Texans' locker-room bug isn't H1N1

Though one member of the Houston Texans — tight end Anthony Hill — has the H1N1 virus, we’re told that the illness currently sweeping through the facility is a stomach bug and not swine flu.

Per a league source, linebacker Xavier Adibi definitely does not have swine flu.

Rosenthal covered the issue pretty well earlier tonight, though he seems to be a little cavalier about the realities of the H1N1 virus.

Then again, that’s not uncommon for the 13-19 age group.

5 responses to “Texans' locker-room bug isn't H1N1

  1. Swine flu’s a weird fixation in America. I live in Victoria, Australila – 90% of my city was ill with H1N1 and as many died as would have from the ordinary flu (old, people with immune deficiencies, etc). I had it, and it’s genuinely no worse (for a healthy person) than a normal flu.
    Except you grow a curly tail and sing Hakuna Matata.

  2. swine Flu is all hyped up in the United States as being the next ‘AIDS epidemic’.
    It is just a strain of the Flu-A catagory. The shots we get every year are typically for Flu-B. Flu-A is not as common until lately.
    But it is just a flu. It is not viral so antibiotics do not help. You just have to let it run it’s course.
    With all that said, MORE people die from Flu-B than flu-A. And they die because of complications amplified due to the flu.
    The Swine flu is all hype. You are scared because the media has made you scared.
    At least with the Swine Flu you get better. Not the same with the reference to that other killer I made above.

  3. Actually the 13-19 year olds should be more worried than you, Mike, about the swine flu only. The average age of those being affected is in the teens rather than the young and old typically affected by the flu. The elderly are in better shape because of an occurrence that happened in the 60’s (the decade where your haircut comes from). Swine flu has only killed about 30 people in the US compared to the thousands that are killed by the ‘regular’ flu.
    It starts as a less intense version over the regular flu, but after 5 days or so the regular flu should subside, while in swine flu the symptoms get worse and attack your respiratory system. The mass hysteria comes from (besides the media of course) the potential pandemic that could ensue as the strain is new to the relatively younger populations’ immune systems, which haven’t been able to build an immunity, and the CDC is unsure of the real risk of this happening. In reality it is like a salmonella outbreak on television that insight so many, but only really result in a couple stomach aches. So Mike, get some Purell for your dainty hands, and get back to work so I can keep ignoring my work.
    PS – I hope Rosenthal gets it anyway.

  4. These other commenters explain it well, so I’ll wrap it up: Just stop it already with the hyping of the swine flu. You are here to sensationalize and overreact and gossip-whore — which I fully appreciate — but not this topic. It is falsely alarming and perpetrates a medical misunderstanding.

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