Calvin Johnson's knee injury is not "significant"

Lions coach Jim Schwartz comes from the Parcells/Belichick school of medical information dispensation, usually saying very little.

He will, however, throw the unwashed media masses a bone by classifying each injury as “significant” or “not significant.”

The knee injury suffered by star wideout Calvin Johnson against the Steelers Sunday is “not significant” according to Schwartz.  Nickel back Eric King isn’t so lucky, suffering from a serious shoulder injury.

Johnson’s status for this week’s game against Green Bay is up in the air, and we suspect we won’t know if he’ll play until Sunday morning.  But MLive’s Tom Kowalski reports that, at worst, Johnson should be “100 percent healthy” after Detroit’s Week Seven Bye.

4 responses to “Calvin Johnson's knee injury is not "significant"

  1. Bill Parcells plays games with injury report = Gamesmenship and cleverness
    Bill Belichick plays exact same games = CHEETERZ
    Suck a dick, haters!

  2. Bill Belichick is one of the all-time Horse’s Asses.
    Completely bummed that I didn’t get to see his “I’m a Fag, Super-Poor Sportsmanship, Limp-Wrist, Eye-Rolling, ‘How Dare You Have The Audacity to Beat Me’ Asswipe Handshake” yesterday after losing to an inferior team.
    Oh, and keep him away from your wives.

  3. Why do Belichick/Parcells groaners get into a bitch-slapping contest in a story about a Lions’ player? Blackie, Steve get a life…each!

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