Former Raven, Iraq vet Tony Fein dies

I wasn’t surprised when making my morning rounds to see that receiver Michael Crabtree had agreed to terms with the 49ers.

I was stunned to learn that former Ravens player Tony Fein, an Iraq veteran who was a 27-year-old rookie hopeful, has died.

Per Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun, Fein’s agent has relayed the news, but no details as to the cause are available.

Fein died Tuesday in Port Orchard, Washington.

It’s a very sad situation,” agent Milton Hobbs told the Sun.  “I am still trying to figure out what happened.”

Fein was cut by the Ravens on September 5, and he was not signed to the team’s eight-man practice squad. 

A native of Port Orchard, Fein had been working out in the hopes of getting another chance to play in the NFL.

Fein was arrested in late August at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, as part of an effort to crack down on recent violent incidents at the popular destination.  Hobbs claimed at the time that Fein was the victim of racial profiling.

Our condolences go out to Fein’s family and friends.  While 27 is an age that’s a little too old to be starting a pro football career, it’s an age that’s far too young to see the ending of a life.

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  1. Sad to see life end so young for a true hero. Fein put country above football reminding me of Pat Tillman. He actually won the Tillman award in college. Bless his family in this time of loss. RIP Tony Fein.

  2. What a shock.
    Another Iraq vet has died long before his time.
    No one could have predicted this.
    The 10,000+ surviving veterans of the first Iraq War that have died since the conflict are not at all indicative of the deadly conditions of modern warfare.
    The conditions of the current war are of such toxicity as to make the first war look like a Greenpeace convention.
    The fact that nuclear, chemical, commercial and raw human waste are burned in giant open pits 24-7 and the fumes breathed by the troops has nothing to do with an highly elevated mortality rate among noncombat veterans.
    Not to mention the untested vaccines and anti-chemical agents forced on the troops to “protect” them against non-existent WMD threats.
    And if you think for a moment you know anything about this, you don’t.
    I’m a former civilian physician with the Veterans’ Administration and I have seen cases that would tear you heart from your chest.
    I eventually resigned in disgust when my factually supported recommendations of disability were rejected by a VA bureaucracy far more interested in saving money than the lives of veterans, thanks to a military that wants to send young, healthy people off to war but is not prepared to deal with the terrible consequences of those young, healthy people coming back with mental and physical disabilities so profound as to be an effective living death sentence.
    I truly grieve for Mr. Fein, his family, his friends and his former teammates.
    His was a death premature, unnecessary, and tragically inevitable.
    His is just another case in the litany of catastrophe brought to bear by an illegal war caused by the lies of a draft dodger.

  3. @the family, my condolences. My cousin is 2 time Iraq Vet and I know how much these people mean to our country.
    It is sad that he died, yes. but.. but how in the hell do you relate the war to his death? NO DETAILS WERE POSTED IDIOT.


  5. “His is just another case in the litany of catastrophe brought to bear by an illegal war caused by the lies of a draft dodger.”
    Illegal war? Illegal according to exactly whom?
    Yeah who couldn’t see this coming. Way to use death to promote your retarded liberal agenda, doc. I suppose next you’ll tell us that you’re all for Obamacare? How many babies are you willing to throw under a bus to make it happen?

  6. @thetruthhurts- Thanks for confirming my belief that being a doctor does not signify greater intelligence by any means. Assuming cause of death,political ranting and telling us we know nothing about what you know. Shame on you for going buck wild stupid on a post of a young mans death Dr. Dumbshit.

  7. @ thetruthhurts
    This is true.
    But do you know who keeps perpetuating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Yep, you guessed it- the current President who promised CHANGE, who never enlisted in the army (in this respect, as bad George Bush).
    So please, be indignant all you want, but deal with facts next time, not emotion.
    And by the way, how’s that HOPE and CHANGE workin’ out for ya? Almost 10% unemployment, still wars in Asia, government-funded business, a laughable but scary healthcare reform…

  8. More mental health treatment for veterans should not be a political issue. It should simply be done.
    RIP Tony Fein.

  9. Right on leatherneck.
    I’ve seen firsthand as I’m sure many have, we’re injecting a bad problem into our own society by the way we’re treating veterans of this war… both in the theater of war, and once they return home. Families are being ruined. It’s collateral damage that nobody wants to talk about.

  10. Debacled,
    Still better than the “100 years” McCain said he’d have our Armed Forces in Iraq…moron

  11. “Yep, you guessed it- the current President who promised CHANGE, who never enlisted in the army (in this respect, as bad George Bush).”
    At least Bush served in the NG. Flying deathtrap F-102’s may not be the same as enlisting in the regular military, but it’s infinitely more dangerous than smoking weed and reading “Rules for Radicals”.

  12. thetruthhurts says:
    October 7, 2009 8:30 AM
    His is just another case in the litany of catastrophe brought to bear by an illegal war caused by the lies of a draft dodger.

    And sadly you choose to ignore the truth and blame the war solely on Bush. Not like any of the liberal democrats, including President “Teh One” Obama, spoke out in support of the war or anything. Feel free to look it up- You’ll find exact quotes by John Kerry, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Hiliary Clinton, John Edwards and your savior all speaking out in favor of operations in Iraq.
    If you want to blame Bush for your problems, that’s fine. But at least make sure you spread the blame around to the other side when it’s needed as well.
    FWIW, I agree the VA needs to do more for soldiers going over seas. Those guys are laying their life on the line and need all the help they can get when they return.

  13. I want to give my condolences to Mr. Fein’s family.
    Whatever your opinions on this war, please refrain from disrespecting the memory of our fallen soldiers, whether from enemy action or not, by furthering a political agenda. This goes to everyone posting on both sides.
    This is a case where we should all agree on one thing, and that is those who serve this country in uniform deserve our undying respect both in life and in death. This is the kind of thing that should unite us, not divide us.
    As for you, Child Please!, who feels the need to disrespect the memory of someone who, as far as I can tell, did more for this country in an hour than you ever will in a lifetime, please keep your comments to yourself. The first amendment entitles you to be a moron, this is true, but please remember those who defend the freedoms you enjoy, instead of insulting them.

  14. Funny how you guys immediately turn thetruthhurts’ comment into a partisan bitchfest, considering that I don’t see anything particularly partisan about his comment at all. But maybe that’s because I am not a statist partisan hack, like most of you clearly are.
    Yeah, keep bitching about liberals and conservatives, as if there’s any difference supporting one side of the violent, coercive monopoly of the state over the other. It’s called an illusion, and you simpletons have fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker. Government-mandated public schooling is serving its function well, clearly.
    I served in the military myself, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that there is nothing noble or respectable about it. I wouldn’t spit on a soldier, but I think if you support them, you would encourage them to be productive members of society instead of enablers of government-sanctioned violence. Spreading violence is not “defending freedoms,” it is spreading violence.

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