Philip Daniels fears he has torn biceps

An ugly day for the Washington Redskins just got worse.

Mike Florio reports that Redskins defensive end Philip Daniels fears he has a torn biceps.  Daniels will undergo an MRI Monday morning.

The 14-year veteran has started all five games for the Redskins this season, recording 14 tackles.

If Daniels’ fears are realized, supplemental draft pick Jeremy Jarmon would likely pick up more playing time.  The team would potentially also re-sign Renaldo Wynn, who was released Saturday.

5 responses to “Philip Daniels fears he has torn biceps

  1. Philip Daniels hasn’t been relevant in 10 years. It would be more interesting to hear about some practice-squad player’s battle with constipation.

  2. Jesus …. i hate my team.
    Jimmy Johnson on the skins:
    “My assignment this week is to fix the Redskins,” he began. “Well, I tried, back in 2003….
    “And nobody in Washington listened,” the present-day Johnson continued. “What could have been fixed six years ago now needs to be completely rebuilt. So here we go.
    “When analyzing a team, you have to look at the positive and negative. Head Coach Jim Zorn, he’s not good enough to do the work that lies ahead. That’s a negative. The scouting department, they’re trucking around the country doing their job, but no one in the D.C. office is trusting their work. That’s a negative. Salary cap situation. Well, that’s a negative.
    “The team is bloated with high-priced vets. So, how ’bout the team’s veterans? While experienced players are often valuable, if they have too many miles on their cleats, then it’s a negative. Clinton Portis is towards the end of his career, and DeAngelo Hall’s contract was a big mistake. Albert Haynesworth is a phenomenal player, but he came to Washington as slightly damaged, but very expensive goods.
    “On the other side, how about young, up and coming players? Hmmmm. Can’t think of any. Say it with me now: That’s a negative. Then there’s the quarterback. Jason Campbell is not championship material. Hey, check this out: Neg-a-tivo. Since the roster isn’t where it should be, the Redskins need extra draft picks to rebuild. However, they don’t have any right now. That’s a negative.
    “To get any marks in the positive column there has to be a drastic philosophy change. I would put every coach and player on notice. In the next three months, EVERYONE is fighting for their jobs. Realize that a great 53-man roster is what wins championship, not five or six high-priced stars. Dan Snyder builds his team like it’s fantasy football, and that’s a big negative. The Redskins need a GM who can prevent Snyder from making decisions, while letting Snyder think he’s involved. Who can work that magic? I don’t know. Hey Washington, you didn’t want to listen to me six years ago. Can you hear me now?”
    Cue the Titanic ship sinking music and let it roll on repeat for years to come. UGH

  3. Jimmie Johnson may be right but I still don’t want him talking about my team. Go back to fishing and spending Jerry Jones money jackass.

  4. losing Daniels could be a blessing in disguise, Daniels shouldnt start at end anyway, Orakpo or Jeremy Jarmon (another young rookie defensive end) should start over Daniels.

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