Lions avoid blackout, without extension

The Detroit Lions sold out their home opener against the Vikings, after getting a 24-hour extension.

They didn’t sell out their second home game of the season against the Redskins, and the Lions didn’t both to ask for an extension.

For their third home game of the season, the Lions sold out their game without an extension.

So what happened?  Has the snapping of a 19-game losing streak renewed interest in the franchise?  Has the economic calamity in Michigan resolved itself?


The Steelers are coming to town.

18 responses to “Lions avoid blackout, without extension

  1. did jarome bettis buy the remaining tickets or something? detroit doesnt strike me as a steelers fan town…

  2. You mean all that stuff ESPN crammed down our throats about how Michigan State basketball and the Tigers winning would solve the economic crisis was a crock ? After all this time we find out it was actually the Steelers coming to town. Somebody better tell all the idiots on First Take what the new talking points are.

  3. ninjaneer says:
    October 8, 2009 10:47 PM
    did jarome bettis buy the remaining tickets or something? detroit doesnt strike me as a steelers fan town…
    I’d have thought the same. I’d be interested as to how much college kids contribute to this, if at all (how much do Lions tickets go for, anyhow?). I’m not sure about Ann Arbor, but I’ve seen a respectable (though by no means huge) number of people sporting Steelers gear in the Lansing area, larger than what I probably would have expected before I moved to the area. If I’d have thought about it earlier, I would have considered getting tickets.
    You also have to consider that Detroit isn’t THAT much of a haul from Pittsburgh (I’ve done Pittsburgh to Lansing in about 5.5 hours or so, so Pittsburgh to Detroit can’t be much more than 4.5 or so). Given that it’s a 1:00pm game, which means that people could still get back to PA at a somewhat decent time, I’m guessing there’s a sizeable number of people driving up. Not that that alone would cause a sell out, though, obviously.

  4. ninjaneer – No offense, but I don’t think you really understand how popular the Steelers are. We’re not talking about finding Texans fans in Buffalo here.

  5. Detroit’s not a Steelers town, it’s a Lions town. It’s not often people get to see the defending champions though. Of course it’s going to sellout.

  6. yah ninjaneer at the redskins steelers PRESEASON game i had a whole row of steelers fans in my seats, I sat down on row with the friend i bought who was a steelers fan as well. Roughly more steelers fan in my area then redskins fans. This was at Fedex field and redskins fans are pretty plentiful so that just shows you how much the steelers travel.

  7. Steeler Nation is as ubiquitous as raisins in a muffin.
    To wit, the Bolts play in Qualcomm Stadium (formerly “The Murph” for Jack Murphy Stadium) — as we (i.e., Steeler Nation) basically took over the stadium, and the tail-gating before the game was about 50/50 split of Charger/Steeler peeps.
    Wayyy back in the ’90’s, the San Diego Union Trib reported multiple Chargers publicly bitching about how it seemed like an away game in their own stadium. Other teams have echoed similar sentiments, and I personally spoke with former Chargers WR Anthony Miller and DB Vencie Glenn – and both were blown away by the Steeler presence 2,000+ miles away from Pittsburgh.
    Same story in each of the games since, though the Steelers haven’t played in Diego too recently.
    As a number of folks are keenly aware, Steeler Nation is passionate and “travels extremely well.”

  8. This blog alone proves Lord Florio is looking for hits and has absolutely no interest in providing relevant NFL information.
    It was announced Thurs morning that there would be *NO* blackouts this weekend, yet Lord Florio, in his ultimate wisdom (heavy sarcasm) posted at least 2 blogs about a blackout being a possibility.
    It all comes down to this: If you want relevant football information, look elsewhere. If you want nothing but rumors, lies and innuendo, and maybe a good laugh or two, come here.

  9. “SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says:
    October 8, 2009 10:41 PM
    All female hotel employees BEWARE.”

  10. I would love to see my Lions upset the Steelers. Almost 100% not gonna happen, but I can hope. We’re a lot better than last year, even thought the record isn’t really going to be all too impressive.
    The future could be bright in Detroit, just not quite yet.
    I do think this game could end up being a lot more competitive than people think though. I don’t see a total blowout.

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