20 years since Cowboys got a bargain, one year since they got fleeced

Twenty years ago today, one of the biggest trades in NFL history went down.

The Minnesota Vikings, an underachieving team that was believed to be only a solid tailback away from contending for a Super Bowl appearance, sent a truckload of players and picks to the Cowboys for Herschel Walker.

As Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News explains, folks in Dallas initially didn’t like the trade.  But coach Jimmy Johnson cared less about the collection of second-tier players and more about the draft picks.

“We just traded
Herschel for two ones, three twos and two threes,” Johnson said, per Cowlishaw.  “You
figure out if that’s a good trade

And though the deal helped deliver for the Cowboys three Super Bowl trophies as the Vikings still are waiting (33 years and counting) for a chance to improve their record in title games to 1-4, Cowlishaw points out that the Cowboys didn’t celebrate the anniversary of the trade.

That might be due to the fact, as Cowlishaw reasons, that October 14 is the one-year anniversary of the fleecing of the Cowboys by the lowly Lions.

Last year, Dallas sent a first-round pick, a third-round pick, and a sixth-round pick to Detroit for receiver Roy Williams and a seventh-round pick.

In ten games last year, Williams caught 19 passes for 198 yards and one touchdown.  In four more games this year, Williams has 11 reception for 214 yards and a score.

In 14 total games, that’s a total of 30 catches for 412 yards and two touchdowns.

So, yeah, 19 years after the ‘Boys did the hosing, the Cowboys got hosed.  But we’ve got a feeling that the Lions won’t have three Lombardi Trophies to show for it in 20 years.

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  1. You already posted this article – oh wait, the other one was about the poor leadership of the Washington Redskins….

  2. @ Pestilence
    Technically they won an NFL Championship in 1969, pre-merger. But then they lost the Super Bowl to the Chiefs. So its kind of a gray area. They were technically league champions, but not world champions.

  3. Bears lost a 1st and a 3rd for a solid starter at QB.
    Quoting Collinsworth (pains me to do so)
    “Denver is a good team, if they still had Cutler they are a SB contender.”
    Will the Lions have a player on the roster to show for it in a few years is the big question.
    Steven Jackson would be a great beneficiary to a similar deal today. He is fun to watch, but the poor guy has no help at all on the Rams. He seems to keep a good attitude about it somehow.

  4. Yo Pest, the line read: the Vikings still are waiting for a chance TO IMPROVE THEIR RECORD IN TITLE GAMES TO 1-4. Meaning that yes they are 0-4 currently but with a win WOULD IMPROVE to 1-4. Florio is wrong an astonishing amount of times (and that is not including his injection of bias in almost every article, just factual errors) but in this case you are the one who is wrong.

  5. trades are always a crap shoot. your never going to come out on top all the time. Heres a better way to compare the two….that good trade 20 years ago, had much more effect than this last lousy one will.
    Williams is a bust no doubt about it. But its not like its going to set the Cowboys back for years and years.

  6. Actually, not to defend Florio, but he wrote “for a chance to improve their record in title games TO 1-4.” Meaning, the Vikes are 0-4 and hoping to get TO 1-4. Had to read it a couple of times to get it.

  7. Thank you for the heartwarming story Florio. What a wonderful day in history that was. I mean, the Cowboys can go to hell for sure, but thinking of how horribly that trade screwed the Vikings, and how that single mind-boggling move made even the Hadl trade look smart by comparison, really brightens my day.
    Pestilence1972 says:
    Vikes are 0-4 in championship games. Pains me to correct you.
    He said they’ve been TRYING to improve to 1-4, dipshit.. Even the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan’s personal toilet scrubber knows the Vikings have yet to win a damn thing in their pathetic history, you think Florio doesn’t??
    You’re supposed to READ, then post.. Why is that so hard for most people here to figure out??
    Thank you again for posting this Florio. It’s a great thing to look back on and remember.

  8. Pestilence needs to learn to read.
    “the Vikings still are waiting (33 years and counting) for a chance to improve their record in title games to 1-4,”
    You are aware of what “to” means, right? (Unless it was edited before you posted, in which case, my apologies).
    As for the fleecing….I don’t think Brandon Pettigrew is going to lead Detroit to 3 Super Bowls. Granted, Dallas probably would have gotten a more productive player with those picks than Williams, but it’s not like Detroit has great draft sense.

  9. I think the jury is still out on the trade value. I don’t think the Lions got anyone of note with those picks (and evilmajortom they only got 2 picks, not three, since they gave up a 7th rd pick that was was 6 spots below the Cowboys 6th rd pick — attention to detail is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?), did they? Unless the Lions got a WR who is better than Roy, it was a decent trade.
    I think you have to wait a full season before you decide if it was ‘worth it’ or not.

  10. REgardless of how you feel about Roy Williams, kinda stupid to compare the trade for RW to the trade for Herschel Walker. The Cowboys actually got three first round picks, three second round picks plus a third and a sixth, plus the players for Walker. The extra picks were conditional on some of the players making the Cowboys’ roster.
    But you know, all of that helped make the Cowboys the team of the 90’s but the real trigger, the final piece of the puzzle was the trade for Charles Haley.

  11. The Lions are not going anywhere. It’s too premature to make that assessment. Roy has been a dud, but one player will not hurt a team like T.O. Only time will tell if this trade really affected the cowboys in a bad way. So far, the best receiver has been Miles Austin.

  12. “Vikes are 0-4 in championship games. Pains me to correct you. ”
    He said waiting to improve their record TO 1-4. Not that it was 1-4.

  13. Interesting that you’d characterize the Walker trade as a “bargain” but the RW trade as one in which someone got “fleeced”, though. As if a million draft picks and players were on sale for cheap that day or something. No bias there.

  14. i feel like i’m in a bakery with the number machine ……
    i think he got it lol

  15. OK everyone, like SC21 said, the Vikings did win the last NFL championship in 1969. Whether the author meant it in that way or not.

  16. I think that the Lions drafted with the picks….
    1 TE Brandon Pettigrew
    3 WR/KR/PR Derrick Williams
    6 RB Aaron Brown
    We won’t know how this will work out for a few years. They got a lot more than just letting Roy Williams leave for Dallas as a free agent. Stafford and Pettigrew look like they will be a promising connection for many years.


  18. Packers suck….
    the Vikings are 5-0, they do not suck.
    Just in case you were wondering. Hope that clears everything up.

  19. evilmajortom,
    To answer your question on who the Lions picked with those extra picks, here they are…..
    1st rd (20) Brandon Pettigrew TE
    3rd rd (82) Derrick Williams WR
    6th rd Aaron Brown RB
    All these picks were pretty good picks. Pettigrew is going to be a stud. Williams has a chance to become a #2 one day or a solid #3 and Brown contributes.
    sidenote: DeAndre Levy LB was a steal in the 3rd as well…..:)

  20. Results of the Cowboys/Lions trade…
    Lions receive:
    Rd 1: Brandon Pettigrew/TE/OSU
    13 rec/158 yds/0 TD’s
    Rd3: Derrick Williams/WR/PSU
    2 rec/37 yds/0 TD’s
    Rd6: Aaaron Brown/RB/TCU
    11 car/28 yds/o TD’s
    Cowboys receive:
    Roy Williams/WR
    11 rec/214 yds/1 TD
    Lions’ Rd 7 pick in the 2010 NFL draft.
    Time will tell how it all works out but the Lions, at the moment, seem to have received the better end of the bargain.

  21. CanadianVikingFan says:
    Who cares?
    Obviously not you. Just from your username, one might think you have a reason to want to forget that trade though..

  22. Spencer = Kolb (future franchise QB) , Celek (starting TE) some guy named Gaddis.
    There is a pattern

  23. Beer Cheese Soup says, “You’re supposed to READ, then post.. Why is that so hard for most people here to figure out??”
    Welcome to Profootballtalk. You must be new here.

  24. You have got to feel for those Viking fans.
    Stating the obvious, 33 years is a long time. But the Viking fans can seek solace in the fact that they played in two NFC championship games in the 1990’s, losing both but that second loss (41-0) to the Giants was close (in the first quarter.)

  25. @BeerCheeseSoup- Hope Florio’s story brightened your evening,if but a moment. Now let me help you wake up to this new day to the fact that your team blows at 2-2,has no line or GM that cares. Keep drafting losers while the Vikes and Wilf spend it like we got it on FA’s. At the rate you guys are going Rodgers (a decent,not great qb) will be retired before a supporting cast is ever put in place. The Vikes and even the Bears will own you guys for years to come. Hope Favre shines like his silver hair in Lamblow and gives you guys a Moss moon to kiss. Ah,5-0 and lookin’ good. Great day in Minnesota.
    Hope I helped bring you back to reality and cloud your day!

  26. That trade would be disallowed in most fantasy leagues today. Never has one team gotten so completely f’d by another. Even the day it happened people were totally amazed. Apparently that’s what it takes to get a winner in Dallas.

  27. Jimmy:
    13 years is a long time too.
    Lost Super Bowl to Denver
    Lost on a 4th and 26!!
    Lost to Giants Champ. game
    Lost to VIKINGS a WILD CARD team.
    1 in the last 42 years. Otherwise you living on a reputation of ancient history.
    Nope, we don’t have one, but once we get it, you aren’t ever going to hear the end of it.

  28. Why did I have to be born a Viking Fan? The blood flows freely as these disgusting memory-wounds are ripped open! On another note, I wonder which is the more despised franchise to those of us in Purple: The Packers? The Bears? I would say the Cowboys! I get nauseous just typing their name. I spit each and every time I drive by one of their carnival-like stadiums in “Big D”. Dallas SUCKS – in every conceivable way!
    Drew Pearson? Eat me!

  29. Wait a few years until all the picks that Denver got for Cutler start to work into their system. They’re going to be tough.
    Trading players is a coin flip:
    Brandon Marshall – pain in the ass, but a great talent. McDaniels keeps him around and now the two of them have man crushes on each other.
    Braylon Edwards – pain in the ass, but a great talent. Mangini gives him away for a 3, 5 and couple of support players. This is why the Browns are the joke of the NFL right now.
    I wonder which team will get Brady Quinn for a conditional 7th rounder so the Browns can secure futility for another decade or so…

  30. You can question the Vikings front office for overestimating the need for a stud RB, and whether Herschel was worthy of that much, but what ultimately made this the worst trade in the history of the NFL was the incomprehensible refusal of the Vikings to design an offense around Walker once he got there. Jerry Burns always looked like he was spiteful of the fact that he had to use the guy.

  31. @VoxVeritas says: October 12, 2009 11:26 PM
    “..the Cowboys the team of the 90’s”
    Seems they’re stuck there.

  32. Vikings got Fleeced, Raped, Screwed and any other word you want to use.
    On the Roy Williams deal, Cowboys just made a bad deal. The compensation wouldn’t be bad for a top 5 receiver.

  33. “Apparently that’s what it takes to get a winner in Dallas. ”
    What’s it gonna take to get one in Philly?

  34. @ arvid- I am total agreeance on your hate for the Cowgirls. When the Vikes play them I want to run them over every bit as much as the Pack or Bears. Growing up hearing “America’s team” and seeing their cheerleader posters as common as freakin’ calendars. Jerry Jones,the “Mouth of the South” makes me puke with his over budget stadium with a clown size tv. He’s the self proclaimed voice of revenue sharing. Next time Vikes play them would like to see Jones and Wilf fight in the cage for the halftime show with the Zig choking his ass out.

  35. Chickenfoot…you can add all of the significant Packer post-season losses together and the hurt from them would never compare to the satisfaction I got when the Vikings lost in overtime to the Falcons in 1998 (their last true shot they had of making it into the SuperBowl.) The Vikings had their rooms booked for their families and Disneyland vacations planned, that’s how certain they were of victory. When the Vikings played at Lambeau the following season, someone passed out about 100 4’X4′ photos of Chris Carter weeping. Man, that was sweet. Oh wait, the Vikings also got blanked 41-0 by the Giants in a title game. I forget now…what were you bragging about?

  36. Hey and don’t forget that the Cowboys got Walker back for free in 1996 and in two seasons he racked up almost 2300 all-purpose yards!

  37. As a Redskins fan, the trade for Walker was the best trade for one team in football history. It changed the NFC. The Skins were the power, followed closely by the Giants. Then bam, the Cowboys take control, followed closely by the Giants again, while the Skins have never been the same. One trade changed a franchise back to the top. As for the Vikings fans who pick on Packer fans and such, the Vikings are good this year, and have a real shot, but to this date have never played in a Super Bowl, let alone won. Remember that when you insult other teams. And Cowboy fans, the one thing Skins fan truly have in common with you is ownerships who piss away draft picks for nothing. I feel your pain. Jason Campbell for 2 first round picks, Roy Williams for a first and a third. Pathetic. Truly pathetic…

  38. I think Florio found a way to give the Vikings haters a “fresh” thread to vent their anger into, since nothing bad has happened to the team in months. Simply bring up something bad that happened, oh, say 20 years ago. Yeah that will get them frothing.

  39. Remarkable Mike Lynn was quoted in the Strib recently still trying to justify that stupid-ass Walker trade. What the article did point out, as quoted by Jimmy Johnson, was that those picks allowed him to make an additional 20 or so moves to build the team. The Detroit/Dallas deal is quite a bit different since the picks and players were so much fewer, and Detroit didn’t use the additional picks to wheel and deal more. Having said that, Williams doesn’t appear to be a #1 receiver and Pettigrew looks pretty good. The only real conclusion that can be drawn is that Jimmy Johnson is quite a bit better on personnel matters than Jerry Jones (big suprise).
    Good to see the Pack fans have reverted back to the “we won a superbowl before cell phones were invented” argument now that their team is heading toward another average year with all that supposed great young talent.

  40. What pisses me off even more is when they interviewed that fraud Mike Lynn for the 20 year follow up story he said he’d do the Walker trade all over again. Come again? Thank you for ruining my (football) life. God I hate that man.

  41. I wasn’t bragging about anything you freaking asshat!
    Obviously you have a severe reading comprehension problem.
    Have you figured out yet that the soft zone play of the Vikings defense started with 7:25 to go in the 4th quarter yet? Didn’t think so.
    Now you want to move on to this?
    My point, idiot, was, for the sake of arguement, had the Pack not won in 96, we’d STILL be hearing about 66-67. Super bowls that I’m sure 95% of you jagoffs weren’t even alive for.
    My 2nd point was, in the 12 years after that 96 bowl, you have had your share of embarrassing losses in the playoffs.
    You wonder why a lot of Vikings fans aren’t “have a beer and talk smack type of people”?
    It’s because of morons like you, that bring out ancient history when their teams are sucking.
    Case in point, Packers suck, you have no argument, so lets trot out the Packer championships dating back to the 20’s.
    You can’t have a intelligent conversation with about 80% of you Packer fans. You can say anything you want to Vikes fans, and if we are docile about it, we are good fans, but if we want to say anything degratory about the Pack, then “Vikings fans are the worst in the world”.
    Face it Ambrose, I’m sure in your lifetime, you have run into people like me, time and again.
    I bet you keep asking yourself why you are in the situation all the time, “with loud mouth Vikes fans.”
    See, the problem is you, your an idiot, you get called on it, and then act like your feelings are hurt saying ” what did I do?”
    One of the best things I have ever seen is the ” Moon over lambeau” shot.
    Nope, we haven’t won a super bowl yet. I’m willing to bet we are a lot closer to one than the Packers are though.
    I hope the Pack gets to like 9-7, that will keep Teabag and Mumbles around awhile. They aren’t going anywhere with those 2 clowns.
    P.S. If you need any help deciphering any of this post, let me know, I’ll put my e-mail up and I’ll walk you through it.
    What are you coming back with now? Yo Momma jokes? Something about my sister?
    I’m sure it will be anything to deflect attention away from the Packers sucking ass this year, right?

  42. Chickenfoot says “Nope, we haven’t won a super bowl yet”
    No, but you lost four tying you with Buffalo for the most inept franchise in the NFL. The tie breaker is the two NFC losses in the 1990’s, I think the home loss to the Falcons was among the worst because the Vikings were favored by more than 7 points. Didn’t matter, they choked anyway.
    That’s alright, go study Brent’s last 7 playoff games to get a sense of what might happen this year. No one knows for sure but his own personal history of choking is only exceeded by the Vikings.

  43. Chickenfoot says:
    It’s because of morons like you, that bring out ancient history when their teams are sucking.
    One of the best things I have ever seen is the ” Moon over lambeau” shot.
    I hope the Pack gets to like 9-7, that will keep Teabag and Mumbles around awhile. They aren’t going anywhere with those 2 clowns.
    There’s a reason we bring up our history: WE HAVE ONE. You call us out for bringing up the fact that we (and everyone else) have historically owned you guys, yet you shoot your own argument in the foot by saying if you finally get a championship we’ll never hear the end of it. What, only you guys are allowed to do that?
    I don’t know why you liked the Moss moon, that was the final incident that led to you guys trading him, which also eventually led to getting Chilly as your coach, and well you’re right that TT/MM will never get us anywhere, I believe the NFC Championship game is still significantly further than one and done!
    You can talk about this year, so far. That’s all you have. We have a long and proud history, you don’t. So don’t blame us for talking about it when you know you would if you could.

  44. “Losers live in the past.Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.” -Denis Waitley
    A perfect description of Packer fans and then Viking fans. Bart Starr who??
    @dcfan- Vikings never played in a SuperBowl??? Please don’t drive if you are going to drink in the morning historical genius.

  45. You already posted this article – oh wait, the other one was about the poor leadership of the Washington Redskins…. mrf47
    mrf, if Dan Snyder pulled off a trade like the one for Herschel Walker — wait, no, he’d never have time to make that trade. He’s too busy looking for $100 million free agents.

  46. Perhaps Chickenfoot should apply for the GM and Head Coaching positions in Green Bay if Chickenfoot feels qualified enough to state (though anonymously of course) That Green Bay isnt going anywhere with what was it…”TeaBag” and “Mumbles” around.

  47. Well said Beer Cheese on the NFC title game burn. If it wasnt for the Vikes current QB………………………………………………………………………………….

  48. I find it funny how the same packer fans post the same exact thing on every vikings related article. Seriously a broken record. Get a life and follow your own team.

  49. 1st idiots 1st:
    JimmySmith and Beer:
    I don’t have a problem with your teams’ history, or my own team for that matter.
    I DO have a problem in that the only time you want to talk about past SuperBowls or whatnot, is when your beloved packers are sucking ass.
    I said, you will never hear the end of it, because us as Vikings fans have to listen to you clowns, going 6-10 last year asking “how many Super Bowls have you won?”
    It’s pathetic and tired, Great, you guys had a dynasty 40 some years ago….now what?!
    Minnesota has had some great teams, they just didn’t get it done. Am I supposed to not be a fan because of it?
    I just get tired of the trotting out of dusty trophies when discussing present day teams.
    Jimmy: remember all you packer fans are so fond of saying it’s a team game, so don’t go blaming Favre for all thos losses…wait you are an asinine hypocrite…carry on.
    Super: You most of all have pissed me off lately, you are a condescending asshole, that thinks he knows way more about sports than he really does.
    Perhaps you shouldn’t say one thing offline and thaen type something different online?
    On thier way to another average season
    Someone said to me the other day, playoffs or blow it up, now is going to castigate me for stating they aren’t going anywhere, for stating my opinion?
    Give me a F’n break!
    Are you trying to bait me? It finally worked jagoff!

  50. No way I could have pissed you off with some of the crap people sling around here. I did say playoffs or blow it up. I didnt state they werent going to make the playoffs.
    “They aren’t going anywhere with those 2 clowns.”
    A statement made as a opinion would have had “I don’t think” prefacing the sentence. But anyway…Ill stay off the treads you are on.

  51. PervyHarvin says:
    “Losers live in the past.Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.”
    I’m not the Packers GM (though even *I* could probably do at least slightly better than TT), and so I fail to see what “working toward the future” you’re referring to.
    It’s obvious this isn’t our year, I’ll say it. We just like to take a lot of pride in being fans of the most accomplished team in the NFL, so we tend to talk about it a lot. As stated by myself and several other people on this site, you would be doing the exact same thing… If you could.

  52. And chicken Im trying to figure out what was condescending. You are calling people awful names and idiots and jagoffs, asshats. Im not being condecending.

  53. Chicken, no one said you shouldn’t be a fan. You seem like one of the few loyal Viking fans that follow them year-round instead of disappearing midway through a mediocre season and not showing to a home playoff game. I respect that. It’s the other, ignorant, bandwagon, talk-shit-when-they-win-and-disappear-when-they-don’t Viking fans I can’t stand (you know the type).
    I agree, Minnesota has had some great teams. In fact, they seem to have one right now. however, you’re right that they couldn’t get it done.
    Every fan of every team has to suffer through hearing his team’s shortcomings. I have to hear about Favre and TT constantly, it sucks but I deal, Cowboy fans have to hear about spending more time and effort on reality shows than winning, Raider and Lion fans have to hear, well, you get the idea. It’s just how being a football fan is.
    Of course we all know the Vikings and Bills are 0-4 when it counts. OF COURSE fans of their respective hated rivals are going to bring that up, regardless of how their own teams are doing at the moment. The difference is that most Bills fans can laugh it off, whereas you all seem to get your purple panties tied in a knot and come with a grade school persecution complex. “Everyone’s picking on me!!”
    Guess what. Everyone is picking on everyone. You’re not special. You (and the Raiders) are just the ones who for some reason haven’t learned to take it like men yet.

  54. Beer:
    Then do it when it’s not a losing season, or a so so season.
    You can’t because that’s your “out” card, isn’t it.
    Yeah we may suck now, but look at our trophy case, we were great in the 30’s -60’s!!
    It’s old and tired. But, I guess fans like you need a fall back to feel superior.

  55. @ BeerCheeseSoup- BUZZZZ! You lose! How can you talk for me? If the Vikes won all their bowls and the SB trophy was named after Mike Tice I wouldn’t even mention it. Old news. Be like me bragging now to my buds about all the hot babes I scored when young(which I did ..ah the memories) but can’t get one fat girl at Walmart to look at me know cuz I’m married,workin’ on a beer gut and have strange hairs growing out of my ears,nose and back! Nobody cares!!!

  56. Chickenfoot says:
    Then do it when it’s not a losing season, or a so so season.
    I do actually. I was more than happy to call out every Viking fan like I always do during our playoff run in ’07. “Here comes lucky 13, bitches!” and the like.
    You’re still right though, it is all-too-often used as a fallback, and I’m as guilty as anyone and damn proud of it.
    You only wish you had anything like that to fall back on, and that jealousy is what this tirade is really about. Also probably the reason most of you all magically disappear midway through losing seasons. If you aren’t winning NOW, you have nothing.

  57. PervyHarvin says:
    BeerCheeseSoup- BUZZZZ! You lose! How can you talk for me? If the Vikes won all their bowls and the SB trophy was named after Mike Tice I wouldn’t even mention it. Old news.
    Mike Tice Trophy, that’s hilarious. I love it. I can’t directly speak for you no, but I can look around the league and make an educated guess.
    Do Bear fans talk about their 9 championships, second-most in history? Of course they do. When you talk about the 49ers sucking it up, don’t they say you need one for the thumb before they can talk to you? Yup.. Do Steeler fans talk about their six and a half rings, including the ones they got back in the 70’s? Does that flaming imbecile Vox bring up “old news” when you remind him the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since ’96?
    Now tell me why, exactly, all of you Viking fans would be any different at all if they had won their four Bowls? I can’t speak for you, but I can say it’s highly unlikely that you would be.

  58. Beer:
    I go commando. No panties in a bunch over here.
    I think Pervy said it best. So I will drop it.
    I gotcha! Really wish you would have cam back strong though.
    Beer, my prior post came off as “smarmy”, don’t take it that way,I’m smack talking.
    I save my vitrol for the Jimmy’s and Bob’s and Adam’s on this site.

  59. The Packers have won one super bowl ever. This is over the last 42 seasons. This is less than the average team has won in that span of time. All your bragging is about things that happened before the NFL merger. Back when there were a dozen teams and half of them weren’t even competitive. Duluth had a team. Dayton, Frankford, and others. It was a semi professional league as players didn’t make enough to live off. It was soooo much easier to win it then than now.
    I understand the Vikings have yet to win a super bowl. This is weak sauce. But hearing you Packers fans brag constantly about how accomplished your franchise is is downright pathetic. Your team has won only one super bowl. This is less than average. Some teams have won like half a dozen.
    My god I can’t imagine what you tools would be like if you actually won like 4 or 5 super bowls like the real accomplished franchises. We’d never hear the end of it. You brag more than Patriots fans and they have something real to brag about.

  60. sand0 says:
    The Packers have won one super bowl ever. This is over the last 42 seasons. This is less than the average team has won in that span of time. All your bragging is about things that happened before the NFL merger.
    That is the stupidest thing I’ve read in a while, and on this site, that says a LOT.
    Just because you refuse to accept that pro football existed LONG before 1970, doesn’t make it any less true.
    Even then, was Super Bowl FIVE actually the first one? I can understand you might have a reason for wanting to forget nos. 1, 2, and especially 4, but they happened, and we won two of them.
    We can ignore the rest of our twelve championships for your purposes, but there are three Super Bowl trophies at Lambeau, regardless of what you tell yourself.
    Also, one ring in 42 years may be “less than average”, and I’ll even go so far as to say pathetic, but it’s still more than none, as I seem to have to remind you. Carry on with your delusions if you must though. Don’t let my simple statement of facts hold you back.

  61. Beer Cheese,
    Well, here is the link I was going by.
    They only call one of them a Super Bowl for some reason. But yes, I can give your pathetic state and fans credit for 3. Hell, I’ll give you all 12. It was before my time so I could really care less to be honest.
    Really my point comes down to this. Your beloved team has won one championship in 40 years. This is one more than the Vikings have managed in that time. It is less than average. I’ll concede that you have more to brag about but finishing in the bottom half is hardly worth bragging.
    Can you imagine what you guys would sound like if your team had dominated any modern era in your own lifetimes? Good grief. Think of how pathetic it is that you guys spout off more than 49ers, Steelers, Cowboys, and Patriots fans that have actually had modern dynasties in their own time. Note that I am assuming that you are not 60 years of age or more and old enough to remember the good times for your franchise.
    Yes, I am a Vikings fan. We haven’t won a championship. But we’re not the ones going into Packers articles using history as a crutch for our current weak team and management structure.
    Vikings have won more games in my lifetime than they have lost. Half of fans can’t say that. My team is good right now. I am happy to be a Vikings fan and always have been.
    God you guys are insecure right now. I wonder why.

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    The browser could not find the host server for the provided address.
    Wonder why that is??
    Back on topic. We don’t actually spout off any more than Cowboys or Steelers fans. We just spout off to YOU more. You’re in our division, they aren’t.
    I don’t think we’d be any louder than we currently are if we did win a couple more though. Maybe for the first year afterward, but every team’s fans do that.
    Point being: We are proud to be fans of what we consider the best and most successful franchise in the league. We support our team to the death, even when a complete jackoff like TT is currently running it. We’re (mostly) not homers, we’re just fiercely loyal.
    It’s understandable that it would be hard for a member of the fairweather, domed, bandwagoning purple pride nation to identify with a passionate fan like most of us are though. That’s probably why you hate us so much. I could imagine we drive you nuts acting like we do sometimes.

  63. Was it over when the the 1963 Packers lost to the college all star team?? Hell no!! Or when you chose Tony “steal of the draft” Mandarich?? Hell no!! Was it….oh,I’m sorry. Excuse my Charles “cheap shot” Martin antics. I get so worked up when dreaming of your storied franchise.

  64. That’s pretty dumb Pervy. No first rounder, let alone the 2nd overall, was ever a steal. The Incredible Bust was exactly that though. Every team has it’s share of busts. We have Mandarich, Reynolds and Harrell, you have Underwood and Williamson, and there are others.
    Besides, wasn’t “Steal of the Draft” applied to your own Onterrio Smith? (we won’t rehash THAT hilarious story).
    We are both fans of “storied” franchises. The Vikings’ stories just happen to be a hell of a lot funnier, that’s all.

  65. Not a Viking or Bills fan but I gotta say that at least they got there…says alot more about them being winners than it does for the clubs that stay at home more often than not. What does it say about a person who is tougher on number two than number 31?

  66. Oh.Pardon me Soup. Didn’t really mean “steal” as in a great late pick like the “whizzinator” Smith,just dishing the pick. But that is the NFL phrasology. +1 point for you Cheese. How are the Vikings stories funnier though? Marshall? Walker? Sure none of are teams would of ever lost to college boys.

  67. That is “none of our teams” I meant. Had to post that before the Packer grammar police struck ! Pardon me,Pervy been into Florio’s schnapps stash tonight.

  68. PervyHarvin says:
    How are the Vikings stories funnier though? Marshall? Walker? Sure none of are teams would of ever lost to college boys.
    That is “none of our teams” I meant. Had to post that before the Packer grammar police struck ! Pardon me,Pervy been into Florio’s schnapps stash tonight.
    How are the Vikings stories funnier? You serious? You guys are comedy gold! Every offseason in recent memory, I end up falling out of my chair laughing so hard from something a Viking player did, and/or the latest round of Viking fan Super Bowl predictions. It NEVER gets old.
    No one ever heard the term “whizzinator” until one of your own popularized it. We all hate meter maids, but it took a Viking to teach one a lesson. Then there’s the best one of all, the Love Boat, complete with McKinnie publicly performing on a stripper, none of us would ever do that (at least I hope not), then an NFL head coach gets caught scalping tickets, was he that broke? Then the classic “I better drive as fast as I can so I can be back to camp before anyone finds out how drunk I am..”, which brought even the long-standing Viking DUI tradition to a new level. I hear Griffin would have done him one better, but he fell asleep… McKinnie again, deciding despite being over 300lbs, he wasn’t big enough to win a barfight, so he hits a dude with a pole, then all of the Childress rants, especially the classic “190 pounds of steel” then this offseason, with the Williams’ choice of weight-loss program nearly earning them a suspension, and Favre going from washed up has-been to the second coming of Christ in less than two hours, complete with chauffeur. I still laugh my ass off remembering all this. You just can’t make this stuff up!
    That’s not all of course, just the recent ones, but I am getting tired of typing. Packers players do some pretty stupid things too of course (Barnett, Jolly), and every team has its bad eggs. However, no team in the league has ever provided the continuous stream of outrageous, comedic “You’re never going to believe this” moments that the Vikings bring us every year.
    You know what else is pretty funny? A grown man drinking schnapps. Come on, have some dignity (and some whiskey).

  69. Oh come on BeerCheese, those are great Viking stories!! Sorta makes us the bad boys of the NFC North huh? Never a dull moment in MN! Chilly humping Favre around in the SUV with helicopter overhead? Good made for tv stuff. And the schnapps was just a Florio take. I loves me beer and rum .
    You what else is funny? Being disgusted by some guys partying on a boat with hot strippers that want to get dirty! Wish I had a ticket to that cruise!! Come on, manup.

  70. It’s all about one-upmanship. Until the Vikings win a SB (just one,) the Packers will always have one-up. But when that day happens, holy Chickenshit, look out. That is why it is critically important that the Packers make a run…this year…and do whatever they can to contribute to preventing the Favre-led Vikings to anything significant. How bad are the Packers? Too soon to tell…just like it is too soon to tell if the Vikings are as good as some think they are. The Packers have two losses to two division leading teams that are a combined 9-1, either one of which could be undefeated or have one loss because of two freakish once-in-a-blue-moon plays. Cincinnati has beaten the Steelers and Baltimore (on the road), so you can bury that storyline. If it is too soon to crown the Vikings SB champs, then it is too soon to count the Packers out. They are not the first team to start out slow. And don’t come back with “are you serious you mind-numbing toothless fat-freak with cheese curds for brains,” or some other “original” witticism. You are growing tiresome to more persons than just me.

  71. Ambrose says: “Until the Vikings win a SB(just one)the Packers will always have one up.
    Very typical of the state of mind of a Packer fan right now. My brother(a Vike) lives in Madison,WI and says the talk has switched from the “current” Pack to the “when we were champs” talk.He says it is bordering on braindead to debate ball with them. I don’t blame you because that is human nature…to survive. If living in the past helps,by all means,knock yourselves out. Glad I can live for today with a team not stuck in a Thompson induced limbo.
    Please Pack fans,stay vocal and keep posting on PFT.It wouldn’t be the same without you punching bags. The Lions,Bucs,Rams,Titan and Raider fans still post after all,keep your heads up.

  72. Pervy, I was giving you guys something. I’m not living in the past. My point was you don’t need three SB trophies to bring real-world comparisons up-to-date between the two teams…only one! And the fact that the Packers have that one already is undeniable, but hardly a worldbeater. I made the point previously that the Packer’s wasted Favre. They should have had five SB trophies with him in sixteen years but they never brought in the other pieces, like the Vikings have done. The other two trophies are simply too old to be in the mix, especially when the first one was called World Championship (not SuperBowl) and the players were giving out free tickets to chicks in the bar. Time is of the essence for the Packers. I want a second modern-day trophy before the Vikings get their one. Then we can retain our one-upmanship a little bit longer. Hell, the sky will start falling and Chickenlittle will have a field day if the Vikings win the SB. I am nowhere close to giving up on the Packer’s ability to overtake the Vikings in the division. Then, anything can happen.

  73. Ambrose, right there in a nutshell is what is wrong with most packer fans.
    Your last post.
    You refuse to see that OLine, even with clifton and Tauscher, is not good.
    You refuse to believe that the “dom capers all world defense” is horrible.
    Your best defensive player looks lost in coverage.
    He should be playing line where he belongs.
    You refuse to believe that for all intents and purposes, the Viking packer game was over with 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.
    You cling to the mantra of “we” only lost by 7.
    Only a retard or a Packer fan would make that statement.
    You f pack fans are the same year in and year out. The pack could be sittin at 2-7 and you guys would say, well if we win 7 straight, we make the playoffs—–kinda like last year.
    It’s sickening to listen to, you think it’s your birthright to have a playoff football team every year…..it just doesn’t happen that way.
    I’m willing to make a small wager that you don’t even beat the Lions this week.
    How will you spin that?
    They played the Steelers and Bears tough?
    It certainly won’t be because the packers are horrible.
    Beer, this is the 3rd time I tried to post this,
    But there is nothing in Vikings history that is funnier than Davenport droppin a duece in a chick’s hamper. That is the topper. sure as poop sticks to a blanket. ( guess you can’t say the “s” word on here anymore)

  74. Chickenfoot got you there. I’m still cracking up thinking about fillin’ the hamper. How can that ever be beat? Really??

  75. Super: How was the concert?
    I got $10 on the Lions, Pack favored bu 13.5…….
    I don’t even need any points.
    Yep make fun of us for strippers and the like,
    But taking a dump on her laundry?!?!
    Maybe the smell of bounce triggers an insatiable need to go # 2
    Super, Speaking of turds………….

  76. Perhaps blind faith is a good thing. When the Packers went 13-3 two seasons ago I honestly thought they would suck, due to the fact they finished 8-8 on the heels of 4-12. But stuff happens. I prefer to retain the faith that it will again…even this year. But let’s forget the past….let’s look forward twenty years. Here are some visionary facts for you to ponder; not only will the Packers never have to deal with the possibility of a black-out, they will still be playing in Green Bay. Is that what eats at you? Can you make a similar prediction for the Vikings on either point? The fact is the Vikings “need” this season more than the Packers do, if they still want to be called the Minnesota Vikings. Until then, I know I”ll be able to keep my colors, no matter what happens.

  77. Pure specualation on your part. This notion of the vikings moving has been refuted many, many times on this site, by myself and others.
    WITH FACTS and web links.
    I’ll give you a bit of credit, instead of delving into your teams past, you are trying to jigowatt(thanks Super) your way into the future.
    All in a ploy to deflect the fact that the Packers suck this year.
    Little secret for you. IF they happen to move, a HUMONGOUS IF. I am not from Minnesota.
    I will follow the colors to wherever they go.
    Unlike you, I’m not bound to my state for my rooting parameters.
    I live in southwest Wisconsin, I have hated the Packers since I can remember. I am sure it has a lot to do with fans of the team.
    What’s eating at you is the fact that the Vikings are a good to great team this year, your foemer icon is playing QB for them, you can’t stand the fact that he is playing at a high level.
    You are scared to death that he is going to lead them to places heretofore unimaginable to Vikings and Packer fans.
    I think you personally will be very , very upset IF he were to lead them to victory in the Super Bowl.
    I won’t care one whit if he played for the packers and ” it took a Packer to show you how”.
    He is 1 of 53 and he improved our team.
    It’s sad sack Packer fans like you that are going to have their spichnters all bunched up. IF he does help us do it.

  78. Chickenfoot says:
    Beer, this is the 3rd time I tried to post this,
    But there is nothing in Vikings history that is funnier than Davenport droppin a duece in a chick’s hamper. That is the topper. sure as poop sticks to a blanket. ( guess you can’t say the “s” word on here anymore)
    A lot of the stories I’ve mentioned above are just as funny, but you’re right, that was hilarious, and I’ve said so before too. Wonder what the chick did with her clothes? Try to wash them again or throw them out? You’re right, it’s classic. I still get a good laugh out of it.
    Too bad he wasn’t a Packer when he did it. It’s the same reason I avoided any mention of Harvin in my rant: College stories don’t count when you’re knocking on a professional team.

  79. I was in grad school when Herschel was signed. Amazing. The Saviour! Look Out! His first game in Minny: 158 yards. Second game: 140ish, third, 120ish, and so on, on a constant decline, for every single game for the Vikings, until he was relegated to returning kicks. It still hurts to remember that. Mike Lynn is spinning in Purple Hell (next to Les Steckel) for eternity because of that. I wonder if he’s not very comfortably retired in a particularly ritzy area of Texas.
    But I digress.
    Ambrose, I wanted to tell you that I respect your attitude, even from the other side. I couldn’t reply fast enough last week. Anybody from Duluth can’t be all bad. It’s more interesting chatting with you than with most of the GB rabble. Thanks.
    And thanks, one of you, for mentioning the seemingly physiologic need held by many of the GB Cheezers to dredge up the past championships, blow off the dust, knock off the rust, polish heavily, and breathe deeply. And insult Minny fans for “never having won anything”.
    No matter if the Vikings win two straight Super Bowls, unbeaten, with or without Favre, they Cheezers won’t relent, saying, “Oh yeah, well, we have 12! Losers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Basically children.
    On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to ignore squalling children spouting gibberish. I haven’t replied to Jimmy or Bob or Dewey in over a week.
    At least Ambrose can make complete sentences, which is nice. And make a comeback statement without infantile sexual jabs or fart jokes.

  80. Purple:
    There is nothing wrong with a well constructed fart joke.
    Beer: I know he wasn’t with the Pack, but jesus. I don’t think the jockstrap bin would be safe in the locker room with this guy.
    I would say, depending if it was solid or liquid, if she kept them or not.
    What I wanna know is what he wiped his ass with? Her comforter?
    Yeah, the Vikes had a lot of knuckle heads, if Chili did 1 thing, he got rid of most of them.

  81. Please, guys.
    This is a Cowboys thread.
    Can’t we get back to what Cowboys threads are all about?
    Making fun of how stupid Vox Veritas is.

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