Steelers-Lions one-liners

The Steelers, 28-20 winners over Detroit, got three sacks from 2008 Defensive Player of the Year James Harrison, whose season total is up to six quarterback takedowns.
Steelers WR Limas Sweed was active for Sunday’s win, but played sparingly and didn’t catch the one pass thrown his way.
Rookie Mike Wallace, who beat out Sweed for the third receiver job, dropped a would-be touchdown bomb from QB Ben Roethlisberger and had a delay-of-game penalty for kicking the ball.
Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians expressed regret for “getting greedy” and resorting to the pass despite having a lead in the second half of Sunday’s win.
Making his first start of the season, Lions QB Daunte Culpepper looked noticeably trim and rushed for 32 yards on a first-quarter scramble, but also took seven sacks.
Lions QB Matthew Stafford (knee), who was questionable on the Week 5 injury report, did not even work out in pre-game warmups to see if he could try to play.
With Lions WR Calvin Johnson (knee) leaving the game early, slot man Dennis Northcutt led the team in receiving yards and scored Detroit’s lone offensive touchdown.
The Lions benched yet another defensive back on Sunday, with Phillip Buchanon replacing Anthony Henry at left corner after Henry was beaten for big passing plays.

For more on the Steelers-Lions game, check out Mike Florio’s full Morning Aftermath.

16 responses to “Steelers-Lions one-liners

  1. The Squealers will be just fine as long as they can continue to play crummy teams like the Lions every week.
    Too bad for them they will be forced to play decent teams in the playoffs…

  2. lol!
    They struggled to hold off the Lions!
    Just wait until they have to play a REAL team…

  3. Not worried. It will come together. It almost always does. (prove me wrong rest of the AFC north)
    Two Superbowls (and an Stanley Cup) in 5 years is very relaxing.
    I love that even “Steeler-hater” just assumes we will be in the playoffs.

  4. copes cabana says:
    October 12, 2009 6:12 PM
    Not worried. It will come together. It almost always does. (prove me wrong rest of the AFC north)
    Two Superbowls (and an Stanley Cup) in 5 years is very relaxing.
    I love that even “Steeler-hater” just assumes we will be in the playoffs.
    Well, of course the Squealers “should” make the playoffs. That weak-ass schedule makes it almost a mortal lock your team will.
    Of course, if they fall flat on their faces despite playing such an easy schedule, all of us haters will love it.
    Besides, everyone knows that (if need be) the NFL and its refs will “help” Zittsburgh make the playoffs any way they can. A few blown calls here and there at the most critical times.
    We’ve seen it all before many times before:

  5. i’m president charlie! says:
    October 13, 2009 12:52 PM
    + 1 for copes cabana
    Only Squealer fans see it that way.
    BTW, I see DL Aaron Smith is now hurt.
    The injuries are starting to take their toll on the team’s only strong unit. First, Troy P., now Smith.
    Your team has a cream puff schedule. IF they make the playoffs it will be because of that. Also, let’s remember that your so-called “superior, dominate” team hasn’t “dominated” anyone this year. Just how confident can any realistic fan be when they stop & think about how their team has only beaten 1 decent team and has struggled in every other game they’ve played. The Squealers gave up 20 points to the friggin’ Lions for cryin’ out loud! They nearly lost to them in that game. The refs bailed the Squealers out several times in the Titans game. Had they not, Zittsburgh would have lost to a team that is so far winless themselves.
    2 of the team’s 3 wins came against poor teams. And the Squealers are not in first place right now.
    Too bad for you blind homers the Squealers (if they make the playoffs) won’t be able to barely beat weak teams and win another title. They won’t get to play the Lions again. The Chiefs and Browns also won’t be in the playoffs.
    IF Zittsburgh makes the playoffs, they will have to play some good teams for a change. Since they seem to struggle to win against even the poor teams, I figure the better teams in the NFL should take full advantage of the Squealers many weaknesses and knock them out quickly come this January… that is, if they even make the playoffs.

  6. @ steeler-hater
    You ought to STFU and get a life and go back to your home team’s message board. If guessing correctly, you’re probably a Bengirls fan and have been very disappointed with 1 winning season in 18. Or, might you be a Browns fanatic .. holy cow dung, you’re taste in teams really stinks if that’s the case.
    Get over your jealousy and envy for one of the best franchises in the history of the NFL. The commitment to a great franchise, as is the case with great companies starts at the top and filters throughout the organization. Despite the injuries and your so called description of a cream puff schedule, if Steeltown makes it to the playoffs again, let’s compare notes after week 17.
    Get over yourself and stop being an ultimate loser. Go find a fan forum that wants to hear your BS or better yet, STFU.

  7. @ bengalstink09:
    First off, I’m not a fan of Cincinnati.
    Second, it’s seems odd you’d be running your mouth about the so-called “Bengirls” considering that team just beat your Squealers recently.
    Did ya forget that?
    You don’t think your team’s schedule is easy? Right off the top of my head I see 2 Browns games, a Lions game and a Chiefs game and that’s without looking. Tell me, which of those games are “tough”?
    You talk about being jealous of the Squealers “history”? Except for the 1970s and the 2000s, the Steelers have basically been an also-ran in every other decade. Especially between 1933 to 1971. Try reading up on it and then see if you can gloat about this:
    Why don’t YOU Zittsburgh fans stop being jealous of the Packers, Bears, and Giants. Your team does NOT have the most NFL titles. Packers have 12, Bears have 9, and the Giants have 7. Just because the Steelers had only 1 playoff appearance in their first 40 years in the NFL doesn’t mean the titles won before 1966 mean nothing. Quit trying to act like NFL history started in 1966, just because your sorry arse team couldn’t win much for their first 40 years in the league.
    Try remembering that “storied” early part of the Squealers history. Heck, that 40 year period of futility is almost as embarrassing as the introduction of Steely McBeam to the team.
    If I was a Squealer fan, I would have quit following them once they decided to forego cheerleaders in favor of old Steely.
    Big, tough Squealers had that p*ssy of a mascot…

  8. @ steeler-hater
    Great to see you have the IQ of a cockroach and rely upon wiki, yes wikipedia to help you confirm and verify your delusional facts.
    Final word on you – STFU.

  9. @ steeler-hater, who suffers from in incurable form of steeler-envy (suppose this is better than p*nis envy, but that may be an associated condition this poor soul is suffering from as well).
    Not sure when my other brief reply to your ignorance will post, or if it’s being held for fear you might actually go over the edge.
    In any event, as I’ve said time and again, go spout off in a forum that actually addresses whatever team you might root for.
    Your clearly jealous and have tremendous envy for the success of the Steelers the past 4 decades. Last time I checked, our 50 playoff games, 14 Conf Champ games, 7 SBs and 6 rings since the early 70s, with an actual appearance in the SB at least once every one of the last 4 decades, might actually suggest the Steelers have been the most consistent, winning franchise the past 4 decades.
    I just keep forgetting your level of ignorance and realize that I’ve clearly wasted my time trying to help you address your underlying disorder.
    LOL and do try to shut the trap and take it elsewhere, even though I know that as an admitted lsr, you’ll at least have to spout off 1 more time.

  10. @ bengalstink09:
    Okay bright boy, show me which facts in the Wikipedia story are false… gee, you can’t because those facts are all true. Just because something is on Wiki doesn’t make it false. The truth of the matter is that your team sucked arse between 1933 to 1971. One playoff appearance (a loss) in 40 seasons means the team stunk. Nice try at spinning things but facts are facts. Your team was great for only 6 total years out of the 76 years they’ve been around. The other 70 seasons they were an awful team better than half the time.
    Hardly in the same league (success-wise) as a truly great sports team like the NY Yankees.
    I’m supposed to be “an admitted loser”, yet you are such a myopic homer you failed to address any of the facts I’ve posted. All you could do to defend your team’s less than stellar history was to call me names. What are you, in grade school?
    What a loser you are. You can’t properly defend your side of an argument with facts to dispute my facts so you resort to name calling like some little kid.
    (Are ya gonna call me a ”doody head” next?)
    So tough guy, why not address some of the facts I’ve posted. Try telling me how the Squealers were always such a great franchise when they only managed 1 playoff appearance in their first 40 seasons? Try giving me a good enough reason why I shouldn’t continue to bust your chops over the whole “Steely McBeam” debacle. I find it funny how Squealer fans gloss over the Steely embarrassment, yet had one of their rivals pulled such a bonehead move, Zittsburgh fans would never let them forget it… EVER!
    I also like how you failed to acknowledge the fact that the team you refer to as the “Bengirls” were actually good enough to beat your supposedly superior team. And how these “Bengirls” have a better record than your precious Squealers do.
    (So tell me, HOW’D that happen?)
    I can’t help it if you homers can’t accept the fact that there are 3 other NFL franchises who hold more NFL championship titles than your team does.
    Quit being such a homer & a baby & just deal with it…

  11. Once again proving that S-H is a completely uninformed, unintelligent, AFL and clearly obsessed with the successful history of the Steeler franchise, specifically as I’ve been pointing out in the actual modern day NFL,which doesn’t go back to the freakin’ 30s homer….
    he’s spouted off 1 more time.
    he’ll do it again, but we’ll ignore the ignorance and once again ask that he STFU.

  12. bengalstink09 says:
    October 15, 2009 2:52 PM
    Once again proving that S-H is a completely uninformed, unintelligent, AFL and clearly obsessed with the successful history of the Steeler franchise, specifically as I’ve been pointing out in the actual modern day NFL,which doesn’t go back to the freakin’ 30s homer….
    he’s spouted off 1 more time.
    he’ll do it again, but we’ll ignore the ignorance and once again ask that he STFU.
    “Uninformed”? HA!
    Instead of ducking my statements, please answer my questions instead, why don’t you. I noticed your neatly avoided answering once again. What’s the matter? Can’t think of any more lame excuses? Or are you hoping that if you stall and spin things long enough I won’t bother anymore?
    Fat chance. Answer, if you can.
    I knew it. Old “bengalstink09” is just gonna go into full spin mode and dodge or downplay my side of the argument. He ain’t gonna answer… because he can’t without having to admit I’m right.
    This is true true mark of a blind, myopic homer who is living in denial: alibi, deny, spin, and then ignore.
    I’ll tell you what. I’ll make it very simple for you. Just answer one of my questions.
    “If the so-called ‘Bengirls’ are such a p*ssy team then how did they ever beat you so-called ‘superior’ team”?
    Very simple question. If there are any words I’ve used that are too big for you to understand, maybe you can have somebody read them to you & explain what they mean.
    If you still can’t understand what I am saying, I guess I may have to use baby talk…

  13. @ S-H just b/c I need to share a few more thoughts with others on this blog, as we all know S-H is misinformed and a total DB.
    3 final items to share with others:
    1) Steelers rule (and have so for 4 decades — how ’bout the Pack, Giants, Bears .. not sure that’s the case in the actual, current NFL which goes back to 1966 JA)
    2) STFU S-H
    3) LMBs S-H
    And for reference on #3, it’s something that refers to male g*nads.
    Out for good, sorry S-H, I won’t reply again. You’re a waste of my FT.

  14. @ bengalstink09:
    Of course I’m a “waste of your time”.
    You can’t logically address any of my points or questions. All you do is name call, do your spin job, make a few lame homer statements, and ignore everything else.
    I noticed that you still refuse to explain how your “superior” team lost to a squad you call the “Bengirls”.
    It’s pretty obvious to me what your deal is.
    You spend all your time drinking the Steeler koolaid and wearing the Steeler-colored glasses.
    Typical blind homer.
    So instead of directly answering my questions, you say that I am “wasting your time” and try to blow the whole thing off by resorting to name calling like some little kid. And the reason why is… because you can’t answer my questions rationally. You’ve run out of ways to spin it all so you make the lame homer statements about the Steelers being dominate for 4 decades, which is a load of sh*t.
    Your team was dominate for just 1 decade: the 1970s. The other decade your team has had great success in is the current one but so have the Patriots. 2 titles in 9 seasons ain’t “dominating the whole decade”. Sorry to burst your bubble. And Lord knows the Steelers were anything but “dominate” during the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, or 1990s.
    So, it would seem that I have made my point. You refuse to directly address your team’s pathetic early history, you refuse to acknowledge there are 3 other NFL teams who have more titles than Pittsburgh, and you completely ignored the whole Steely McBeam fiasco, along with not explaining why your fan base… (who is supposed to have the persona that mirrors the famed Pittsburgh steelworker… you know, the hard hat, the blue collar, the lunch pail, the whole hard working man’s profile)… why you fans doesn’t band together as a group and tell the team you don’t want some fruity, lame mascot. You want cheerleader hotties on the sideline. I always thought steelworkers loved beautiful women. That’s why they whistle at them when they past the construction sites.
    But I guess your fan base’s only real connection to any steelworker is to the one who’s in the Village People, since it is obvious you guys aren’t quite interested enough in beautiful women to have them dance around for you during the timeouts.
    If you ever decide to man up, just answer my questions directly without all the BS and spin jobs.
    I fully expect that if you do reply, it’ll just be more name calling, homer statements, and more general BS but no real, direct answers to any of my many questions…

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