fact: Garcia sat out about 75% of camp with a some lame strained calf “injury” and wouldn’t even bother to walk over and listen to QB coach Paul Hackett’s instructions to the QB group during practice.
    Fact: Despite the fact JaMarcus has struggled BIG-TIME for the better part of the first 3 games of the 2009 season, few TRUE Raider fans are lamenting the absence of Garcia and even fewer care to see Garcia in Silver & Black ever again.
    Fact: No NFL team wanted Garcia as their starting QB or even primary backup this season despite the fact that SEVERAL teams with hopes of contending for a playoff spot had questions at the QB position well into the off-season (Broncos, Jets, Dolphins, Patriots, 49ers, Redskins, Vikings, etc.). And since the Raiders cut him, he had a cup of coffee in Philly and is back on the street. Yet the national NFL media were acting like we just cut Joe Montana in the prime of his career to supposedly avoid having any potential competition for our young starting QB.
    As for JaMarcus, we’ll see. Obviously it doesn’t look great right now. But you know what, go back and check the 2nd year starting numbers for Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, John Elway and a bunch of other QBs who eventually established themselves as elite QBs in this league and tell me what you find. Outside of the two rookies — Stafford & Sanchez — JaMarcus is the youngest starting QB in the NFL right now. He has plenty of time to turn things around.

  21. Garcia is a has been QB now. On the other hand what has been reported as to some Raider players joking and laughing after being crushed has merit. Both sides are wrong. Garcia is gone, but the players who was and are joking are still on the Raiders roster. Then again, Russell couldn’t hit a barn door with a gernade.

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