Marino says he'd have a problem with the Wildcat

It’s really not surprising that a slow-footed quarterback with a flamethrower attached to his torso wouldn’t like the Wildcat offense.

But it’s somewhat significant when the quarterback in question was the best ever for a team that has mastered the single-wing attack.

“It would be difficult for me because, I think, there’s a certain thing
about rhythm
,” Marino told our friends at WQAM in Miami.  “But, at the same time, if
you’re running off seven or eight yards a clip you can understand it. 
But me, personally, I don’t think I can handle coming on and off the
field and breaking up your rhythm as far as throwing the football.”

In all fairness, the act of jogging on and off the field several times per game would have matched a month’s worth of Marino’s typical offseason cardio during his playing career.  And, frankly, with a guy like Marino on the team, there’s no need to embrace a Wildcat attack.

And that’s a point I think I sort of made today with Sid Rosenberg of WQAM.  If Chad Henne continues to develop into the kind of down-the-field thrower that Chad Pennington wasn’t, the Dolphins won’t need the Wildcat offense to move the ball.

The key is to come up with ways to move the ball based on the personnel you have.  The Dolphins went into 2008 with a quarterback lacking a Marino-style rocket arm, so the Dolphins improvised.  If Henne can become something that the Fins haven’t had since Marino retired nearly a decade ago, the Wildcat’s appearances will be fewer and farther between.

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  1. Just think – If the Dolphins ran the Wildcat when Marino played, they never would have won that championship…. Uh… wait…. they never did win a championship with Marino at QB…. Sorry about that.
    “Just win, baby!”

  2. The bobbled snap.
    The Rams game.
    The INT against the Giants in a HUGE playoff game.
    The 44-6 shower faint.
    The December record

  3. With Noodle-arm Pennington at QB, you’d look for any way you could to advance the ball downfield.
    Now, with Bingo-man Lewis calling the plays, I’m sure the Redskins will be looking for any Free Space they can find.

  4. I agree. You only use the ‘Wildcat’ when you have a QB you don’t mind taking out of the paly. If a team has a franchise type QB then I see no good reason to take the ball out of his hands.

  5. Marino should wonder why being under two of the greatest coaches of all time, he couldn’t lead his team to a superbowl win…and the nask Trent Dilfer if he can see his.

  6. In a related story, Otto Graham would have no issue with the five yard chuck rule.
    If Marino didn’t cringe at the thought of a full day’s work he’d have not quit the Miami GM role before the first day and his opinion would have mattered.

  7. 1. Running the ball is less prone to mistakes than throwing
    2. Miami is getting 7-8 yards a carry with this formation.
    Knowing this, shouldn’t the wildcat be preferred over any air attack? Low risk, intermediate reward. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  8. in related news,
    -florio says he’d have a problem with going thru a whole day without posting something that even a 3 year old would know

  9. Florio, you run a football website but your lack of football knowledge astounds me. Of course Marino would decry the Wildcat. The guy had cement blocks for feet. Dan Marino is one of the best quarterbacks ever. When you think of Marino, his “flamethrower” isn’t one of the things that quickly come to mind. His ability to read defenses, pick up blitzes and quick release vastly overshadow his “rocket arm”. Henne could be the second coming of Marino and the Dolphins still would not abandon the Wildcat, especially if your team is leading the league in rushing.
    Plus, I doubt Don Shula would have approved of anything so gimmicky as the Wildcat.

  10. “If Henne can become something that the Fins haven’t had since Marino retired nearly a decade ago, the Wildcat’s appearances will be fewer and farther between”.
    I disagree with the last sentence, here’s why.
    1. When a quarterback hands the ball off to a running back, the defense has more time to react because it takes the running back longer to hit the line of scrimmage. On a direct snap the running back can hit the line of scrimmage faster.
    2. By taking the quaterback off of the field, the running back now has 10 blockers.
    3. The Wildcat averages almost 7 yards per play
    for the Dolphins which is higher then any single running back can average.
    The Dolphins will keep the Wildcat until teams find a way to shut it down. Good Luck to other teams shutting down a running play with 10 blockers in their face.

  11. # Packers29 says: October 19, 2009 9:38 PM
    1. Running the ball is less prone to mistakes than throwing
    2. Miami is getting 7-8 yards a carry with this formation.
    Knowing this, shouldn’t the wildcat be preferred over any air attack? Low risk, intermediate reward. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    You engage in a very common logical fallacy.
    That being that if a strategy works, you should use it all the time.
    What happens then is teams figure out how to defense it and it becomes less effective (see game theory) .
    The reason the ‘Wild cat’; is so effective is tat teams rarely use it, thus teams don;t spend much time learning to defend it. If more teams used it n=mor eoften, then teams wold learn to defend it and it woud become less effective.

  12. You don’t see the Colts running it, because they have the best quarterback to play the game and you don’t take the ball out of his hands.
    If the Dolphins still had Marino, the 2nd best quarterback to play the game, they wouldn’t be running it either.

  13. The inverse is also true. You said it, but you didn’t quite say it. With a player like Marino, you wouldn’t develop a power running game. With a player like Marino running the offense, you wouldn’t develop a gutsy, stifling defense. You’d focus on an offensive line to protect him and skill player weapons for him to throw to. And, hence, Marino never had the full compliment of a balanced team to get it done. As soon as JJ started building a quality defense and a running game in Miami, Miami’s O-line and receivers around Marino declined or disappeared entirely. It’s very rare in football that you have a great everything.
    However, if you do have a balanced attack, what does it matter if you have a QB on the field during the 50+% of the plays that are going to be runs anyway?

  14. Interesting story:
    Last year Troy Aikman said in a radio interview I was listening to that Barry Switzer basically proposed the idea of running the Wildcat in Dallas way back in the 90s. Troy proudly said “tell you what, take me off the field for that and I’m not going back out there.”
    The lesson: Even a lot of Hall of Fame “great leader” type QBs are really just punk-ass bitches.

  15. The “teams will figure it out and stop it” claim has to die as much as the “gimmick” title. Is there any other formation or play out there that anyone would rationally apply this to? “Everyone runs play-action so defenses have figured out how to shut it down.” “There’s no way to make the power run out of the I work because it’s been around for so long everyone knows how to stop it.” “Everyone knows you are going to throw the screen out of the blitz so it isn’t going to work once teams have watched the film.”
    Any play with the right personnel at the right time against the right team can work. Likewise, the right defense, with the right personnel, with the right read, at the right time, can stop any play.
    Miami runs the Wildcat 5-10% of the time as a base running formation with some trickier options. It can be stopped and it can work for big gains, and statistically it is producing better than other plays on average and has been only stopped once (maybe twice depending on your definition of “stopped”) — much the same way that Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady (for all their superhuman invincibility) have been stopped or slowed down from time to time. But there is NO football play that has been figured out and stopped definitively.

  16. I disagree with your assessment, Mr Florio, and agree with jamaicamecrazy. If the Fins have “mastered” the single wing, than the addition of a quarterback who can deliver the down field pass only adds another dimension to the team’s game. Sure, Miami never would have resorted to the Wildcat if they had Marino at their disposal, that’s elementary. That doesn’t mean, however, that you drop an offensive weapon that is gaining an average of 6-7 yards/play, that would be stupid.
    Even as a complement to the Wildcat, a QB with an arm is an added threat. They’ve flipped it back to Pennington out of this formation and thrown the ball, and it was complete for an astounding 30 yards (sarcasm). Imagine if Ginn’s coverage leaves him because it’s a single wing hand off and it’s HENNE that gets the ball. Touchdown every time.
    Bottom line, if Henne is what we think he is, then the only thing left for the Fins to fix ASAFP is the secondary. The Saints game coming up will determine if the Fins are a legitimate threat THIS season, which I think they are. Henne’s arm combined with the hesitation causing single wing could mean championship.
    I’m just glad our season is still breathing after an 0-3 start. Come on FINS!

  17. # omegaichiban says: October 19, 2009 9:36 PM
    Marino should wonder why being under two of the greatest coaches of all time, he couldn’t lead his team to a superbowl win…and the nask Trent Dilfer if he can see his.
    The obvious answer is that Marino’s teams never had a solid defense, much less a dominant one like Dilfer had, omegaichiban.
    Maybe you were still in your first pair of shoes when Marino played.
    When you have a QB the likes of a Dan Marino, you don’t take him off the field, period.

  18. Bill in DC:
    Yes, it can’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean that they should change anything now. Why stop when its successful? At least make the other teams stop it before you declare it obsolete.

  19. Also, for all the love I have for Dan Marino’s play, he’s always been a self-involved, supremely confident control freak. He’d be pissed if the Marks brothers didn’t catch every pass, if they ran a surefire running play on 3 and inches, if he was on or off the field — and he wouldn’t waste a second to talk up or down any of his teammates because he knew what he was capable of. Part of the unique greatness of one of the best who never got the big one. I’m not sure it says much about the Wildcat. The psychology of superstar QBs, sure.
    That’s what makes Miami’s Wildcat so interesting: the whole team has to be unselfish even if a Chad or a R running back is the General on the field because they have to adjust to the new rhythm that not only comes from play to play but formation set to formation set. I can’t think of one instance where it broke rhythm (when it wasn’t already broken) — can’t say the same for Florio’s boy Pat White, but never the true Wildcat. That should be admired, not scorned.

  20. Florio personally comment submission errored me! Florio hates 5’5″ hindu business tycoons!
    Anyways, here’s what I was saying(thank you Raam for inventing copy and paste on iPhone.)
    Am I the only one who thinks Dan Marino needs to ditch his panties and free vag it for a while? Dude, you were a stud. Stop ruining ur legacy being a whiny b(my nuts- itch).
    Dan Marino needs about 10 mistresses under his belt so he’ll stop his crying. I’ll pay for the first three.
    Old man, you were the man! So what you never won the big one? You won a lot of little meaningless ones! Keep doing your weightloss through eating garbage act and get paid. Go back to Miami and any 40+ y/o cougar and her daughter will take care of you.
    Until you become such a bitter joke, as you’re trying to be, anyways. Chicks don’t like whiny itches with B’s.
    I’m just sayin’.

  21. Wildcat and Single Wing are not gimmicks. They or formations that have seen their share of success at various levels over the years. It is just that such run heavy formations like that don’t usually see success in the NFL outside of short yardage situations.
    Some teams have stopped it and some haven’t. Others have been okay against it. I don’t think it is a formation that Miami would use if they had more offensive playmakers in the passing game. They use it to compensate for other deficiancies. And they do it surprisingly well.
    I could care less about Miami in general but I love watching them run the wildcat. It’s different and fun to see at this level. In high school we basically ran those plays. Good stuff.

  22. Weird!!! You mean to tell me that Dan Marino would have had a problem giving up the spotlight in exchange for winning?? That’s so unlike Marino…
    For those of you that don’t know Dan Marino is well known for being a selfish prick…word on the street

  23. Good article that actually made sense Florio.
    Simplistic points to be sure, but judging from some of the comments, you don’t want to high-brow it too much anyway.

  24. the WAY to STOP the WILDCAT:
    penetrate the gaps ==> push the OLine back
    = only thing that works
    that being said – good luck doing so
    the only team able to do so was the Baltimore Ravens with Fat Rex. Baltimore got one of the most physical and nastiest DLines in all Football BUT to the point they stopped Miami – the Dolphins were down
    – LG Smiley
    – RG Thomas
    and the Center was Satele and not Jake Groves
    im shocked that 2-3 smart people are reading this blog and they figured out that “THE MAGIC* about the wild cat is the number of blockers and that you get steamrolled.
    the player personal the Fins use for the Wild Cat:
    RB Brown 6’0-230
    RB Williams 6’0-230
    RB Cobbs 5’8-205
    FB Polite 6’0-245
    TE Fasano 6’4 255
    TE Haynos 6’8-270
    LT Long 6’7-320
    LG Smiley 6’3-310
    C Groves 6’4-310
    RG Thomas 6’4-310
    RT Carey 6’5-340
    even in I-Formation or other “basic” run plays its obious that Parcells once again has built an monstrous OLine who just proved they can steamroll even the Jets D-Line incl. big ass Jenkins. – so the interior is KEY. the addition of TE Haynos with his 6’8 270 pound body is like an additional Lineman. Fasano is a very good blocker too and Polite is one badass. both Runningbacks are power runners and one LB with armtackles wont bring them down.
    How to stopp it?
    – if you fill the box with all big bodies you got they will hand off the ball to Williams and he will out run you.
    – if you play in the basic defense and just try to attacck the gap you will get overpowered
    the only way to stop the wild cat is to win the battle up front – if you can push the OLine back in the backfield and penetrate.
    that being said – GOOD LUCK trying it lool
    Goo Dolphins.

  25. .. and to the comment. Its not true that teams dont prepare for it!!! teams spend a looot of time preparing for it thats the other sweet thing about the WC because the time they spend to prepare for the WC – they wont be able to use for other stuff.

  26. The forward pass started out as a gimmick, too.
    I think the wildcat is a good thing for the game because it forces defenses to adapt and grow. Just like the run and shoot was good for the game. And on the other side of the ball, it’s good that not all teams run 3-4 and not all run 4-3.
    Variety. That’s the key. Run the wildcat every play and you’ll be just as screwed as if you pass every play or run every play. Variety and balance on offense is key.

  27. Last year Troy Aikman said in a radio interview I was listening to that Barry Switzer basically proposed the idea of running the Wildcat in Dallas way back in the 90s. Troy proudly said “tell you what, take me off the field for that and I’m not going back out there.”
    The lesson: Even a lot of Hall of Fame “great leader” type QBs are really just punk-ass bitches.
    how dare the guy who won 3 superbowls not want to stop whats working, and try the wildcat. look at the proven track record of the wildcat. it successfully brought miami to the superbowl, winning it last year right….oops. they got beat by every team who can successfully stop the run, and will continue to get beat this year by every team that can stop the run. 11-5 last year was due to a pathetic schedule, and they will be lucky to win 9 games this year.

  28. Ok look; teams prepare to stop the wildcat when they play us. If they aren’t, then the coaches aren’t doing their jobs because it is far and away our most successful formation, and has been for about a year and a half.
    The other thing; I know Henne won’t be Marino. I think he’ll do pretty good, but there aren’t a lot of guys out there like Marino. Anyway, no matter how good Henne is, why would we stop using the wildcat when its our most successful run formation, and we lead the league in rushing? I like Marino and will always be thankful for what he did in Miami, but to me it sounds like he just wouldn’t like it because he wouldn’t be throwing as much.

  29. I think this also explains why teams like the Patriots and Colts do not use it. Who wants the best quarterbacks in the game lined up wide?

  30. It’s successful because it’s a power running team with good blockers in place. Every other team just tries to throw personnel around and try to make it work.

  31. crowder911 is right on point,,,, it puts Ds in a major spot… the only way to really defend it is to get a MAJOR gap penetration IMMEDIATELY at the snap….
    back to the subject though… Marino, Brady, Montana, whoever…. any team with any brain who is getting a season long reliable 5-6+ yards on a play ‘type’ is going to run it like crazy… they would be fools not to…..
    and nobody is even remotely up to snuff with Miami on running it… they’ve got more yards than ALL other teams in the leauge running it… and they are getting better at it….
    if Henne legitimately develops into a vertical threat…. watch out for a major late season run…. just like last year

  32. So, Mr. Florio, given all we know about the Wildcat and how it is to be effectively run, why were you pimping for the Eagles to run more of it?

  33. Of course Marino would say that, he’s always been a whiney little bitch. Let’s take out a formation that nets us 7+ yards per attempt to placate Marino’s ego. lol
    The Wildcat is about getting their 2 best players(Ronnie and Ricky) on the field at the same time. Once Ricky is gone, the Wildcat will be dead.

  34. by the way best QB of all time:
    depending on how you grade it
    Marino is clearly the best passer and feared opponents the most. He never played on a good team, never had a running game and a WR like Rice.
    So best QB Marino
    Most successful QB Montana
    i dont think its fair grading QBs for Rings – best example Manning, Brady and Roethlisberger.
    Manning is by far the best of the 3 but spent a lot of time on a bad team and took them forever to form a champion team.
    Brady got huge advantage of Bellichecks system, the players around him and Bills Video Camera.
    Roethlisberger is more of a system guy as well.
    so as both have more rings then Manning – makes that Roethlisberger and Brady better then Manning??? Nooo
    Same with Marino and Montana… oppinion
    take away Montanas, Defense, Running Game and Rice and he’ll still be good but wont win any rings either.
    Nobody ever has thrown balls like Marino
    but everybody knew – as he scramblet

  35. The party line of Dan Marino apologists for years was that he didn’t win a Super Bowl because Miami didn’t have a running game. Just imagine Marino if Miami teams of the 80s had the Wildcat and it’s power running?
    Also, the disrupting the rhythm of the passing game argument is crap because you aren’t exactly passing when you hand off to a RB in a conventional formation.

  36. “Marino is clearly the best passer and feared opponents the most. He never played on a good team, never had a running game and a WR like Rice.”
    …”take away Montanas, Defense, Running Game and Rice and he’ll still be good but wont win any rings either.”
    Guess you missed Super Bowl XVI.
    Never played on a good team? Out of all those years, never played on a good team,? Somehow, I doubt that. Lost one Super Bowl, should’ve had the chance to lose two in a row if they didn’t choke to the Patriots at home.
    Marino is no Joe Montana, unless Montana started plugging weight loss ads and doing movies with pet detectives.

  37. what the wildcat means long term is there will be a premium more than ever for hard running smart RB’s …. no more fridges

  38. i also think that 4-3 defenses are better suited to have a chance to stop it.
    the only 3-4 defense i guess that got a chance to slow it down on the Dolphins schedule are the Steelers with fat ass hampton in the middle eating Groves+Smiley

  39. did anyone listen to the interview? marino wasn’t whining or complaining. he was asked, in the interview, what he thought about the wildcat and its use, if he was in the game.
    he answered, and quite honestly i might add, that he wasn’t a huge fan of it from a QB’s perspective. I can’t blame him. For the obvious reasons you wouldn’t pull Elway, Montana, Brady, Manning from a game too.
    how is that whiny? that’s just an accurate opinion from a top-flight QB. All of them would agree.
    The wildcat was a great scheme developed to move the chains when you don’t have very many offensive weapons. miami doesn’t. the RB tandem of Brown & Williams are their only offensive playmakers really. is ginn & bess going to scare many secondaries? probably not.
    to the poster that commented on marino not winning rings, but citing dilfer as having one – that just bolsters the argument that winning the superbowl is a TEAM effort. a QB does not win one by himself. using superbowls to rate QB’s is the most retarded argument ever. it’s a team sport and plenty of good QB’s never win the big game. As someone else said, roethlisberger has more rings than peyton manning – would you say roethlisberger is a better qb? i rest my case.
    i’m not going to be a homer and say marino was the best ever, but i think he deserves mention in the same breath as Montana, Elway, etc.

  40. I really do not understand how people that no nothing about football end up writing about it. I’m tired of hearing “gimmick”, or “fad” when it comes to the wildcat. And to say it disrupts your throwing rythm is ubsurd. What the difference of handing off the ball to a runningback, or jogging off the field? You are still being a spectator to the play, and not throwing the ball. Henne threw the ball for 26 times last game. and was very effective. And too many people use this “they dont have a quarterback so they have to run the wildcat ” I guess CP throwing for 3600 yards last year was just a mirage.
    Okay lets break this down for all the elementary old school analysts out there. If I always run a 3 wr set and than I got to a 2 te set to run the ball is that a gimmick? is that a fad? no it pretty much known I’m about to run the ball, now stop it.
    I dont understand how people can be so irrational. Its a power running game, thats it. Its smart football, you take out the player that does nothing on a run play (QB) and get an extra blocker

  41. Well after being a DolFan for my entire life, and going to three SuperBowls with the team, I can say several things about the current state of the team and the Wildcat:
    1) Dan Marino had an excellent arm, field presence, and some of the best receivers in the NFL to throw to! All I can say is that I pray that Henne develops into a good quaterback and the Fins can start drafting and trading for quality wide receivers to throw to.
    2) Miami’s wide receivers are mediocre at best, and they need a deep threat… certainly not Ted Ginn.
    3) The establishment of a good solid running game with using the Wildcat is a GREAT idea since Miami fans were getting used to such mediocre play calling that an 10 y.o. girl could guess the next play and call the appropriate defense! Mix it up, and keep the preparation for the opposing team as complex as you can. Always keep them guessing!
    4) Dolphins have NEVER been a great team until they ran the ball down the opponent’s throat….the 70’s were good to us! Ball control is key since they have never been a high scoring team and play horrible game of catch-up to potent offensive teams.
    5) Wildcat is especially potent when you have talented personnel to rotate in/out of the mix, and with all the tools they have, this should still be an integral part of the offense until a wide receiver that can match Henne’s arm is found!

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