Zimmer's wife passes away

For the second time this week, a member of the NFL’s extended family has passed away too soon.

The Bengals released a statement Friday that Vikki Zimmer, the wife of defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, passed away Thursday in Cincinnati.  The couple was married for 27 years after meeting during Mike’s coaching tenure at Weber State University. They have three children.

“We are stunned and saddened to learn of Vikki’s passing,” said Bengals president Mike Brown.  “She was a warm and popular person in the Bengals family, and immense respect and affection for Mike makes this especially hard.  Our hearts go out to Mike and his family.”

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said, “Mike is part of our Bengals family, and we’ll support him in every way we can.  We will dearly miss Vikki. She was a friend to all of us and a big supporter of Mike’s players.  Her thoughtfulness to them in so many ways will also be greatly missed.”

We send our best wishes and condolences to the Zimmer family.

33 responses to “Zimmer's wife passes away

  1. Super sad stuff. If anyone watched hard knocks you saw how much she seemed like a caring person towards her family and also her husband’s players. Prayers for zim and the rest of the family.

  2. Very saddened to learn of this. I’ve heard the real hardships in professional football are for the women the coaches come home to. My heart goes out to the Zimmer family. Win one for her the weekend Cincy.

  3. More incentive for the Bengals D to step up for Coach Zimmer against the Ravens this Sunday.
    I presume this was due to a health issue. Anyone know what happened? Sad. Very sad.

  4. Gregg,
    Why hyperlink to an article about suicide when talking about the death of Vickie Zimmer? Makes no sense to me. Very trite, stupid.

  5. Condolences to Mike Zimmer and the family and friends of his wife!! I’ll be pulling for your defense to do big things this weekend in honor of you and your wife!
    -A Dallas Cowboys fan (PS – We miss you Zimmy!)

  6. Wasnt she the woman who on Hard Knocks made cookies for the players because she thought her husband was being too mean to them?
    Its a shame when bad things happen to good people.

  7. Thoughts and prayers for the Zimmer family.
    If I recall correctly she baked brownies for Mike’s players on Hard Knocks…Sounds like she will be missed.

  8. To FlorioObjection;
    Why don’t you get a life and realize just how insensitive your post (quote) was. The man just lost his wife of 27 seven years and the only thing that you could conceivably think of was that maybe he’s stop cursing so much. Maybe if you would count to 300 before you breath again maybe something good would happen. If you have just a small about of conscience I do believe that an apology to Mr. Zimmer and his entire family is in order.

  9. @FlorioObjection
    must be a pretty cool guy to try and make light of a guy’s wife dying for a lame joke. let me guess, you have never had a girlfriend or a wife so you wouldn’t know how hard this must be for people who go through this. class act buddy.

  10. @FlorioObjection
    youre a coldhearted jerkoff who probably makes comments like the one above to feel better about your devastingly small amount of worth in this world. let me guess, no wife or girlfriend for you? probably why you cant empathize with someone who’s just lost the most important person in their life. seriously go look in the mirror and make some changes with yourself.

  11. RIP
    I have no clue whom FlorioObjection is but you need help buddy. To say / type something so cold shows how little of values you carry from day to day. POS

  12. JerseyJints – you already posted that – get over it. You’re probably from the Jersey area so I realize that cussing is near and dear to your heart. Stop trying to hook up with Bonnie D. She wants no part of you. *Yawn*

  13. My deepest sympathy go out to the Zimmer family and friends…
    as for FlorioObjection….
    I only hope and pray that people are more considerate when of loved one of yours passes…

  14. @FlorioObjection
    You do realize nothing you may ever post again will be tolerated. No matter how much smack we heap on each other there are lines that should not be crossed. For the majority of us that line cannot be crossed. We know who you are.

  15. @FlorioObjection
    You’re a jerk. Go screw yourself. Its too hard for you to come back on here and just say you’re sorry, and that you messed up. You think you need to keep ripping on everyone. As long as you think you’re cool. Every respnse you have the rest of the day will be negative towards anyone who calls you out for being the retard you are. Dick.
    As for Mike Zimmer. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  16. @DontbeEMO –
    Yeah, she is that very lady.
    R.I.P Vikki, sincerest condolences to the Zimmer family. I’m sure he’ll be on the sidelines Sunday, which is just one of the millions of ways Zim is a better man than I.

  17. @ FlorioObjection:
    You might as well go ahead and change your screenname, douchebag, because the stench of your comments on this article will linger like a bad fart.

  18. Vikki Zimmer was the most generous person on the planet and had the voice of an angel. Who knew such a huge heart could fit inside such a tiny little lady. This is so sad. she was like a mother to me

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