UFL's Tuskers move to 2-0

The first-ever battle of the unbeatens in the UFL has gone . . . drum roll, please . . . to the Florida Tuskers.

The Tuskers prevailed, 29-15, in Wednesday night’s clash between the previously 1-0 Tuskers and the previously 1-0 Las Vegas Locomotives.

The victory leaves Florida as the only undefeated squad in the four-team league.

The UFL pegged the Sam Boyd Stadium crowd at 12,160.  (For the UFL debut at that same venue, the league claimed 14,000 attended — and the Las Vegas Review-Journal estimated that only 5,000 or so were present.)  Regardless, the league has announced that the Locos’ final home game will be moved from the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles back to Las Vegas.

“We just thought it was more important to capitalize on the momentum building in Las Vegas,” Commissioner Michael Huyghue said in a release.

And then Huyghue took a bizarre backhanded slap at the current quality of the league. 

“There’s a lot of temptation to immediately turn it into an 8 or 12 team league or do more things that we need to,” Huygue said.  “As you build something the fans will look back and say ‘I remember when the excitement of the game was shooting a T-shirt into the crowd.'”

In last night’s game, the legend of J.P. Losman took another hit.  The former first-round pick was outplayed by Florida’s Brooks Bollinger, who completed 24 of 32 passes for 310 yards and three scores.  Losman, in contrast, connected on 19 of 35 throws for 239 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.

Former NFL running backs Tatum Bell and Michael Pittman led the way on the ground for the Tuskers, with 53 and 40 yards, respectively. 

Former NFL linebacker/defensive end Patrick Chukwurah contributed two sacks on defense; former NFL linebacker Odell Thurman had 6.5 tackles and a sack.

And, most importantly, a 29-year-old man successfully boxed out an 11-year-old girl for the free T-shirt that was shot into the crowd during the early portions of the fourth quarter.

22 responses to “UFL's Tuskers move to 2-0

  1. You seriously need to ask for a paycheck from the UFL. The only news I have received about the UFL EVER has come from this site.

  2. i thought it was actual a bit more enjoyable than i thought it would be. those uniforms however have got to be changed. did they get a discount of electric blue or something?

  3. I bet the Florida Tuskers could beat the Raiders, Bills and Rams right now!
    The way the D-line attacked Losman was solid! They were flying around.
    Say what you will, but this leage is not that bad! The only reason why the crowds have not been up to par is due to the network support. If ESPN, NBC, CBS or ABC covered the games as well, it would be more people.
    This is what I would like to see, everyone with “NEW” uniforms and I would like to see a total of 8 teams in the league. 4 teams are not enough.
    All in all, I like what I have seen so far. Pure passionate play from guys in the league.

  4. It is just too painful on the eyes to watch any of these games with those terrible uniforms…..

  5. Technically, if the players and coaches are being paid for their services it is professional football. But still. Do we really need to have threads on this? The first one or two are cute and all but this is going to get annoying real fast.

  6. They should make it like the Premiere league or overseas basketball but with the winner of the UFL playing the worst team in the NFL for a spot in next years league. Much rather see my Iggles play in Las Vegas this week then in Oakland vs a JV squad.

  7. “The victory leaves Florida as the only undefeated squad in the four-team league.”
    Otherwise knows as “the fastest horse at the glue factory”.

  8. I wonder if the teams like the Browns, Raiders, Redskins, and maybe the Bills should look at bringing Bollinger in for a look. The dudes got a 136.1 QB rating after 2 games and a 7:1 TD to INT ratio.

  9. Wouldn’t last week’s game between Las Vegas and California actually be “the first ever battle of the unbeatens” since it was the first game in league history. Neither team had lost. It would also be the first ever battle of winless teams I suppose. Does it even matter? Why am I posting about the UFL? Where’s my medication?

  10. So Florio, how’s that t-shirt fit? If it was that little girls’ size, it should fit you perfect.

  11. At least we know when the league expands that Dick Jauron will still have a chance at a job…

  12. I have to say that it was some pretty good football last night. There was some hard hitting and they played fast. Not bad!
    Now if they would move the UFL season into the NFL’s offseason I could really get into it. I’d love to be able to watch football during the summer. I think the UFL gas got a chance based on what I seen last night.

  13. “# cincyandrew says: October 15, 2009 7:45 AM
    why do we care about the UFL again?”
    That’s where the washed up NFL players go to die, like Romo in a couple of years.

  14. i watched 2 quarters of this game. some1 here said it b4, but the similarity in the uniforms is quite annoying. other than that tho, i enjoyed it. i liked the mic’d up coaches on the sidelines and locker room, and watching ex-nflers is compelling for me and other football junkies. its pro football, so im going to give it a chance. but jp losman still is very very average. oh and jim fassel has not lost one ounce of fire! he was all over the refs all day!

  15. Let breakdown the highlights. Welcome to Thursday Morning Countdown.
    ————————————————– I would rather watch a J.V game in highschool

  16. This is the wrong time of year for a new leauge!!! No one is paying attention, just like the pro bowl this year, should have left it in Hawaii!!! put it in the spring AFTER the Super Bowl, so we all don’t have to watch redneck roundie round!!!

  17. The UFL is just fine I like it the more football the better granted i was flipping back and forth from the ufl game and the boise tulsa game wich i wouldnt do if nfl was on. but all in all UFL is good thing it gives young talent a chance to prove they can play…so get off there backs.

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