Gaines Adams inactive, as expected

Bears fans will have to wait to see defensive end Gaines Adams in action.

As expected, the recent acquisition will not be active Sunday night.  Also out for Chicago: Juaquin Iglesias,  Adrian
Peterson, D.J. Moore, Lance Louis, Matt Toeaina, Jarron
Gilbert and Hunter Hillenmeyer.

The Falcons had no major surprises on its inactive list.  Out for Atlanta: Tye Hill, John Parker Wilson, Ovie Mughelli, Antoine Harris,
Spencer Adkins, Will Svitek, Garrett Reynolds and Vance

1 responses to “Gaines Adams inactive, as expected

  1. Trust me Chicago fans, I’ve been watching Gaines for 3 seasons; you’re not going to see any ‘action’ from him, unless you consider arms flailing pointlessly while he gets blocked by every LT on the schedule as ‘action’.
    BTW, Thanks Jerry for the 2nd pick. You’ll be inundated with a boatload of Christmas cards with Tampa postmarks this December.

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