Zorn stripped of play calling duties

If hiring offensive consultant Sherm Lewis was the “kiss of death” for Jim Zorn’s career as Redskins head coach, he’s really dead now.

The Redskins announced Sunday night that Zorn will no longer call plays.

Zorn and executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato met Sunday night, and Cerrato told Zorn the head coach had too much on his plate.

Here’s the kicker: Cerrato and Zorn will meet Monday to decide who will call the plays.


So either the organization genuinely has no plan or it wants its fans to think they don’t. The Washington Post reached Lewis Sunday night, who was using his extra set of eyes.

“I’m just sitting here watching the game film, trying to correct it,” Lewis said. “I haven’t heard anything.”

The Redskins have a bye in Week Eight.  If Zorn is going to get fired then, the team should have the decency to put him out of his misery now instead of castrating him before another miserable week.

Of course, it seems quite possible that everyone in Washington is like Lewis, just as curious as the rest of us in seeing what owner Dan Snyder will do next.

21 responses to “Zorn stripped of play calling duties

  1. he looks like a 70 yr old man. why is he doing this to himself. he should just step down and go back to what he does best, being a QB coach for mike holmgren

  2. Bwaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa!!!!! Cannot believe anyone would pick these losers to win it all! Who would do that? Who?

  3. ROFLMAO, this just keeps getting better and better.
    ROFL, (I can’t stop saying that) ROFL, you have to be kidding, I mean really. “You’re relieved of play calling duties but we really don’t know who is going to call the plays, so why don’t we get together Monday and you can help us decide who is going to call the plays?”
    Redskins management is putting new meaning on the word ‘clueless’. ROFL
    I know, they can run a contest on Twitter and the 31st poster get s to call a series for the team.
    Clueless, hopeless, completely lost. I love it. How the mighty have fallen.

  4. They want Zorn to resign so they don’t have to pay him.
    Not right at all. What idiot hires a man to be an OC when he hasn’t even hired a coach.
    Dan Snyder screwed this up and he needs to be a man and fix it right

  5. Can they put a paper bag on Zorns head so we don’t have see those puzzled looks on his face on the sideline?

  6. So, by the time they play my Cowboys, they will have a new or interim HC. I know they’re gonna kick our ass! I tell you what, you guys can have Wade! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  7. Don`t expect much if Sherm Lewis is calling plays. When he was the Offensive cordinator for the Packers in the late 90`s Holmgren let him call the plays one season. It left a lot to be desired. Holmgren returned to calling the plays .

  8. Let JC call his own plays or something.
    Zorn looked terrible in the post game locker room interview.

  9. I really hate this. Jim Zorn is a fine and decent man who simply doesn’t deserve this kind of abuse.
    Having to report to Snyder and his mini-me Cerrato, and being blamed for their utter mis-management of this once great franchise, is more than any one should have to endure.
    Hopefully (a very faint hope), these two clowns will have enough sense to realize that changing coaches now won’t do them a bit of good. On the other hand, if they fire him, they’ll still have to pay him, then they can start all over again and screw it up again.
    No self-respecting human being, let alone any competent coach with any real prospects would play for these horrible people………..

  10. “I really hate this. Jim Zorn is a fine and decent man who simply doesn’t deserve this kind of abuse.”
    Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Zorn.

  11. They should let those guys in that sports bar on the TV ad call the plays — you know, the guys who the ref looks in the review hood and asks “What do you guys think?”
    Something like that could work. Might take a long time to get the plays in, but they’re struggling with that now as it is.

  12. Jim Zorn is not responsible for the Redskins not drafting an offensive lineman #1 or #2 for the past 8 years.

  13. As I’ve said before, and as Satan posted above, Snyder wants Zorn to quit.
    So he can save some of that chicken to pay Cowher or some other top-flight guy.
    And what smoother way to get a black coach to “interview” before you hire Cowher, than to have a black “coach” already in the building. Snyder did a favor for Sherm by making him semi-relevant again. Sherm wouldnt dare refuse to interview for the job.
    Advantage: Snyder

  14. Yep indeed. Redskins-Steelers in February.
    I’ll be there.
    Truly a visionary, Vinny. Way to beckon to the fans calls.
    I believe the saying du jour has involved the Titanic and seating rearrangements.

  15. so here it is……….Zorn.your level (or lack)of energy on the field is sucking the life out of the skins…..And Campbell well you may be capeable of throwing the old pig skin to the moon but your going to miss it and by the way if the receiver that the play calls for you to throw to isn’t open, it’s ok to throw the ball to another receiver (just make sure that he is wearing a redskin uniform) ……portis..portis..portis is the OL the problem or have you just lost your gitty up.

  16. “Yep indeed. Redskins-Steelers in February.
    By 2020, it’ll be more like Redskins-Steelers in April.

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