Ogunleye's time in Chicago could be near its end

The acquisition of defensive end Gaines Adams Friday night by the Bears was a stunner because top-five draft picks just aren’t often traded early in their third season.

It’s a move by the Bears that looks to a future now more likely to be without defensive end Adewale Ogunleye. 

“O-Gun” leads Chicago with 4.5 sacks this year, and should remain a starter for the rest of the season.  But he turns 33 before before the 2010 campaign and will be a free agent in March. 

Adams’ arrival also puts reserve Mark Anderson “on notice” according to the Chicago Tribune.  Anderson has been a disappointment since his big rookie season, and also seems likely to leave next year via free agency.

Ogunleye was originally acquired by G.M. Jerry Angelo in a trade for Marty Booker and a third-round pick.  It’s a move that has worked out well for the Bears; Ogunleye has started all 77 games he’s played in Chicago with solid production.

Now it looks like Ogunleye will ultimately be replaced by another high-risk, high-reward defensive end acquired via trade.

5 responses to “Ogunleye's time in Chicago could be near its end

  1. Well, Rod Marinelli is great with defensive linemen…so if anyone can get Gaines Adams playing at a higher level it’s him. Best of luck. Think Tampa Bay pulled the cord too quickly on him.

  2. Jerry Angelo’s time in Chicago will be near it’s end as well if Gaines sucks in Chicago like he did in TB

  3. Yeah but who’s putting Angelo on notice? I guess I just did. Doh!
    If his recent moves of trading draft picks do not work out the Bears will go into a long hibernation.

  4. I like the move,sure ogunley is playing good it’s his contract year!this guy is young and has potential plus has expierance that a 2nd. round pick would not.all the bears need now is someone who knows what he is doing calling plays on offense!turner will be the reason they don’t go all the way not cutler.

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