Let the Jim Zorn termination watch begin

With the Redskins finally managing to blow a game against a team that previously had lost every game it had played, and with “consultant” Sherm Lewis in place to absorb some of coach Jim Zorn’s duties, it’s not too early to start wondering when Zorn will be fired.

Early rumblings are that owner Dan Snyder is livid in the wake of Sunday’s loss to the Panthers, which hardly qualifies as a surprise. 

And firing Zorn won’t be a surprise, either.  The only question is whether Snyder wants to give Zorn a chance to beat the 0-5 Chiefs next week — or whether Snyder realizes that firing Zorn might enhance the likelihood of doing so.

Either way, Zorn and I currently have an equal chance of being head coach of the Redskins in 2010.  What remains to be seen is whether one of us will have the job next week at this time.

39 responses to “Let the Jim Zorn termination watch begin

  1. What about the Dick Jauron termination watch? It was so ugly at Ralph Wilson Stadium they cancelled Ralph Wilsons’ ceremony to recieve his hall of fame ring at half time. Not to mention they have yet to post any of the post game press conferences from the game, and have literally shut down the message boards on Buffalobills.com.

  2. Florio, I think you could do a better job than Zorn next year. Your chances should be better than Zorn’s as a result.

  3. Any coach Snyder hires is immediately on termination watch. Zorn at least has one win this year. Meanwhile Morris in Tampa not only has zero wins, but has shown nothing to suggest he has any talent whatsoever to be a head coach in the NFL. He truly deserves to go.

  4. Fire Zorn now! You really don’t need a head coach to beat the Chiefs anyway (see Oakland\Dallas). Some people believe this is a SB team! Let the next coach take them to the promiseland.
    Might as well change the uni’s and name so you can start clean next year.

  5. The way Snyder & Cerrato run the team, think there is any chance, even if they get a top name, that they keep their hands off?
    He is like Crazy Raider Al, as long as he is in charge the coaching carousel will spin & spin.

  6. Perhaps the most interesting stat of the Redskins season:
    Every game that the Redskins have played was against a team with ZERO wins… and yet they’re still 2-3
    Week 1: NY Giants 0-0
    Week 2: St. Louis Rams 0-1
    Week 3: Detroit Lions 0-2 (including 19 lossing ina row)
    Week 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-3
    Week 5: Carolina Panthers 0-3
    and next week
    Week 6: Kansas City Chiefs 0-5
    I seriously doubt that playing 6 straight weeks of teams that didn’t win a game has never happened before in the NFL…. and of course if it did, I would hope for the team playing that schedule they would be better than 2-3… or 2-4 or 3-3 after next week.

  7. I have a novel idea….lets try something…….Lord Florio and Zorn switch places. Lord Florio couldn’t do any worse than Zorn as head coach of the ‘Skins, and at most around here would agree that Zorn would easily do 100X better than Lord Florio does here……

  8. What the hell is the difference if its this Monday or the next ? It’s not like Shanahan or whom ever they sucker into being the Coach is going to make them winners . They are a bad Team, its going to take more than a new HC to right this sinking ship.

  9. Ok but when will Cerrato be on termination watch? Until he is gone and a real GM with power comes in this team will continue to suck. I just cant understand why Snyder can not see that his methods do not work. The year he purchased the team the Skins won the division. They have been on a slide ever since.

  10. To save this year, I believe the Redskins need an offensive coordinator (West Coast offense)…not sure if Sherman Lewis is the answer though. It’s apparent that Jim Zorn’s play calling is not working very well…4-10 in the last 14 games…WOW!

  11. Zorn’s game management is certainly bad, but Cerrato has to go. The offensive line cost them the game today, and Zorn has to work with the players Cerrato gave him. If Zorn goes and Cerrato stays this cycle will just repeat itself again with a different coach and a different QB playing the roles of sacrificial lamb.

  12. Twiz says:
    October 11, 2009 6:53 PM
    I have a novel idea….lets try something…….Lord Florio and Zorn switch places. Lord Florio couldn’t do any worse than Zorn as head coach of the ‘Skins, and at most around here would agree that Zorn would easily do 100X better than Lord Florio does here……
    Well let’s see Florio’s site is successful enough that people (like you) come here to check it out.
    How many people are dying to check out the skins.
    PFT is successful enough that NBC wanted in.
    I doubt NBC wants to add some Redskin games to their Sunday Night package.

  13. Snyder is like doing a split and your scrotem landing on your keys. I am so beat by the skins. Not only have they sucked for a long time, they have wasted talent and oppurtunity. Samuels will soon be gone and Jansen already is. Clinton Portis was the wrong move. They have tied up money in 2 other runners that at best would be 2nd or 3rd on any other depth chart too. This team is a joke that has been told too many times. I don’t laugh at their ineptitude. I cry. I look at my Art Monk autographed football and remember the good ol’ days. Why is Snyder such a dumbass?

  14. THIS JUST IN…The Raiders have sent QB Jamarcus Russell to the Redskins for a 2010 4th round draft pick and a bag of peanuts…See. It could be worse.

  15. If Snyder wants the Skins to be competitive again, fire Vinny Cerrato and hire a real proven GM. Until this happens, no matter who is hired as head coach will fail, even Shanahan.

  16. Should have fired him when he lost to the Lions because it was coaching that lost them the game. And I am a Lions fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. How long does John Fox have in Carolina if he contines to stick with Delhomme?
    Coming off a bye week at home and the Pussycats barely won.

  18. I don’t see how firing Zorn is going to fix the Redskins offensive line. This is a problem that is not going to fix itself this season … nor the next.
    They need some good drafts to build up both the offensive & defensive lines.
    However, I do see how replacing Cerrato w/ a real GM would improve their chances of having some good drafts.

  19. I hate to say this, but it’s time to clean house completely. Keep our defensive core, but get Zorn and all his horseman out of there, let’s move toward getting younger at RB and OL, and either draft a stud QB (easier said than done) or aquire a decent option for what the Skins have become…a rebuilding team. Fooling ourselves into anything else is a disservice to the loyal fans out there who see through BS! And yes, this means Vinny, too! Hell, if we could fire Snyder, I’d do that in a heartbeat, as well. In the meantime, let’s hope he hires a no nonsense guy like Cowher that will tell him where keep his nose, and it won’t be in Cowher’s day to day operations.

  20. The combined record of the Skinz last 4 opponents………2-17
    The 2 wins were against Washington.
    My pre season prediction for the Skinz was 8-8.
    I’m more inclined to believe 4-12 now but don’t ask me where the 2 more wins will come from!

  21. i can’t see cowher coaching for snyder …. he won’t be snyders puppet
    cowher is waiting until fox gets his walking papers in carolina, cowher has a summer house over here on bald head island n.c (exclusive, big bucks, a lot on bald head goes for over a mill) i have seen cowher on the b.head ferry several times, so the panthers are a great fit for him
    maybe snyder could get his buddy tom cruise to coach for him, i know he is an actor but so is zorn
    i really don’t want to see zorn or wade in dallas to go ….. give them a fair shot ….. 5 or 6 more years to try and get to the promise land
    GO GIANTS!!!!!

  22. Paging Mike Shanahan, Paging Mike Holmgren, Paging Jon Gruden, Paging Bill Cowher.
    Zorn will be gone real soon.

  23. The only good thing is no proven coach will work with that hack Vinny “Smithers” Cerrato… if Snyder wants to bring in a big name he’ll have to let his beloved Vinny go. He made it through one year without him when he hired Schottenheimer, I know he can do it.

  24. How did Zorn go from a helming a team some, ahem, folks thought coulda been a contendah to heading out the door so quickly?
    C’mon, this jackass hoisting the Lombardi trophy? I’m betting he has to consult the mirror to ensure he puts his Motorola set on correctly before taking the field.
    Whatever happens, none of it will matter as long as Snyder and/or Cerrato are sitting in the front seats. Hire all the extra sets of eyes you want, consult w/ any Nascar loving ex-coaches, it still adds up to continued funk in Redskinland.
    Brand New Ravens fan in MD

  25. I believe most Redskin Fans would love to see Vinny gone, but the owner loves this guy too much! We really need a GM…maybe bring in Mike Holgremn as a GM, keep Sherman Lewis as Offensive Coordinator/play caller to serve as an “extra set of eyes” for JZ…

  26. There’s no hope for the franchise until Snyder is ready to admit he has no clue what he’s doing and is willing to hire people who do.

  27. Not only does Snyder have to hire people with a clue, he has to get the hell out of their way. And I’m skeptical that he’s capable of doing both.

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