Wilf wants Favre in 2010

In February, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was asked whether he had an interest in Brett Favre playing quarterback for the Vikings in 2009.

Said Wilf at the time:  “No way.”

On Wednesday, Wilf was asked whether he has an interest in Favre playing quarterback for the Vikings in 2010.

Said Wilf, essentially:  “Way.”

I would love him to; why not?” Wilf said, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  “That’s what we signed him up for.”

Favre signed a two-year deal in August.  His base salary for 2009 is $12 million, and his base salary for 2010 will be $13 million.

At the time, however, no one believed that the second year of the deal was real.

Then again, no one realized that the folks at Riddell had made for Favre a magic helmet that makes its wearer perform 15 years younger than he looks when he takes it off. 

73 responses to “Wilf wants Favre in 2010

  1. “Then again, no one realized that the folks at Riddell had made for Favre a magic helmet that makes its wearer perform 15 years younger than he looks when he takes it off. ”
    It’s better than the polio and lupus stuff in the same way that seeing rosie o’ donald in a small bikini is better than seeing her naked.

  2. He is done this year if they win a Super Bowl.
    Other than that I imagine he will return next year unless they fail miserably down the stretch or he gets a season ending injury and doesn’t want to rhab it to play more.
    Related news that could lead to another end of season implosion.
    According to the Associated Press, Congress could be getting involved with the Williams Wall suspensions being blocked. http://bit.ly/KwpKn

  3. Big deal. Favre had a good game in October. So what? He threw for SIX TDs early in the season last year with the Jets. What did he do down the stretch??? Fade away. Favre will choke like he always does come the end of the season.
    Move on, nothing to see here.

  4. Let’s all remember that Favre looked pretty good early in the season last year. It has been 3 games, and for the bulk of the first 3, he wasn’t asked to do very much.

  5. Wilf wants him in 2010? Then he’ll have to allow Favre to waive the majority of training camp next summer. That was the major cause of his “indecision” this past summer. So freakin’ obvious; his old bones don’t want to go through all of that PT. Pocket passers like Favre are like pitchers anyways; the worst athletes on the team (in general, of course).

  6. Um, Favre was good last September and October. Wait til December and January. You’ll see. He’ll fall apart, and it will be beautiful.

  7. I love it – now PFT is all up in Brett’s junk.
    Wait until Brett has an off day – then it’s bash Brett time again.

  8. Are people really talking like this after 4 weeks? Really? After what happened last year? After his chronic late season fades have become so well documented?

  9. Why does everyone keep saying he turns 40 on Saturday?
    I thought his birthday was Dec. 25, isn’t that why we all celebrate?

  10. Lol, geez..it’s week 5! Minnesota played Clev, Det, a Goreless SF team that had that game won, and my happless GB team without an OL, and D. They will go 5-0 at the Rams, and then have Balt, Pitt, and GB yet who will be better prepared. I guess with Brett’s past, I’d probably wait to see where they are in week 15, 16, 17?? Wow, Calling for him for 2010..ha, idk yet. No one knows yet! Ya, he’s ok now, but chill on the 2010 talk…

  11. Anything to ladle once more into the most-stirred pot in all sports commentary. Favre has already paid for himself in capital, defined in many ways: jersey sales, ticket sales, obscene verbosity bordering on foreplay by MNF ‘ana-lusts’, apoplexy by Packer Nation (my favorite), Jared Allen’s continued input, i.e. ‘Silver Fox'(NOT my favorite), more press than Obama, growing likelihood of a Minnesota stadium for the Vikings.
    What really rich NFL franchise owner would find this bad? No matter the result of the season and whether the Geezer stays or goes…..no, wait. If he ‘retires’ again, he’d better leave the planet for at least a year. Sure the contract is for two years. The Vikes are dumb to agree to less; but they’ve been dumb on a few occasions. The Cheeseheads insist on bringing this up every hour. It can’t be false, can it?
    If there is a Super Bowl in Minny’s future, great. If there is s Super Bowl victory in Minny’s future, double great. I’ll have my own apoplexy. But trusting or expecting Favre to be the single catalyst for it is very, very dumb. Not even the Vikings current coaching staff is that dense. Using that as a reason to believe Favre will stick around for a second season, Bowl or no Bowl, is insane. Favre has given no evidence whatsoever that his words or off-field actions have any credibility.
    Vikings fans have to ride this buzz for as long as it lasts. If that’s two years and two Lombardis, praise Thor and pass Mjolnir.
    It could be one week.

  12. Wow…at what point is Favre going to have to apply for a restraining order against Florio.
    Too funny…
    There’s a thin line between love and hate Florio.
    Admit your love, it’s the first step in healing.

  13. Perhaps they should also ask this question of Wilf in about Week 12 or 13 when Favre’s play falls off a cliff like it has annually for quite sometime. It wasn’t just last season due to injury, but every season dating back to 2004. Look it up. It’s pretty staggering.

  14. favre’s honeymoon in new york last year lasted well into the season.
    let’s see what zygi says when favre has his typical late-season collapse. no offense to the vikes, i enjoy watching them – it’s just that favre is old and his body can’t stand up to the 16 game season anymore. he’ll look great the first half of the year, then start to fall off. by the end of the year he’s costing you playoff contention, not getting you there.
    just ask the jets.

  15. you would think that congress would have more important thinks to work on. they can stick their noses in all they want, the Williams’ boys have fought for and won the right to due process in the courts and i doubt that congress can change it. the NFL is whooped and too stupid to know it.

  16. So the media has asked the question again eh ? How come Kurt Warner doesn’t get asked, when are you going to retire ?
    Based on the way Brett played the other night I can’t see a reason why he wouldn’t want him back but, a lot can happen between now and then. If the Vikings line protects him like they did Monday he might be able to play another five years.

  17. Glad your not too cheeseweasel…the 2nd oldest franchise in the NFL has gone through a lot of adverse times over the past 90 years & its survived and flourished through all of them. 12 championships – last time I checked the diva was on exactly 1 of them. He’s the best regular season QB in the history of the game – the key word ‘regular’.

  18. I love how everyone assumes a late season collapse by Favre is not an “if” but a “when”. Sure it happened last year, Favre sucked down the stretch, however if you haven’t heard Favre was injured the whole 2nd half of last year with a partially torn biceps. He had surgery to correct this in the offseason and is again throwing pain free….obvious by these last two games. People point even to two seasons ago when the packers lost to the giants in the NFC champoionship, they call this a late season collapse? Sure it was a terrible game but they had home field in the NFC championship!
    Just accept that he is playing at a pro-bowl level right now and he may or may not do so the entire season.

  19. Actually Wilf will need to wait until the begining of Training Camp to know who his quarterback might be….and all the other players, especially the qbs will get screwed again.
    Now that he said this…good luck finding any potential replacement for next year, no one will want to stay or come there with the diva still pondering his future. This has been the problem, not his play – his ability to hold everyone and everything waiting on him.

  20. Florio,
    Did you ever seriously consider the fact that Favre is playing a lot like he did last season (pre-injury) and the season before when he was the runner-up MVP?
    The guy can play, and much like ALL other NFL players, they play their best when they are mostly healthy.

  21. Favre is the only talent on that team since Sharper and Birk decided to escape the misery of the vikings.
    They ought to give in to every demand Favre makes.

  22. He was on the 4-12 Jets last year. I guess the collapse was all his fault. Great minds, Lard Heads.

  23. Lord Florio musta needed the extra hits today to come up with yet another *Favre story*
    It is actually funny though…….
    Ever notice how all the excuses the dumbazzes brought to the discussion have crumbled one by one. Now all they have left to talk about is how he will fall down the stretch.
    Wonder what their excuse will be when Favre leads the Vikings deep into the playoffs or (God forbid) they do actually win the super bowl

  24. Florio, have you ever explained why you were jumping all over Favre all year, and now you can’t remove your lips from his posterior?
    Do you realize how it makes you look? We might be reading a blog, but we aren’t all idiots.

  25. Wow. bob nelson watches a lot of football doesn’t he. I wouldn’t say he is the only talent on the team. not with guys like antoine winfield, ej henderson, bryant mckennie, steve hutchenson, and there is one more. whats his name? OH YEAH, the best rb in football today, adrian peterson. dumbass. btw, sorry if i spelled some names wrong.

  26. I think a lot will depend on Chilly’s knees, he is gettting up there in years and it is getting harder and harder to get down on your knees to service Lord Favre.

  27. hey dbag nelson, stfu allready man.
    First you where harping on the fact that favre was done, now you’re saying he’s the only talent on the team…..
    get a life and a clue. it wasnt favre sacking rodgers, it wasn’t favre returning kicks, it wasnt favre shutting down your offense, it wasnt favre blocking for himself….. football is a team sport and its won and lost in the trenches. The viking O and D line is better than the packer O and D line its that simple. You could put Tyler thigpen behind the viking oline in the game against the packers and he would have won, they have NO PUSH. to be fair to rodger, it could have been manning or brady and they still would have lost. Maybe a little understanding of the sport before you run your stupid mouth next?

  28. I really don’t care what anyone thinks about Favre. All I know is we are 4-0, he is our QB and it’s been one of the most hyped up ,exciting seasons I can remember. And as a 41 yr. old guy, I love to watch the old boy show the youth how its done.Tell me he’s not great and I’ll call you a jackass liar. I am so amused by the big NFL guys that bashed him at the beginning and now they got man love for him. More Favre Florio! Rodgers couldn’t hold his jock! Hold the ball all day Karen!!

  29. Bob Nelson says:
    October 8, 2009 6:03 PM
    Favre is the only talent on that team since Sharper and Birk decided to escape the misery of the vikings.
    Did your mom have any kids that lived?
    What a jackass.

  30. Bob, thanks for another stellar insight. You say Favre is the only talent and that Birk and Sharper left to get away from Minny. Ahem, Sharper wanted to stay, but the Vikes didn’t offer him a new deal. He’s doing well for the Saints, good for him. He may play deep into January. Birk did leave by choice. Even a few rookies actually asked to be signed, and, amazingly, DID! Swoon!
    Now the icing on your thousand-layer cake of purest idiocy: You haven’t heard of #28, apparently. The best RB in the league and arguably the best player in cleats in America, which makes him the best on earth and in our solar system. Other Solar systems have their own leagues, I’m sure.
    Then there’s the defense. Duh. You didn’t see the single biggest football game in the history of cable TV a few days back? Usually, beings from other dimensions have technology that is ahead of ours here on earth. The Vikings ATE the GB offensive line. You therefore didn’t see the look on the face of GB’s backup QB, Flynn. Terrified. There are a few other guys that do pretty well in Purple, too, Bob. The bald one with the glasses and beard, I worry about, though. With your boundless capacity for Gumpian proclamation, you must assuredly be rich and mow big lawns for free. And catch floating feathers. You’re defining what “Stupid Does”. How is Lieutenant Dan, anyway?
    Personally, much as I don’t like the guy, I’ll rationalize once here on his behalf: He’s always had to carry a team by himself. At least in Minny he has the aforementioned group to help out occasionally. It’s nice for him. Because of that, Bob, and I’ll spell it out for you, he might last a bit longer this season. Others have proclaimed that he perpetually fails late in the season, and I’ve witnessed a few of those. But those guys are pretty dumb to be relying on that assumption THIS year because Favre has already blown about 300 assumptions out of the water and it’s only week 5. Those banking their Packer emotions on the assumption that Minny ALWAYS fades late and Favre ALWAYS fades late are further assuming that the Packers will ‘surge’. Or “Peak at the right time”. “It’s a long season.” “Chilly’s a dick.” Like that. Those were the guys talking a lot of smack about a week ago, if memory serves. Not too much smack left in the ‘ol Bowling Alley Bar up there in WI at the moment. Bye week. Whew.
    Or else they just hate Minnesota so much that they don’t care if GB does well as long as the Vikings fail. Now that’s sportsmanship. That’s just little boys peeing on their neighbor’s flowers because he yelled at you for riding your bike across his yard.

  31. Bob; “Favre is the only talent on that team since Sharper and Birk decided to escape the misery of the vikings.”
    They ought to give in to every demand Favre makes.
    Now I know why everyone on hear can’t wait to read your dumba** posts. That has to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever read.
    if you’re going to say something, at least say something somewhat intelligent.

  32. LOL – BobNelson: I love it when I don’t have to say a thing. Did you get the license plate number of the purple hay-seuss that just ran your ass over?? More brutal than Jared Allen Ramboing your O-line and making Rodgers his Murdock.

  33. VikesFan in Ct: Bob has nothing intelligent to say. It’s one of the reasons I’m here. Turkey shoot. You ought to give it a try. Bob doesn’t seem to get it, so he keeps on with the slow pitches. I’m sure you can get in a nice forehand once in a while. He doesn’t even seem to feel it. Go ahead. Have a swing for yourself.
    The only one dumb enough to come to his defense is JimmySmith, whom is, in real life, the Black Knight that just had all his limbs chopped off by King Arthur in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Blood squirting everywhere but he won’t admit that there is anything wrong. Yelling and bleeding is all he can really do.
    Dewey will shout some mighty loud and intense groups of words, some of which contain nouns and verbs. He’s a Bears fan, though, and they all like to growl and harrumph. A pretty close variant of the CheeseHeads. Nothing to be afraid of.

  34. Peterson, Allen, Winfield, Hutch, Greenway, Henderson, Madieu Williams, Leber, Harvin, Berrian, Shiancoe, McKinnie, Farwell, etc. must all be chopped liver. LOL

  35. Bobs a Bears fan??? He is a very confusing individual. Not much of a challenge,easier to hit then a pinata.

  36. Just for the record, I never (as in ever) spoke on way or the other reg Bob Nelson.
    Also for the record, the Vikings haven’t won anything yet (as in ever) and the season still has 12 games left to go and Favre record is legendary in at least one respect, he chokes the stretch, ah, much like the vikings.

  37. @ Jimmysmith
    Favre,one of the NFL’s greatest and you call him a legendary choker. Let’s define legendary choker: JimmySmith says byebye to mommy as she leaves to her part time gig at the strip club. He runs to the fridge to sneak PBR and 3 day old brats that was on reserve for Sunday. After a gourmet meal he settles into his jammas and pops a lil Amish porn into the VCR. The rest of the the story is much too graphic and perverse for PFT. Lets just say it involves ” choking”

  38. so, just wondering why everyone here reads the posts, and sees that someone writes something, and then decides to post the same thing as if they were the only ones to think of it. it’s kinda like copying a paper for english class, but changing a word here and there so the teacher doesn’t figure out you copied off the guy sitting in front of you in class.

  39. We’re talking Football, Busta.
    Pardon us if we’re all on subject.
    If everyone is talking Football, there might be some simillarities in the lingo, don’tcha think?

  40. Wonderlic—myballs says:
    define legendary choker
    Ok, don’t mind if I do.
    The last NFC championship game the packers were in, Favre throws an INT in OT.
    No, that’s not the first time, he threw an INT in OT in the playoffs, he did it against the Eagles also.
    Ok, let’s ignore those two games and focus on other playoff games, 6 INTs in the playoffs against the Rams, another 4 in a playoff game againt the Biqueens, and don’t forget his 55 QB rating in the first ever playoff loss to the Falcons.
    good luck with Favre if you should make the playoffs

  41. @ JimmySmith-
    “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”- Henry Ford
    Sure Brett has had his share of playoff stumbles. I put much of that blame on being on overachieving teams that really were not that great. Farve was always asked to pull the rabbit out of his ass thus leading to risky throws and interceptions.
    That leads us to 2009. Favre is on the most well rounded team of his career,the Vikes. Chilly and Bevell know Favre,understand how to use him. AD takes much pressure off him with his ability to run and attract much attention even if he gets shut down.Favre is throwing with speed and accuracy as good or better than any time of his career. He has one pick thus far,a fluke off Berrians fingers. (But the 49ers dropped 3 and Woodsen had one Wonder you will say,but wa wa irrelevant,they failed to count. ) I really believe Brett is playing smarter than ever also,not forcing the ball.
    If you prove me wrong I won’t run and hide but if Favre keeps up this high level and makes the playoffs and doesn’t choke…..sure blow hards like you will be harder to find then Bin Laden.

  42. Chickenfoot…you’re the one with anger management problems, not Packer fans. I can virtually see the spittle flying out of your mouth while you are muttering your vitriol to yourself, choosing your words carefully while drooling on your keyboard, and hen-pecking your words-of-wisdom with one index finger.
    The Brewers picked up Sabathia last year for one season and one reason only. The Vikings have done the same thing. A good move actually. Favre can still play and I do not resent him for maneuvering his way onto the Vikings. They have all the pieces he needs to keep playing. Longwell probably extended his career by five years by going indoors. Sometimes there is a method to the madness in switches like this. Favre played his last four years in Green Bay as though he didn’t want to be there . Guess what? He didn’t!
    I personally think that the QB’s you already have would also be 4-0, with the possible exception of the 49’ers game….and that was once-every-hundred-years freaky. Cincinnati would be 4-0 too if not for a freaky tip. It happens.
    Favre is no longer anything special and the Packers are better off without him….in the long run. Favre would not be producing more effectively with the Packers than Rodgers is, and with the teammates Rodgers is forced to compete with. Favre fits well with the Vikings because they have so many excellent players at so many positions.
    I am anti-Favre only because I am anti-Viking, no more no less, but I don’t lose sleep over it. I think I speak for most Packer fans that have an opinion one way or the other. I have found most Viking fans (Minneapolis residents actually) to project the most annoying self-appointed superiority complexes I have ever encountered. They actually think they are somehow slimmer, smarter, better looking, etc., etc. You can walk down Hennepin Avenue or the State Fair or Mall of America any day of the week and laugh at that contention.
    Enjoying the historic failures of the Vikings simultaneously with the successes of the Packers has been like laying on my back in the grass, watching the clouds go by, with a pleasant smile on my face. It does not get any better.
    Favre has only raised my anxiousness that the Viking fans will, with their pent-up frustrations from not being as special as they think they are, becoming completely intolerable if the Vikings ever do anything in the post-season that is actually worth writing about.
    That is at the core of my position. And I feel confident that Favre’s true abilities (or lack thereof) will come to the surface later this season. If not, then I also feel confident that somebody else will mess it up for you….like always. It’s all good.

  43. I heard he retired a few years back.We will be
    updating our records immediately after hearing
    the news.

  44. Ambrose,
    Confidence is a good thing. Yours give you comfort that your enemy Vikings will fail.
    Mine comforts me that my Mighty Vikings will prevail. I don’t wish your Packers ill. I never have liked them at all, but I have no need for them to be crushed under the wheels of a cheese factory. If GB is gone, whom do the Vikings beat, other than the Teddies and the Kitties? Tampa? That NFC North experiment was good while it lasted but all good things come to an end, right? OK, the Vikes can beat the Cowboys and the 49ers. I’ll be happy with that. Beating anybody else isn’t nearly as much fun. Beating GB is the most fun in the universe, ask anybody wearing purple.
    Speaking of that, your judgment about everyone in Minneapolis on Hennepin and the Mall of America or the State Fair being superior assholes is really gutsy. I’ve been to many a State Fair, and, well, some of the humans in attendance are human by genetic definition only. It’s very, very easy to feel superior in that atmosphere. I was at the Mall of America once, for about 3 hours. I believe I witnessed about 5% of the facility in that visit. You must spend a hell of a lot of time there. My last visit to Hennepin Ave was complete with 2 arrests of hookers in a 4 block span. I was on a tour bus passing through.
    To see the really superior assholes, you have to go to Nicollett Mall. Everyone knows that the ritziest stores and snottiest people hang out where Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat in the air. 35 years ago. Now THAT is nostalgia, man.
    You’re easier to make fun of when you cast such a wide “net” of confidence. Have you ever talked to any of your assumed ‘superior’ downtowners or Mall fanciers? Didn’t think so. The snottiest people I’ve spoken with think football is a bunch of dumb jocks, and football fans are ALL idiots. Those are usually short conversations.
    Here’s a good one: When you look down your nose at people, they can see up yours.
    If Favre screws things up, I’m confident that Adrian Peterson will step up and make it all right. Can you remember the QB that handed him the ball when he broke the NFL Single Game Rushing Record? You don’t care, being a Packers fan. It’s a great trivia question. The answer is Brooks Bollinger, and it’s the only thing Brooks Bollinger will ever be remembered for. I’ve said it many times here: the Vikings are a very good team without the Geezer. He makes them better, but if he stumbles, we’re not dead.
    It’s all good.

  45. Ambrose: you are an asshat.
    Thank you for reiterating what i just said about Jimmy.
    Also, i went back and looked at some of the other threads. I see you added on late yesterday.
    I lost all respect for you after some of the crap you posted.
    it’s obvious you did not watch any of the game.
    You are clueless to what went on. Either that or you were watching through green/gold beer goggles.
    I had a lengthy retort to your novel, but , with this site, they sometimes don’t go through.
    After reading the crap you posted on the older threads, I have determined, you are not worth the time and effort to offer a rebuttal.
    If it shows up later, great, if not….who cares.
    I’m arguing with a person, that can’t see the forest for the trees.

  46. Ambrose:
    This is the garbage I’m talking about. Followed by my answer.
    Ambrose says:
    October 8, 2009 3:33 PM
    Chickenfoot….you expect me to believe that the Vikings went into a soft prevent with 25:40 left in the game??? That is how confident they were with a fourteen point lead? I don’t think so. Rodgers moved the ball from the opening drive, and would likely have led them to an opening drive score until a great D-rush stripped him of the ball…..within scoring range. Rodgers performed great, and matched Favre’s performance. But he can’t do it alone anymore than Favre can. Rodgers did (does) not have the surrounding cast of characters that the Vikings have. Rodgers kept the Packers in it despite the poor O-line, despite the pathetic pass coverage, despite the turnovers and penalties, and despite the dropped pass in the end zone. The Vikings going soft on him was not part of the equation. What game were you watching?
    Chickenfoot says:
    October 9, 2009 2:52 PM
    It was 30-14 with 8 minutes to go numbnuts!!
    Check that 7 minutes 25 seconds!!
    (7:25) (Shotgun) 12-A.Rodgers sacked at GB 1 for 0 yards (69-J.Allen). FUMBLES (69-J.Allen), RECOVERED by MIN-69-J.Allen at GB 1. 69-J.Allen to GB 2 for -1 yards. Green Bay challenged the fumble ruling, and the play was REVERSED. (Shotgun) 12-A.Rodgers sacked in End Zone for -1 yards, SAFETY (69-J.Allen).
    You sir have earned the title of ASSHAT!
    Lest you think I’m lying, check for yourself:
    Do you even watch football? let alone knowwhat one is?
    Jesus, some of you guys on here are complete tools!
    You have no credibility. As purple stated above, you are mocking those people for what you yourself are doing in your post.
    I used to think you were an alright poster.
    A loss to the Vikes must flare up your roids or something.
    It certainly has clouded your judgement.
    But, “it’s all good” you are just scared favre’s taking us to a Super Bowl win, right?

  47. Purple Hay-Seuss…Are we talking about the same thing? You seem to be fiercely loyal to your team and so am I. I enjoy wanting the Vikings to fail because of their fans, not the players. The only reason I could possibly tolerate the Vikings doing well is to prevent them from leaving town. I would hate to see that, I really would. The rivalry is just too intense. Believe me when I say that I am jealous as hell for how the Vikings fans must be feeling right now. A good ‘ol ass-kicking told-you-so. It feels good doesn’t it? I have been there before and hope to be there again. Our mothers always told us…”learn to be a good loser.” But being a good winner is just as important. The typical Viking fan I have described in previous posts always seems bitter and have no experience being a good winner, because as a Viking fan they have never won anything. They have no choice but to rely on their old tried-and-true childish rants about how stupid people are, or fat, or ugly, or whatever. Time to grow up wouldn’t you say?

  48. Backtracking? What are talking about? I’m describing you…moron, do you need an arrow painted on your forehead?

  49. Ambrose,
    OK, you’ve made a point. But “not winning anything” is truly a statement that assumes Super Bowl victories are ‘the only thing’. Even Master Vince said “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” I am certain the phrase ‘Super Bowls’ isn’t in there. I am also certain that the Packers have not “won” every Super Bowl they’ve played in. Did Vince make them run extra stairs afterwards?
    The Minnesota Vikings have won everything except Super Bowls. Division titles, Conference titles galore. If Super Bowls are the only victory that matters, and if those teams that have won a Super Bowl are the only teams that are “winners”, there are very, very few “winners” in all of football anywhere on earth. If ‘Champion’ is only applied to those that win the biggest game possible, fine. Don’t use ‘winner’ as your only standard for success. You will come up short every time.
    In Green Bay, if your logic follows, there are less than 1% ‘winners’. The Packers players of the 60s that are still alive would qualify. Do they get the best tee times? Are they exempt from tipping servers? Free Ovaltine? I don’t know. How about the players in the last GB Super Bowl victory? What was that, ’97? I don’t know that number, as I don’t give a monkey’s butt about Packer “wins”. But are there any other players still active from that GB team other than Favre? More than 10 years since your last ‘victory’, are there any ‘winners’ around the intersection of Favre and Holmgren? Or have they moved on to the rest of their lives? I’d bet that they aren’t hanging around the Bowling Alley Bars like most of the GB Mensa crowd that post here (you excluded, of course), reliving the old days and the glory of “winning” with the locals for free lines and brewskis.
    Most of them, the ‘winners’ I mean, “grow up” as you suggest, and they move on with life. Football is no longer their life, it’s their past; like the shiny Lombardi Trophies in the masterfully carved and attended case at Lambeau. I don’t see any Packers getting taller stands for their busts at Canton, either. Somebody earlier said it pretty well: the world does not owe you Packers fans perpetual glory because of the number of “wins” you’ve had in the past decades.
    I’d rather die a purple loser than a CheesHead “winner”.

  50. Look, you said it yourself. There is nothing more satisfying than beating the green and gold. It makes you feel great. Beating GB feels better than beating Chicago or Detroit. I get it…I feel the same way about beating the Vikings. But I have fallen into the trap of denigrating the Vikings at every turn for every reason. I will vow to stop doing that. But I would be lying if I didn’t feel that Favre shafted us. He orchestrated his own departure, starting three years ago (not last year.) I cannot rest until he goes away for good, and he just happens to be your QB..sooo…you get my wrath. In my opinion there is not a better rivalry in the NFL, and if my memory serves me, the games won/lost are virtually identical. If I could get a good sense of somebody that appreciates the games and the rivalries, without getting into personal stuff about who is fatter or stupider, I may even be able to root for the Vikings if and when the Packers are mathematically eliminated. It wouldn’t be a huge stretch…..I’m from Duluth for crying out loud.

  51. mnmaverick says:
    October 9, 2009 6:41 AM
    We’re talking Football, Busta.
    Pardon us if we’re all on subject.
    If everyone is talking Football, there might be some simillarities in the lingo, don’tcha think?
    WOW!!!!!!!! never knew why we were here. Wasn’t talking about the lingo, after I posted a list of names as a rebuttle to Bob Nelson, like nine people posted the SAME list. Thats what I’m talking about. I guess some people are just too smart for me. Idiot.

  52. Chickenfoot…one last thing..I went to the link you provided (impressive by the way,) and just as I stated, the Vikings were up 28-14 with 25:40 to go in the game. I am still trying to get your point…you obviously did not get mine.

  53. favre was offensive player of the week! Are we still waiting for the trainwreck? Can u say 5 and 0!

  54. Ambrose:
    It’s in black and white. If you can’t see that after the safety, it was 30-14, and there was 7:25 left in the game, and that’s WHEN THEY WENT TO THE SOFT ZONE, I can’t help you.
    I know it’s toughto wrap your mind around that, and the fact that your team lost to a superior team.
    What point of yours am I not getting?
    The game was over at 7:25, you gained a bunch of yards and got 9 points in garbage time. The game wasn’t even close.

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