Gaither has movement, was too big for MRI

Boston is known for it’s world class medical facilities, but apparently it needs bigger MRI machines.

According to multiple reports, Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither had movement in all his extremities when he was taken to a hospital immediately after being carried off the field on a stretcher in New England Sunday.

X-rays were negative, but Gaither couldn’t fit into an MRI machine.  He’ll fly back with the team Sunday night and take further tests in Baltimore Monday.

The fact that Gaither was able to travel with the team is a very good sign for their starter.

The Ravens tried to coax Willie Anderson out of retirement a month back, and it’s fair to wonder if they will give him a call again if Gaither is out for a significant amount of time.  (In that scenario, we’d speculate that Anderson would likely play on the right side, with rookie Michael Oher moving to the left.)

10 responses to “Gaither has movement, was too big for MRI

  1. They should have sent him to the zoo to get an MRI.
    Not being racist. I just recall a show recently where a wicked fat guy had to go to the zoo to get an MRI because he wouldn’t fit in the human sized MRI machine.

  2. He’s friggin 6’9″. What did they expect?
    Glad he is moving though. Hate seeing season/career threatening injuries.

  3. “When I read the headline, I just thought he had taken a huge dump.”
    Oh man, that’s primo. Tears in my eyes. That’s good stuff.

  4. MRI’s in a medical center are typically made for people with a width of less than 40″ or so. How tall he is will not matter. The other option is for them to find a diagnostic center with a open, unenclosed MRI.

  5. Most MRI’s only fit people 300# or less…..Get well soon Jared, glad for the great news after the Ravens got jobbed on Sunday

  6. ‘When I read the headline, I just thought he had taken a huge dump.’
    That in combination with the previous Zoo remark, seriously funny stuff!

  7. Seeing as John Harbaugh is the coach, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jon Runyan in Baltimore if Gaither’s gonna be out for a while.
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