Week Five Morning Aftermath: Bengals 17, Ravens 14

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Way back in Week One — officially less than a month ago but unofficially a date that feels like a year back in the rear-view mirror — the Bengals had been stymied at home by the Broncos defense.

The Broncos defense?  That rag-tag group had been consistently mediocre during much of Mike Shanahan’s tenure as head coach, with a revolving door of defensive coordinators and a series of bad personnel decisions in free agency and the draft.

But the Bengals finally mustered a sustained and successful drive against Denver, scoring their first seven points of the game late, and taking the lead.  Then came one of the flukiest finishes in league history, with that bouncing ball Brandon Stokley catch-and-run with not a single Bengal stationed at deep free safety.

After the game, most viewed the last-second Lady Luck heroics as a short-term curiosity, since the widespread belief was that:  (1) the Broncos were going to be very bad this year; and (2) if the Bengals can’t beat the Broncos at home, the Bengals are going to be very bad this year, too.  Again.

And, as further proof that it’s impossible to figure this game out, both teams are a combined 8-0 since that final gun sounded, with wins over the likes of the Packers, Steelers, Ravens, Cowboys, and Patriots.

On Sunday, the Bengals made it clear to the rest of the league that they are for real with another stunning come-from-behind finish, winning their second straight division game on the road thanks to a fourth-quarter comeback.

Along the way, the Cincinnati defense — led by coordinator Mike Zimmer, whose wife died suddenly only days ago — held the souped-up Flacco-fueled Baltimore offense to only seven points, picking him off twice along the way.

Even more amazingly, Bengals running back Cedric Benson racked up 120 yards against the supposedly impenetrable Baltimore defense, which hadn’t allowed a 100-yard rusher since 2006.  Though Benson has undergone a remarkable transformation since flaming out in Chicago after being the fourth pick in the 2005 draft (one writer thinks Benson has assumed residence in an entirely new body), it’s hard not to wonder what the heck the Bears did or failed to do in getting this guy to play in Chicago like he is playing in Cincinnati.

“It’s hard to put into words,” Benson said after the game.  “To achieve something like that, being
through what I’ve been through.  I can’t express how uplifting it is.”

It’s uplifting for Benson, the Bengals, and all of Cincinnati.  Though there’s still a long way to go, the 4-1 Bengals are sitting one game in front of the Ravens and the Steelers.  And the Bengals have beaten both of them. 

But the most telling moment for us came after Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis tried to pull a Brian Russell on Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco.  Chad popped up after the helmet-to-jaw hit, hatless and ready to challenge the future Hall of Famer. 

But there was something in Ray’s demeanor after the hit that suggested a subtle, and incredibly uncharacteristic, sheepiness.  Though we’d never put money on Ochocinco in a knife fight with Lewis, the fact that Chad sprung up from the dirty hit seemed to make Lewis realize that there’s a new sheriff in the AFC North.

We don’t get intimidated by anyone,” Marvin Lewis told Peter King after the game.  “It was funny. 
The Ravens always introduce the defense here.  I’m sure they like to get
the crowd fired up.  And so I told our players, especially our young
guys, ‘Make sure you get a good seat for it and get a good view.’  They
all saw it.  They saw Ray Lewis do his thing.  Then we went out and
played pretty good defense too.”

47 responses to “Week Five Morning Aftermath: Bengals 17, Ravens 14

  1. “But there was something in Ray’s demeanor after the hit that suggested a subtle, and incredibly uncharacteristic, sheepiness….the fact that Chad sprung up from the dirty hit seemed to make Lewis realize that there’s a new sheriff in the AFC North.”
    Come on Mike, you can’t just make stuff up out of whole cloth just to fit the story line. Chad popped up to start running his mouth, realized who it was and then didn’t have the coconuts to get within 10 feet of Lewis.

  2. This story would be much better with a Rush Limbaugh tie-in Mike.
    Maybe Rush hates that Bengal guy with the old-lady-orange ponytail.

  3. Perhaps Ray-Ray’s sheepish demeanor was b/c he had just realized he had given the game away. Hopefully for him the hit was worth losing the game.

  4. Ray is a thug, has been and always will be. I was expecting a big loss for the Bengals this week but they’ve proven me wrong yet again and beat the “gig bad” Ravens. Hopefully this knocks the old man trying to be a punk down a few notches and makes him realize he’s not the big dog anymore. Dirty hits don’t get you anywhere in this league except for broke. And man do I hope the NFL fines him big time for that hit. Oh wait, it was the refs’ fault the Ravens lost. Right Ray Ray? Let the whining begin.

  5. Ray’s hit was clean, shoulder-to-shoulder literally half-a-second after Chad should have caught the ball. Even Chad agrees as seen on his twitter comment:
    “please don’t fine Ray Lewis Mr. Roger Goodell, it was a clean hit, it’s part of the game, save the fines for me, Esteban out.”

  6. “Marvin Lewis told Peter King after the game. “It was funny. The Ravens always introduce the defense here. ”
    Not true. D one week, O the next. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.
    Ravens played poorly offensively (and the Bengals D didn’t help matters). Ravens D gave up 17 – hell, the Steelers D gave up 20 to the Lions.
    By the way, if the Bengals are a juggernaut, why did they barely beat the Browns in OT on a suspect FG the previous week. They’re getting it done, but are hardly “great”.

  7. On a different note, kudos to the Bengals for drafting defensive players the last few years. I’ve always known they were a good team and their achilles of late was really just injuries.
    Ravens fans know how injuries kill team performance and Cincinnati was just a victim of that the last 2 years. With health and better defense they’re a tough team especially against Baltimore’s awful corners.
    We saw how much our protection struggled just having our LT out yesterday. Hopefully he’ll be back Sunday.

  8. @bel-bo,
    Winning is Winning. Doesn’t matter if you win by 50 or by 1. A win is a win. Ask the Giants 2 years ago what winning is when they won the SuperBowl and not the team that had probly the most prolific offensive years in NFL History in the Patriots. Ask the Ravens about there Superbowl year. When they were beating teams week after week 17 to 14. Ask the Saints from last year what there high powered offense got them. Defenses win games.
    The Bengals D shut down the Ravens offense. They picked off Flaco and had a fumble for TD only to have that call blown. So before any of you Ravens fans go screaming the Refs cost you, remember, that was a fumble and it was 7 points for the Bengals, so the score just corrected itself.

  9. @BengalsDouche2
    Way to live up to your name. However the hit WAS NOT dirty. And Ray Lewis is NOT a thug? I think being a Bengals Fan you should know what Thugs are, how many years have you guys lead the league in NOTHING but arrests?

  10. Shoulder to shoulder hits don’t cause helmets to fly 10 yards in the air. Ray could have kept from launching after Chad had two feet on the ground and obviously didn’t have a catch. And no one listened to Chad previously, why listen to him now.
    Twitter is for dipshits.

  11. @ Adam David
    Before you use the pathetic comeback of what thugs are then you should prolly kno the facts.. its been about 2 years for any bengal player to be arrested and its only been a month and a half for a baltimore raven player to get arrested..
    and if you wanna talk thugs look no further then on yur own team..id rather take the whole bengals team to be arrested with petty crimes then for a heartless killer in ray lewis.
    so before you call the bengals thugs learn some facts and be a little smarter

  12. nfl network just showed the game highlights and ray ducked his head down just before he hit him head to head ….. i really don’t care one way or the other about this game but that was a bad hit and roger (never miss a chance to take money from players) goodell will fine ray
    on another note jim zorn saw the way the bengals rallied around zimmer and played their hearts out for the man, announced that he has hired tony soprano and will be executing the players, and coaches family pets and anything they are close to so they can rally and save jimmies job

  13. It’s true that wins are wins, whether by one point or 41 points. But wins can only be wins AFTER a game is played. We’re five games into the season. Let’s try to refrain from coronating the Bengals until they actually a) win the division or make the playoffs b) win a playoff game c) win a championship.
    I’ve never understood the apparent media fascination with the Bengals and the seemingly endless assortment of excuses for their utter failure of recent years. If I’m not mistaken, all teams suffer injuries. I believe the Pats went 11-5 last year without their future HoF QB. I also believe the … hmm … let’s see … oh yes, the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year and the Ravens were in the Championship game. So let’s not be too quick to write off either of those teams.
    Congrats to the Bengals on a great START to the season. How it will finish remains to be seen.

  14. hey i apologize for that last bit ….. that sucked ….. it was in bad taste and i apologize for being a bonehead

  15. @Taxlaw26 your a moron for one Chad & Ray are friends…Two: a Raven player stopped chad because he thought chad was serious and just not fooling around..

  16. @Nick —-please don’t fine Ray Lewis Mr. Roger Goodell, it was a clean hit, it’s part of the game, save the fines for me, Esteban out.”—-
    It was clean but it still was flag worthy,Like chad said in a interview Ray could just pushed him he didn’t have to try and obliterate him

  17. @Adam David another moron yay,How many years? One 2006 and for the past 2 years we are one of the teams with fewest problems…

  18. @Deb because we have led the league in injury’s last year we had over 24 players on IR.
    Year before we were top 3 for IR’d players…This year we are only missing tight ends.

  19. if that fluke play had not happened in the broncos game. bengals would have won 8 in a row including the last 3 games of last season.

  20. @kazkal …
    Yes, but if you get into the AGL (adjusted games lost) formulas, Baltimore was also among the most injured teams last year. Still went to the championship game. San Diego, too. Still won their division. Like the song says, Everybody Hurts. It’s how you step up that counts–the way backup QB Frank Reich stepped up for an injured Jim Kelly against the Oilers and led the Bills to the biggest comeback in NFL history … the way Giants backup Jeff Hostetler stepped up for an injured Phil Simms and won a Super Bowl. Those teams could have given up and attributed their losses to key injuries and no one would have blamed them. But instead they manned up.
    So like I said, congrats on a great start to the season. But I still believe the Bengals shouldn’t start counting their trophies until they win them.

  21. Second best team in the AFC and finally a legit Super Bowl contender with their running game and terrific defense, best pair of corners in football.

  22. @ Deb – right on. The Bengirls fans are not only inconsistent in their ability to cheer for their team (in fact they clearly have bipolar disorders in general if you’ve ever attended a Bengals game in Cincinnati), but they are confused and feel like 4-1 means they should just forget the rest of the season and go right to the big game. Deb got it right – we’ll see how things shake out later this year.
    In general, all you Bengirls fans out to be a little more intelligent about the history of football and your “franchise”. When you can demonstrate the ability to win consistently, with key injuries, with the loss of key players year in and out due to free agency, make it to the postseason more than once every 10-15 years, have a winning record more than 1-2 times every 10 years, then we’ll have an intelligent conversation.
    @kaykal – every team has issues with injuries, your problem will be when Palmer goes down and your entire season is in the dumps. Hopefully he’ll stay healthy so that we can beat the Bengals when it counts, later in the season!
    @ marek – wake up, wake up. You’re dreaming if you think the Broncos and Bengals = AFC Championship game. Most likely AFC teams will be passing through Indy this year and at last check, at least they were winning games soundly to reach 5-0. The Bengirls haven’t played well in any game for more than 5-10 minutes, excluding their win against Green Bay in week 2. You best hope that they continue to lull opposing teams to sleep with their high powered, consistent offense.
    For all of you Bengirls fans with short term memory, do you all recall that you haven’t beaten the Steelers at home since 2001 (until this year when Limas Sweed kissed a sure ass-kicking away and dropped a perfect TD pass that would have sealed it)? Hmmm, do you recall having a winning season year in and out this decade? Do you ever consistently root for your team, or do you boo all game, then cheer like crazy when they get lucky at the end and think your team is better than any other in the history of the NFL.
    Whatever the Bengirls “fans” are smoking, we should all try it. I think we’d be much happier being highly delusional on a weekly basis.
    Looking forward to November 15th. Hope both teams are healthy and the Bengirls still only have 1 loss.
    Eat a dose of reality Bengirls fans!
    Go Steelers!

  23. Nobody’s counting trophies Deb, you’re just looking for excuses to piss on our optimism, miserable rat. The Hit on 85 WAS dirty, late, and helmet to helmet on a defenseless WR, he was still in the air (or barely getting his feet to the ground), so if you can honestly post that it was a clean hit, you either don’t know the rules or are a complete tard, or a blowhard, or any combination of the three, my guess is all three.
    Adam David lived up to Bengals Douche’s name, except he needs to add tard to the end
    “AdamDaviddouche-tard” Impressively misinformed post, this is 2009 dude, wake up.

  24. Taxlaw……a new sheriff in the AFC North….after 5 weeks………dude, that is freakin priceless. LMFAO

  25. [Editor’s note: Though plenty of you are clicking on and commenting on our Morning Aftermath general entry, it seems that fewer are clicking on the individual game-by-game write ups. So we’ll start posting each individual game write-up in the Rumor Mill, too. Because we realize how difficult it is to move the cursor to the red line and click a button.]
    I dont think it has anything to do with being to lazy to move the mouse and click the link. I know in my case I cant afford an expensive computer so I just have to deal with my old slow one. I have High Speed Internet but this Dell 2400 doesnt last long. So when I click on a link it takes a while for the page to come up. And if I have to click on 14 links to read about all the games by the time I get to the last 5 links my computer is moving at a crawl.
    So it would be appreciated if you do move some of the links to the rumor mill. So I can continue to click other links on the site without my computer being all backed up.

  26. @ CurseofBoJackson – Ray Lewis should have been in jail years ago. Nonetheless, Deb has most of her facts straight and if you are a closet Bengals fan, you need to come out, change your username and announce your love of an inferior franchise that boasts some of the worst all-time records year in and out, and also happens to house the most uninformed, uncommitted fans in the NFL.
    @dracula58 – Once again, we need to know what you Bengirls fans are smoking. Everyone in this great land could use some.
    Bottom line is you should tell your fair weather fan pack to be a little more consistent, along with your offense and your entire franchise. IF, yes IF, the Bengals make it to the promised land and actually play in 2-3 meaningful games post-season, I might actually acknowledge your BS.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day and it is certainly true that 4-1 doesn’t make a season. Pathetic displays of inconsistency and pure luck to run a successful 2 minute drill do not yield a great season and most likely will not result in the Bengals being 15-1 when it’s all said and done. If they do achieve this great feat, more power to them and they will have beaten a few solid teams to do it.
    Again, Bengirls fans are too inconsistent for the rest of us NFL fans to listen to their useless banter. However, if the team can actually play well for an entire game, perhaps then we’ll give the team some credit. But, let’s see where they are in late December. Even if it’s in a great position for the post-season, let’s be sure to remember the past 20 years and for that matter the entire history of this pathetic NFL franchise in Cincinnati.

  27. So Kazkal,
    What exactly is it that you’re saying? Ray and Chad are friends, so….Chad was joking around with his buddy? If he was just joking around with his buddy then I’m sure his buddy knew it and wasn’t intimidated or feeling a “subtle, and incredibly uncharacteristic, sheepiness.”
    Look, Ocho is listed at 6-1, 190, which anyone who has ever played football (or seen his calves) knows means he weighs about 178. I’ve met a lot of 6-1 180, 190, 200 lb guys. I’ve met Ray Lewis. And that man would not be intimidated by any of them or your skinny buddy.
    I love your comment about the Ravens players stopping him. I’m picturing JJ from good times … “You’re lucky they’re holding me back, sucka!!”

  28. @bengalsstink09 –
    I’m sure there’s even more bandwagon fair weather Steelers fans than there are bandwagon fair weather Bengals fans.
    Every franchise has ignorant ill informed fans, just because the team you choose to root for has had alot more historical success in no way makes you any more football savvy.
    I agree that alot of Bengals fans are getting too pumped up too early, but they have something to be excited about. It sounds to me like you’re still pissy about your team choking in week 3 against the Bengals this year.
    Kazkal is not just making stuff up. Chad did jump right up and head towards Lewis but a Raven team mate got between them and probably said “it’d be best to walk back to your own huddle.” Whoever said earlier that Chad didn’t get within 10 feet of him obviously didn’t see the play, because there were only 2 feet between the 2 of them once a player intervened.

  29. @ who-dey-kid — Your command, as for all other Bengirls fans, of the English language and proper grammer leave me speechless. Well, actually I do have a few comments in this rebuttal.
    I am not suggesting you shouldn’t be excited for the Bengirls start, but you hit the nail on the head … too many fans are way too pumped and have forgotten that a season is not comprised of 5 games alone. The season is long and if the Bengirls expect to compete, they’ll have to move beyond their last minute heroics. It will not continue all season and they’ll indeed have to pull together 4 quarters of football, not a half a quarter at best to win most games.
    I am not pissy at the Bengals for taking advantage of the Steelers miscues that led to a collapse in week 3 and gift of a victory for Cinti. I am pissy b/c of the lousy nature of most Bengirls fans who sit around and “blanking” complain for 3 quarters and ask for the coaches to be fired and big time players to be traded, then act as though nothing could have ever been wrong when they are lucky enough to pull out a win at the end of regulation vs the Steelers. I’m sure those same stinking fans were complaining at the TV when watching the Browns game in week 4 (as you know the Bengals fan base is limited, so they clearly don’t travel well and wouldn’t have dare shown up in Cleveland). I have no complaints for the Steelers performance in week 3, other than to suggest Limas Sweed be released and the Steelers make a commitment to a player than can actually play and a WR that can actually catch the ball. You know as I do the Bengirls were very, very lucky to walk away with a W in week 3 (may I remind you so kindly that you haven’t seen this since 2001 ….. yes 8 years ago).
    The Bengirls fans need a dose of reality. Review your franchise history and go back to English 101 and realize that you should be saying:
    Why – because until your team proves they can win something meaningful, and week 5 doesn’t conjure up something too meaningful in a 16 game / 17 week season, the hype is way overstated. Palmer and the offense have looked like excrement for most of every game, except for the last few minutes. Good luck pulling it out every week in that fashion.
    Good luck Bengirls the rest of the way, but at least win convincingly one of these weeks so the non-believers can actually think you might actually be for real for 1 season. Otherwise, we’ll confuse your team with the Big 10 power houses that get blown away in the big games come January. Same might happen for the Bengirls if they don’t figure out how to play 60 minutes of tough football.
    Back @ who-dey-kid for my closing comment: Black and gold rules and has since the early years of the NFL. Teamwork, strong leadership and commitment have delivered 6 rings … talk to me when you have 1 and we’ll have something to discuss.

  30. @ dracula58 — Right there with you. The Bengals do stink, in fact the smell in SW Ohio is of the worst scent you could imagine. When Bengirls fans hop on the bandwagon, and you have to be very quick to catch this as they fall off in a more expedient manner as soon as 1 play goes wrong in any game regardless of the team’s record, the world no longer spins on its axis and the sun no longer shines quite so bright.
    If you support the Bengirls, more power to you. But, for reality’s sake, look at your franchise and what they haven’t done for 40+ years. Five games and hell 1 season doesn’t change a franchise. Good luck with Mike Brown. He’s a real winner and will certainly instill the best in the ’09 team as well.
    Bengalstink09 = The Bengals Stink in 2009
    Black and gold rules and has since the beginning of the NFL. Teamwork, strong leadership and commitment to a common goal have been at the center of every SB victory. For those of you who follow the Bengirls, what does OchoCinco represent? Oh yeah, he’s all about number 85.
    Bengirls fans need to get real and chat with the rest of the NFL fans when you have something “real” to be excited about.

  31. bengalstink09 says: October 12, 2009 11:29 PM
    @ who-dey-kid — Your command, as for all other Bengirls fans, of the English language and proper grammer leave me speechless. Well, actually I do have a few comments in this rebuttal.
    You talk like i’m so ignorant that after brushing my teeth in the morning I gargle with piss for 10 minutes before I realize it’s not Listerine. My post was well structured, and the only typo I had was leaving out a comma.
    How can you tell Bengals fans they can’t chat with the other fans of NFL franchises? Yes, we have a horrible owner, and not much long term success. However, we have made it to not one, but two Super Bowls, while there are teams out there who have yet to make it to one. We aren’t the all-time worst franchise, quit talking down to us like we are.
    You also say “come talk to me when you have 1 championship so we’ll have something to talk about”. That won’t happen, because i’ll never win a NFL Championship. Answer me this, how many Super Bowl’s have you won?!? Oh… none, that’s what I thought. Through an existence of sporting, and other failures in your life, you’ve found a way to suppress the pain. You are living vicariously through the Pittsburgh Steelers, accepting their accomplishments as your own.
    Get over yourself buddy, you are no better than the rest of us. The Bengals are getting more headlines than the Steelers and you’re butt hurt about it.

  32. thanks who_dey, for puttin’ that fool in his place. the arrogance of fools like bengalstink09 is what makes me think that steeler fans are the most insufferable in the league. unfortunately i am a browns fan, so i have to put up with more than my fair share of nonsense from those clowns.

  33. @CurseofBoJackson …
    You wrote: “The Hit on 85 WAS dirty … so if you can honestly post that it was a clean hit, you either don’t know the rules or are a complete tard, or a blowhard …”
    WHAT were you smoking when you read my posts? I didn’t say ONE WORD about Ray Lewis’s hit on Chad Johnson. (I still haven’t caught the replay!) So if one of us is a “complete tard” that would have to be you.
    I said don’t blame past problems on injuries–all teams have them. And don’t celebrate winning it all until you do. FYI, I’ve posted the same thing to fellow Steelers fans. It ain’t over ’til it’s over for anyone. That’s not me raining on your parade, that’s a fact.
    @bengalsstink09 … Thanks for defending me to that crazy boy–and I had ALL my facts straight 😉

  34. @ sillydumpface – Sorry to learn you have invested your time and energy in following the Brownies. You’re a sorry lil’ boy with many issues if that’s what your life revolves around. Might I suggest 1200mg of lithium BID with a tall glass of Schlitz or PBR.
    Your ignorance is clear based upon your need to deal an insult. I feel for you and the rest of your fan base. They left on a bus years ago for a reason and probably should have never reinvested in a franchise along the lake.
    However, as a Steelers fan, I actually enjoy having the Browns on the schedule twice every year. In most years, it works out just fine. You’re clearly jealous and envious of the success of the Steelers franchise, as you should be.
    May the best team win this Sunday in Steeltown USA.

  35. @ Bengals and Ravens fans to judge this one. Florio – how the hell did you guys miss commenting on this one and creating an entirely separate blog? This was as bad a call as the one the week prior when the Ravens were flagged for roughing Brady.
    For all you loyal Bengals and Ravens fans, read on. I am shocked there have not been grievances filed with the NFL over this blown / missed call that resulted in the go ahead TD.
    Just so you respectful Bengals fans and looney Bengirls band wagon fans appreciate the rules, here’s the link and an excerpt directly from the NFL rules digest on what constitutes Offensive Pass Interference (OPI).
    Actions that constitute offensive pass interference include but are not limited to:
    (a) Blocking downfield by an offensive player prior to the ball being touched.
    (b) Initiating contact with a defender by shoving or pushing off thus creating a separation in an attempt to catch a pass.
    (c) Driving through a defender who has established a position on the field.
    Geez – it’s clear that Caldwell actually nailed the trifecta. He blocked, drove through and initiated contact with the DB for 5-7 yards to gain separation and then end up wide open in the middle of the field.
    For those who haven’t seen the play, here’s a video clip from the NFL:
    Now, let’s all agree to ask a fair question. If Caldwell doesn’t block downfield and push off on the DB, does he gain the same amount of separation and still make the catch?
    Based upon the official rules, it was a blown call at a crucial time of the game. Not saying they didn’t blow the fumble call on Baltimore earlier in the game, but these kind of BS non-calls or bad calls by officials at the end of football games need to stop. Not sure that replay is the answer, but holy cow dung, this was a very obvious non-call of a fundamental rule / penalty in the NFL.
    For Bengals fans, do you remember the time issues at the end of the week 1 contest vs the Broncos? Your official timekeeper tried to rob Denver of precious seconds (20 or so) after the go ahead TD. Fate played out in that contest as the football gods didn’t allow Cincinnati to escape that poorly played game with a W. You fans and your team are running on borrowed time.
    For the Bengals-Ravens game, I have to assume the officials were focused on the corners and completely blew it by completely missing this obvious OPI call. For the rest of the NFL teams, the good news is that these calls will most likely not continue in the Bengals favor the remainder of the season. Opposing teams and coaches will surely catch on and be certain to remind the officials of this rule and importance to watch how the Bengals create this type of separation when 3-4 guys are running out against 7-8 in the red zone in their now infamous 2 minute drill to pull out Ws.
    The football gods will make things right once again and lady luck will shine elsewhere. In the meantime, the Bengals have a relatively easy schedule and should still make the playoffs. Enjoy it this year Bengals, it will potentially be the 2nd time in 19 years you post a winning record and make the playoffs.

  36. Here’s a clip of the hit. Judge for yourself, but in the past when it’s been a true helmet-helmet hit, slight guys like sweet #85 wouldn’t bounce up. In fact, if you look closely, it’s the Baltimore DB that has a little bit of a hard time getting up b/c he ingested Ray’s entire helmet when it bounced off the top of Ocho’s shoulder and landed squarely in his chops.
    As much as you guys want to debate, if Lewis gets fined … the Ravens and Lewis need to own up to a bad mistake at a critical time.
    If Lewis doesn’t get fined, the Bengals fans need to remember that sweet #85 doesn’t usually strap in and his helmet comes off with less direct hits. It’s his way of “taking” off his helmet during the game without getting fined.
    FTR, both Lewis and gotta change my name to my number are thugs. The only benefit to Lewis is that he’s always been about team, while sweet #85 has always been about sweet #85. Bengals fans know it with his most recent holdouts and contract BS.
    Looking forward to more smashmouth hits in the AFC North clashes during the weeks to come!

  37. Bengalstink09-
    No one wants to read all the “crap” you just tried to make sound intelligent. You just come off as bias and mildly retarded.
    I still love you though.
    p.s – hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  38. @ Cincy007 – Since I live in the same home town JA, I can cut you a little slack, but you’re off base with the crap and retard comment. Not surprised as most bengirls fans are a little off in the cerebral cortex.
    Bottom line is that Chad is a freaking smack talking thug that’s all about Chad. The hit on sweet #85 might have been legit. Moving on … you must be a moron if you don’t understand the rules of the game and don’t think the Caldwell TD was the quintessential example of OPI. Of course, since you think I’m mildly retarded, it suggests you in fact are and thus perhaps I should water this explanation down.
    Chad is bad. Henry is a criminal. A little yellow flag should have been thrown towards Caldwell as he made a bad.
    Open invitation Mr. double-O-7 to come join the rest of the Steeler fans in Pittsburgh on Nov 15th. Wear your black and orange and come spout off at Heinz field like you do on msg boards and at PB stadium after your 1st big win against the Steelers in nearly a decade. Let’s see what kind of double-O-7 shiite you need to pull to get out of the Burgh alive.
    PS: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (I actually added 1 more “a” and 1 more “h” than you did due to my superior IQ. By the way, do you live in KY?)

  39. @ cincy007 – Sorry for the additional note but I must clarify your comment on being biased.
    I’ve been a Steeler fan my entire life. I’m clearly more intelligent and quite honestly, much more realistic than most Bengals fans living in SW Ohio and N Ky.
    The 2 points I brought up relative to the Caldwell TD and non-call on obvoius, textbook OPI and the potential that Ray Lewis’ hit on #85 may have been legit … have nothing to do with my loyalty to the Black and Gold.
    Just pointing out the facts dood. Now jump back in your jag and let us know when you’ll be arriving into Pittsburgh in mid November.

  40. Perfect grammar, genius IQ. You are so right, because your a Steelers fan and your not from Southwest Ohio you are obviously more intelligent. Please continue to dazzle us on PFT with all of you almighty wisdom.
    I wrote you 3 sentences and got you all fired up! I love it, please keep the hits coming.
    By the way THANK YOU for pointing out the facts to all of us in Cincinnati.
    Haha, what a joke

  41. @ cincy007
    No, you didn’t get me fired up. Stop impressing yourself YFLsr.
    Some words of wisdom to share with a lost soul such as you. Enjoy your escape from futility as a bengirl fan. Your enjoyment won’t last long and as the years roll by you’ll once again you were lucky enough to root for a team and franchise that actually does things right year in and out.
    LOL YFLsr.

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