Week Five Morning Aftermath: Vikings 38, Rams 10

This one was a potential trap for the Vikings, given that they had just played two tough games against the 49ers and Packers and they’ve got three big ones looming against the Ravens, Steelers, and Packers.

So much for that.

But even as we listen to Charles Davis (who worked the game for FOX) tell Dan Patrick that the Vikings scored a quick 14 and coasted from there, this game easily could have been a lot closer.

On their first drive, the Rams had moved to the Minnesota 35 before Kyle Boller made like Garo Yepremian and Jared Allen made like Jim Marshall pointed in the right direction. 

Two drives later, the Rams moved all the way to the Minnesota one before a fumble kept them from cutting the score to 14-7.

The next Rams drive saw the team take the ball to the 11 before settling for a field goal.

Later, trailing again by 14, the Rams fumbled inside the Minnesota ten.

The Vikes scored another touchdown on their first drive of the third quarter, and then at 24-3 it was too late for the Rams to turn it around.

Of course, the fact that the Rams couldn’t execute in key moments kept them from threatening the Vikings.  But St. Louis moved the ball surprisingly well, gaining 400 yards to Minnesota’s 377.

So maybe Brett Favre should have considered the game film and not just the highlights before declaring, “I think physically and from a talent standpoint, this is the best team I’ve ever been on.”

Apart from a supposedly stout defense that is conjuring memories of the bend-but-don’t-break units under the post-Dungy Denny Green era, the greatest running back in the league hasn’t had great numbers since his Week One visit to Cleveland.  On Sunday, Peterson managed only 69 yards on 15 carries.

But Peterson isn’t complaining.  Our offense is totally different now,” Peterson said.  “We got so many playmakers that can make plays, and so many ways we can beat people now.”

As Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press points out, Peterson is actually ahead of his numbers from last year.  But it feels like a down year because folks were predicting that Peterson would rack up anywhere from 2,200 to 3,000 rushing yards.

Regarding the stat that matters most, the Vikings are 5-0.  And given that Favre had never previously played for a 5-0 team, his observation possibly isn’t too far off the mark.

With respect to the Rams, the losing streak now stands at 15.  If they lose to the Jags next week, they’ll complete the NFL’s version of the Tiger Slam. 

It’s way too early to start talking about the Rams losing all 16 games this year.  If they do, however, the last loss of the season will match Tampa’s all-time mark for losing futility at 26 games.

19 responses to “Week Five Morning Aftermath: Vikings 38, Rams 10

  1. You must have watched a different game than the rest of us saw……you don’t have a clue!
    At least the Vikings won in your world also

  2. “This one was a potential trap for the Vikings, given that they had just played two tough games against the 49ers and Packers and they’ve got three big ones looming against the Ravens, Steelers, and Vikings.
    Are the Vikings playing themselves in a scrimmage?
    You probably mean Green Bay at Lambeau.

  3. it was a good win. vike’s tightened up near the redzone, and chilly even made it known that while they were on task, it wasn’t a 100% effort throughout.
    the next 3 weeks are going to tell us what the team’s really made of…

  4. Doesn’t Favre make the “this is the most talented….” statement every year?
    Even as a Packers fan, I have to admit that the Vikings have a lot of talent, but I certainly don’t give any additional validity to the talent because of Favre’s annual statement.

  5. Brad Childress is a damn idiot. 15 carries against Detroit, 15 this game. I thought this was Adrian Peterson’s team? Oh ya I forgot Brad Childress has his head up Brett Favre’s ass for the warmth and comfort…..
    I want more AP!!!!!!

  6. The Vikings offense has been scoring a lot of points this season. Teams are loading up to stop All Day and the Vikings are countering by exposing those fronts with the pass game. Even though Peterson isn’t getting as many touches, his presence is still a big factor in the Vikings success. Teams load the box with him on the field and it creates favorable matchups down field. Teams sometimes load the box and blitz to take away the deep stuff and the Vikings are finding quick hitters.
    No matter what defenses do the Vikings offense has a counter for it. Very complete teams in all phases.

  7. Even though the Rams got blown out, I thought they looked better than the Packers did by losing by seven. I think the Rams did some things that other teams will explore: namely, run outside and throw a lot of quick wide reciever screens. The Vikings seemed to have problems with that and in theory plays like that should keep Jared Allen out of the quarterback’s mush. I think this is the most complete Viking team I have seen in my life time (I can remember back to Super Bowl XIII). The 98-99 Vikings were more explosive, but those defenses weren’t nearly as good as this team. However, I think the Giants are still the team to beat in the NFC.

  8. Everybody needs to relize that if we can’t run we will pass and vise versa. I hate to say it but I think that chilly has a clue this year. Also think of all the wear and tear that peterson is not having to deal with. And we are winning without him having to rush for 150 and 3 td’s each game. The way it’s going now his body will be fresh for the second half of the season.
    The only stat that matters is 5-0

  9. Peterson is doing fine. He’s still rushing for 4.9 yards per carry and is second in the NFL in rushing. His expectations will ALWAYS precede him, and up until now, he was the only thing that mattered in the Vikings offense. Now that we seemingly have a more manageable passing game, not every game has to be put on his back. Favre is living up to the expectations that I hoped for him: to manage the game, set a tempo that isn’t solely run-based, and make the team a bit more rounded.

  10. The D played sloppy at the end and gave up some garbage yards and a garbage TD, just like it did against GB the previous week. When you are up by over two TDs, sometimes it is hard to maintain focus.
    The Offense is also the NFLs third best in points scored per game.
    They do need to prove it against higher level competition, and tighten up some things, but making chicken little pronouncements following a 38-10 VICTORY is a little silly.

  11. Much as I hate to agree with a packerbacker, hk94 said pretty much what I thought when I heard that Butt Farte had said that.
    To Butt Farte, every team he’s on is the best he’s ever played with. Year after year. Isn’t that what you want your leader to say about your team?
    The best way to deal with #4 IMHO is to never listen to him talk, just watch his play on the field. That does all the talking you really need.
    I don’t see any unbeatable teams in the league this year, so I think any off about 4-5 teams from either conference has an even chance of coming away with the the shiny L trophy.

  12. Favre said it in 2007, and they went 13-3… I’d say he was pretty right with that. In 2008, I can’t recall if he said it explicitly with the Jets, but they were steamrolling up until later in the year, and they were the best team in the league until his arm gave out and the defense started to play like crap. This year, he has the best back in the game and a very stout defense. I’d say they’re really damned good.
    Now, better than the SB teams of the 90’s… doubtful, only because Favre was much better then and could carry the team.

  13. Funny how people say that the Rams “screwed” themselves with the turnovers instead of giving the Vikings credit for causing the turnovers. The Vikes afterall lead the league in takeaways and are averaging 30+ points a game.
    You all love to hate on the Vikings but the truth is, they are one of only a few teams sitting undefeated. We Viking fans had to hear about how good SF was and that we would get beat, guess what, we beat them. We had to hear about how GB was going to come in a beat the shit out of Favre, guess what, not only did they not even breath on Favre, they lost the game as well.
    Now we have to hear about how tough we got it the next 3 weeks. Yes, Baltimore will be tough, but the Vikes can beat them. The Steelers are obviously a tough team, but they have been beaten by the Bengals and Bears, and barely beat the Lions, so we can beat them as well. Then on to GB to which we play a team that we have already beat this year. What better guy to lead you into Lambeau Field then Brett Favre?
    So all you Viking haters, don’t be jealous because our team is better then yours, just f’n deal with it.

  14. Twiz, good move getting on here first. Florio needs that when he spews bs like this. The Vikings are for real (and so is Favre).

  15. Vikes-N-Favre says:
    What better guy to lead you into Lambeau Field then Brett Favre?
    So all you Viking haters, don’t be jealous because our team is better then yours, just f’n deal with it.
    You obviously only say that (and post under that name) because you have yet to see the “bad” side of Favre. Just wait. Your team hasn’t been “better than ours” for long, and it won’t stay that way either.

  16. Favre isn’t the player he was in 96/97.
    We heard that adnasuem from you Packer fans.
    We all knew that. Now maybe you’ll realize it too?
    He’s not being the gunslinger anymore, he doesn’t have to be.
    What’s your basis beercheese? Thestellar 6-10 season last year?
    The sorry excuse for a team this year?
    Oh yeah, Tauscher is back! The season is saved!!
    I think the train wreck that was being predicted, may be happening in Packerland, not Minnesota.

  17. When you’re referring to plays why not link to the highlights? I know you don’t want to drive people away from the site but you can set up the link to open a new window.

  18. Nice to see that there are a few people here that still think Minny will fold under the massive weight of Favre’s ego. The ego will toss pick-sixes soon, they say. Look out, Vikings fans, they say, you’ll crying in your beer very soon under the ‘inevitable’ crash of Favre, like he does every season. Like he says this team is the most talented he’s ever been on. Who cares. Favre handles the media in his own way, and his way is to say what he thinks. You’d think the media would handle everything he says with a pound of salt. Words don’t win games, players do. So far, in 2009, Favre has played well enough to win. He’s only thrown 2 INTs, one a tipped ball.
    I am NOT saying I love the guy. Never have, never will. He cannot be trusted to win it. He can, however, in 2009, be trusted to make throws and do what he’s told for the good of the team. I do believe that, having seen literally none of the classic Favre-ness I dreaded and expected with all the hype last spring/summer. Quite the contrary, in fact.
    I believe there is a game plan that is working, at least so far. Yes, the ‘real’ teams are on deck for the Vikes in the coming 2 weeks. But Baltimore has cracks in their armor, and their Dbacks are NOT as great as in the past few years. Lewis still eats people for lunch, OK. The guy scares the crap out of me. We have Jared Allen and three of the best LBs in the league. ‘Toine still seriously busts people in the chops. Minny’s D is at least equal to the Ravens’. I’m sure Birk is getting grilled every day for all details on how to bottle up AD, and well he should. So what. Favre has recently proven to be formidable. Our WRs and TE are catching passes and scoring TDs. QB comparison is dumb here. WR comparison is silly. Minny has more legitimate weapons.
    Pittsburgh is a different story, and it’s at least a week away. No bets on who’s healthy or hurt on a given Monday.
    There is a big game coming in 3 weeks, but only because of the hype. Biggest game at Lambeau in years, probably decades. Unless the Cheesers get their hands on an entirely new O line, the outcome will be the same. The Packers have a similar group of puffs ahead as Minny had to open the season. If GB drops any of those, look out. The Faithful will march on the team HQ, brat forks in hand, marshmallows aflame on sticks.
    Vikings by 7 over Baltimore.

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