Giants rolling the Raiders early

In a development that will surprise no one, the New York Giants lead the Oakland Raiders by 21 points, early in the first quarter of Sunday’s game at the Meadowlands.

Ahmad Bradshaw already has rushed for 61 yards and two touchdowns, on only five carries.  Quarterback Eli Manning has completed seven of nine passes for 164 yards and a score, a 30-yarder to Mario Manningham.

The Raiders had two three-and-out drives in the first quarter.

14 responses to “Giants rolling the Raiders early

  1. of course they are.. raider fans need to storm the castle and the garbage this owner has put together, the antiquated play calling, and surrounding it with people who wouldnt even be starters on any other NFL team. Im hoping CBS switches to the Ravens/Cinci game

  2. i am speechless over how bad the raiders are, i mean, except for the words i just typed im speechless.
    wow, just wow…and those too.

  3. chiefs looking like they might roll the girls too. But of course no reports on that game yet from florio.

  4. Oh and we just got a crap call by the officials! The refs around the league suck! There is no defense for how bad the refs have been this season.

  5. Will Russell even get 1000 yds passing this year?
    My sons team could beat’em.
    Just get a first down baby!

  6. Refs cheated the G-Men out of a D TD allowing the Raiders to keep the ball and score shitty play calling

  7. In this day and age and since the dawn of free agency, it is nothing more than stunning that teams as bad as the Rams and Raiders can even exist.
    The only common denominator is coaching and the front offices – you can’t tell me that guys who have played football since the age of 8 are simply this bad…it just doesn’t make sense and these teams have some really good players.
    I am extremely embarrassed for the NFL but even more for the fans of these two franchises. If I was this inept at my job, I would have been fired long ago – and if it is proven that Cable did indeed fracture the jaw of Hanson, then he must be fired immediately.
    RaiderNation, please boycott now!!

  8. Speaking of the Cable vs Hanson episode, check this out:;_ylt=AsCoM8zPawzPlBFQEc8_u6hDubYF?slug=ms-hansonspeaks101009&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
    Geez, Jamarcus throws no picks, but coughs up three fumbles. He’s got total tunnel vision and needs to be benched ASAFP! Even though Gradkowski and Frye don’t represent much of an improvement, Russell just needs to sit awhile and reflect on, whatever.
    At least Al Davis knows now just how far away from a return to greatness his team really is. The Giants showed mercy by sitting Eli Manning before halftime. If Moss doesn’t fumble that punt and the G-Men don’t bench Manning, who knows what the final score would’ve been.
    Truly pathetic that this is the best the Raiders can do.

  9. They Raiders did look like a football team in their first 2 games BUT the team has quit playing because of JaMarcus. Three and out … three and out … three and out … why is this guy still playing?

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