Texans taking care of the Raiders

As if there was any remaining doubt regarding whether the Texans would convert a 20-6 halftime lead into a win over the Raiders, that doubt was removed on consecutive plays in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.

First, Houston linebacker Brian Cushing tackled Oakland running back Justin Fargas so deep into the end zone for a safety that, when I noticed the image of Fargas laying on the ground with the ball near the thick white stripe, I assumed the Raiders somehow had found a way to score a touchdown.

Then, after the two-pointer, Raiders punter Shane Lechler rocketed the ball 75 yards, to the Houston five.

And Jacoby Jones returned the thing all the way for a touchdown.

If there has been a return for a touchdown on the free kick after a safety longer than 95 yards, we sure as heck don’t remember it.

The Raiders would surely like to forget today’s game.  It’s 29-6, and it’s over.

27 responses to “Texans taking care of the Raiders

  1. Like most Raider fans, I’ve been all over Russell’s case, but he is the least of our problems today. By my count, he’s had six passes flat out dropped today. Michael Bush has fumbled and the secondary has blown at least 4 coverages.

  2. When you have little to none rushing yards on the day, can’t rush the ball at all, and you’re on the 1 yard line… I know run the ball! I hope weird Al sucker punches cable.

  3. Comparing DHB to Crabs: DHB has played 4 games 1 catch 23 drops Crabs has played 0 games. Still would rather have Crabs, Raiders suck balls!

  4. And this is news because? Is someone supposed to be surprised by this? There are only two games the remainder of this season that the Raiders have a remote chance of winning: 12/13 vs. Redskins and 12/27 at the Browns.
    But I doubt they will win either one if they are still stubborn enough to keep playing JaBustus. Can you smell 1-15 RaiderNation? I would suggest to Al Davis to just skip that #1 pick next year – I mean how many more millions can you afford by picking the wrong guy, again…

  5. The Raiders never had a chance in this game. The refs made sure of that. It’s never been more disgusting than today. 4 game changing call/no calls. Maybe not game changing, but drive killing for the Raiders. I beg Florio to watch this game and comment on the refs.

  6. now now Jamarcus is a great QB and he’s helping to put my kids thru college
    McDonalds Restaurnat Manager

  7. Put in Brad and lets give the defense a rest…BTW why the heck isn’t DMAC running back kickoffs and doing the Wildcat? Luke Lawton better be on waivers…Where is Neal when you need him?

  8. It’s not time to start the Fire Cable chants. It’s not all his fault Jafatass can’t play, but it IS his fault for not pulling him during the game. I’m sorry, but coaches need to make the tough calls and he’s not doing it.
    Here, i’ll start it off….Denny! Denny! Denny! Denny!

  9. Say what you want about the Raiders, but you can’t deny the knack for picking punters. We’ve had Ray Guy and now, Shane Lechler. Two of the greatest of all time at the position.
    Hey, I gotta find a bright spot somewhere…

  10. So, Raider fans, never mind winning another game, think you’ll ever score another TD this season? LMFAO!!!!

  11. It starts at the top. Al Davis is not a football mastermind, he has been very fortunate to have talented coaches and players that wanted to be a part of a proud orgainzation. That was back in the day when Al could actually control alot of important areas, these days he doesn’t know if he is peeing or pooping and when? Al Davis and the Raider organization should be very ashamed of the product they are putting on the field. I’m a huge Raider fan, but after this display today, Im done cheering for, paying for any service or merchandise that the Raider organiation will benefit from.
    Good Luck Shit Head Davis – I’m out…….

  12. In my previous post there was a typo, i meant to say It’s “now” time to start the Fire Cable chants.

  13. You know, in honor of breast cancer awareness month I’m thinking the Raiders should wear pink uniforms for the rest of the year.
    If you play like a bunch of pussies, you might as well dress like a bunch of pussies.
    Of course, I might be giving the word pussy a bad name.

  14. By the time the Raiders young offense gets going (2-4 years) like the present day defense (base players 3 – 5 years together), the defense will be old and there will be another era of rebuilding. Davis does better trying to get over the hill players than getting youth on one side and the other gets old. This WILL continue. They need to trade any top 10 picks and get multiple picks on for both sides of the ball in the later rounds to save money and have a relatively same age range. Pay proven vets than paying unproven rookies.

  15. I suspect that Al Davis would prefer to be at the “center of the action” for an AWFUL team, than on the periphery of a successful team…
    I am starting to wonder if the players have agreed to enact a tacit mutiny because they are weary of the feeble, out-dated schemes, & lapdogs which surround their Emperor.
    Darren McFragile sucks. Louis Murphy blows. Heyward baby sucks. JaBLING Russell sucks…a defense with Seymour, Ellis & Aso sucks?? Why? Because the LBs have a combined IQ of a 5th grader. Trade Morrison & Howard while you can get great value for them, then invest in LBs who can score 25+ on the Wunderlich. I am willing to bet that Morrison’s & Howard’s scores COMBINED do not = 25. I’m sooooo sick of stupid children making millions of $$$. It’s just not right. No wonder the forces-that-be are determined to crash the US economy! They can no longer tolerate these millionaire meathead mongoloids who say “It is what it is…”, or “Y’no’msayin'” after every sentence.

  16. The Texans won easily because they had the number one overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft on their side. JaMarcus Russell.
    Al Davis is the laughing stock of the leauge!

  17. Oakland’s defense wasn’t that bad today overall. They were just on the field too much. And you can’t put too much blame on the wideouts. They’re both rookies and should be coming in off the bench. But Russell has been playing too long to be making that many poor throws, and the running game is pitiful. McFadden runs like he’s afraid his pants will fall down. That guy isn’t showing any burst at all.

  18. I think the team is refusing to play as long as JaMarcus is the starting QB … seriously the worst player on the team is being paid the most.

  19. Hey WashingtonRedpanties – his name is Mark Davis and it would be a good change, because Mark doesn’t know shit about or care about football and will actually let football people run the organization…so know what you’re talking about before spewing your rhetoric, douchebag.

  20. You are correct, his name is Mark. The times I’ve seen in the suite during the game he seems to be more interested in the cheese on his nachos than what is going on down on the field. He quite obviously, just by his lack of visiblity within the organization, a typical spoiled dolt with no football instincts what so ever. If the son had backbone we’d know about him. So there is no future for us until the team is sold. Sad but true folks…….

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