Sensabaugh could miss four weeks

Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh broke a thumb in college and missed only one game.

This time around, he might miss a few more.

Coach Wade Phillips said Monday that Sensabaugh will have surgery to repair a broken thumb he suffered on Sunday, and that he could be out up to four games.

Still, Sensabaugh is holding out hope of another one-game-only absence.

He thinks he can
do the same thing
,” Phillips said, per the Dallas Morning News.  “It depends on how the surgery goes. 
He has experience with it.  He’s positive about it, but we’ll see.”

The Dallas Cowboys play the “Dallas Texans” (also known as the Kansas City Chiefs) on Sunday. 

We’ll picking Dallas to win in the weekly NBC/PFT picks.

4 responses to “Sensabaugh could miss four weeks

  1. Instead of “Sensabaugh could miss 4 weeks”…how about “Romo didn’t know it was 4th Down”…….Romo is on the same football mental path as Mcnabb and the mysterious OT rule!!!

  2. I thought romo had the broken thumb, watching him throw. Love watching the arrogant cowboy fans suffer…………….few things bring more joy to my heart…………can hear shanahan’s phone ringing now…………..

  3. It’s time for the Chiefs to get their first win… they’re finally playing a team that’s closer to their level of skill.

    Jerry is flooding ebay with “memorial pieces” of the SS SuperStadium. Can’t blame em, I would be looking for some form of a return investment.

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