Rotoworld fantasy rankings, better late than never

Rosenthal sends me the Rotoworld fantasy rankings every Thursday.

Usually, I post them before Sunday.

This week, I failed.

But since the games don’t start for nearly three hours, there’s still time to rely on the Rotoworld viewpoints when finalizing the roster for your fantasy team.

Here they are.

2 responses to “Rotoworld fantasy rankings, better late than never

  1. “While these two struggle, DeSean Jackson is making the gains we hope for in a second-year wideout. He’s going to make too many big plays not to finish in the top-15 receivers.”
    Don’t be too sure about that. Donovan McCheckdown is on the way back. The Eagirls WRs can’t be too happy about that.

  2. I just saw Rosenthal’s picture on Rotoworld and it is absolutely hilarious. I thought I was looking at Fred Savage from the wonder years for a second there. I now see why they call you Mr. Florio hahahha.

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