Jason Campbell keeps his job, for now

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen hinted at it early last night, and NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports it with certainty — Jason Campbell will remain the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

The news comes after coach Jim Zorn initially suggested after Sunday’s loss that the benching of Campbell for Todd Collins was a one-time thing, and then explaining Monday that a decision had not been made for Week Seven.

And while Zorn said the decision would be his, Mort suggested that new play-caller Sherm Lewis preferred Campbell.

Whether Campbell is on a short leash remains to be seen, along with whether Zorn or Lewis would be the one to yank the starter out of the game.

7 responses to “Jason Campbell keeps his job, for now

  1. This decision is made solely on the fact that the Redskins have no Offensive Line, and Campbell is more mobil. Because any Skins fan knows Campbell cant throw or hit a target, Collins can. But Collins can’t run, so with him in there, expect a lot of sacks. And Collins will be in there eventually. I truly believe that now.

  2. Lil’ Danny Snyder obviously enjoys torturing his employees, so why no put Vinny in at QB behind the O-line that he failed to upgrade in the offseason?
    Call it “hands-on experience”.

  3. Jason Campbell will keep the job this season because there’s no real alternative, short of a ground-breaking trade, or signing a free-agent retread QB already experienced in the West Coast offense, like Jeff Garcia.

  4. Colt Brennan went on Injured Reserve before the season started. Thanks for following along at home.

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