Gaither leaves on a cart

Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither has been removed from the field at Gillette Stadium on a cart.

The third-year player was strapped to a stretcher after suffering an apparent head/neck injury.  However. he was moving his hands, prompting speculation from the CBS crew that immobilization of Gaither was being done for precautionary reasons only.

Gaither, who played college football at Maryland, was a fifth-round pick in the 2007 supplemental draft.

Rookie first-rounder Michael Oher moved over to the left side to replace Gaither.

Stay tuned for more regarding Gaither’s condition.

UPDATE:  Gaither has been taken to Massachusetts General Hospital.  He has movement in all of his extremities.

3 responses to “Gaither leaves on a cart

  1. Harbaugh mouthed to the players after he came off the field “He’s OK” – let’s hope it’s true

  2. Meezle, this isn’t about that. There was a similar one called on Wright, so that is pretty much even. Unless you mean they guy who tried to take out Brady’s knees. That guy should be fined, and preferrably suspended. IMO LEwis too, for trying to spear a sliding Brady.
    At any rate back to the topic. It looked bad. They were treating it like he had a possible spinal injury. Being a former EMT I felt for him. What you should all know is that these things are treated VERY seriously among all the injuries you can have. Even a hint that there might be a spinal injury and they will immobilize and board him (which was done, and done pretty well in fact). The fact that he was moving all his extremities is a very good sign. All depends on what the exact injury is and what happens over the next 24 hours. He could be fine. It could just be a neck strain or severe stunner. Hopefully he avoids any excessive swelling. Here is hoping that his spine is okay and he can return to playing the game. Seeing the way his neck was bent leads me to think that he should be okay (if his neck was broken I wouldn’t expect the movement he had). Say prayers for him.

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