PFTV ponders possible deadline deals

On Saturday, Peter King, Jimmy Roberts, and yours truly talked about some big-name trades that could go down between now and Tuesday.

I don’t have a link to the video yet.  But I do have a link to a PFTV segment on the trade deadline.  So you’ll have to put up with Brocato and me instead.

Here it is.

9 responses to “PFTV ponders possible deadline deals

  1. Geez, Florio. Get a tan, cut your hair differently, or put on a little mass, or something. Between your pasty complexion, hairstyle and tiny little suit, you’re looking like a dead-ringer for Eddie Munster.

  2. “Me” is correct. It is the object of the preposition “with”.
    For instance, which is the correct completion of the sentence: “Sally went to bed with … ”
    A. I.
    B. an internet grammarian.
    C. her English teacher.
    D. me.
    E. none of the above. Sally is a lesbian.

  3. Raiderman says:
    October 18, 2009 8:45 AM
    Brocato and I instead.****
    Well we shouldn’t expect Raiderfan to be educated…

  4. if Peder King and Florio discussed it consider their conversation to be
    contraindicators because my deceased mother to this day knows more about football than Peter King and that quasiattorney/journalist Florio.
    to paraphrase sgt schultz
    “they know nothing”!!

  5. Raiderman, please find your 8th grade English teacher, and apologize to her immediately. You’re an idiot, and idiots shouldn’t correct other people’s grammar.

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