Fred Taylor believes he'll play again this year

Amid reports suggesting that veteran running back Fred Taylor’s first season with the Patriots might be over after only four games, Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that Taylor still believes he’ll play in 2009.

Per Rapoport, Taylor already has undergone surgery on the injured right ankle — a two-hour procedure after which Taylor drove himself home. 

Unless there’s a bullet (or a pencil) with Fred Taylor’s teeth marks embedded deep within it, it’s hard to imagine that he would have had clearance to drive after a lengthy surgical procedure.

[UPDATE:  Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union, who covered Taylor when he played for the Jaguars, reports that Taylor did not drive himself home.  Maybe Cedric Griffin did.]

Also, Taylor thought he had a high ankle sprain, but the damage turned out to be more extensive.

When and if he’ll be back won’t be known for a while.  And that’s not good news for the Patriots, given that Taylor was the team’s leading rusher.

22 responses to “Fred Taylor believes he'll play again this year

  1. Fragile Fred made it through 4 games. Quite an accomplishment.
    Still have no idea why bellicheat wanted fragile fred when he has 3 other running backs.
    A normal Coach would have started green ellis but bellicheat isnt normal

  2. Fred will play for another couple of quarters until which he stubs his toe, then the season’s over.

  3. Taylor being injured is a shame, but I think it is more likely that Taylor’s surgery will land him on IR and open up the roster spot the Pats need to bring in Seau for his 10-15 plays per game that can help their still thin LB corps. If Brady continues to shave off the remaining rust, then the Pats offense should be fine with their RBBC approach (Morris, Maroney, Faulk, Green-Ellis) along with Brady/Moss/Welker/Edelman/Watson…etc.

  4. Fragile Fred made it through 4 games. Quite an accomplishment.
    Yeah because there is nothing that spells “fragile” quite like a RB with almost 11,500 career yards and seven 1000+ yards season…is there?
    I am certain that well over 90% of current and former NFL RBs wish that there careers were, or are, as fragile as Fred Taylor’s.

  5. Hopefully this may open the door for Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis. I still hope Fred is ok and does not go to IR.

  6. Love how the “Fragile Fred” idiots come out of the sewer after an injury. Dude has 11k career rushing yards and hasn’t missed signifigant time since ’01.

  7. That’s alright, we’ve got Maroney….
    Oh wait, he sucks.
    Release Galloway, send Maroney to Seattle for Branch. Do it.

  8. tj.52….GREAT CALL!!!!!
    I’d be way ok with that happening….hopefully someone from the Patriots organization reads this thread & gets it in the works!!!
    Hopefully GJGE gets his chance & Taylor recovers for the play off push in December!!!

  9. Fragile Fred…
    Since 2002, the year after he was given the moniker “Fragile” after being listed as “questionable” by Coughlin the whole 2001 season after he TORE HIS GROIN FROM THE BONE, he’s played 100 out of 112 games
    12 games since 2002, and he still can’t shake the ridiculous “fragile” label that was erroneously given to him.

  10. Ironic that all of the hub bub this week has been about extraordinary and preferential efforts protecting the Pat’s passer and meanwhile their top rusher is quietly done for the year.

  11. bspurloc is a real witty guy. You know what they say: “If you can’t beat ’em, act like a little weasel and spout the bullshit”.

  12. cue the maroney interview where he says it’s time to step up and how frustrating it has been.

  13. Pinheads who don’t have a clue as what it takes to play RB in the NFL are quick to pound out nasty messages about the real tough guys. If you weasels had any balls you would say it to their face, but you continue to hid behind your phony names for protection. You low life creatins couldn’t last 10 seconds against a pro player so please shut up and try to learn the game. You would appreciate it more.

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