Report: Galloway heading to Kansas City

Joey Galloway wasn’t good enough to stick in New England’s receiver rotation, but there may be a spot for him in Kansas City.

Christopher Price of WEEI in Boston writes on Twitter that Galloway is on his way to Kansas City for a workout with the Chiefs.

Kansas City is thin at wide receiver, with Mark Bradley, Bobby Wade, and Bobby Engram behind Dwayne Bowe on the depth chart.  Bradley has been somewhat productive (177 yards), but has suffered from a number of mental mistakes.

Galloway struggled to adapt to New England’s system, but he didn’t struggle getting open too badly in his first few games.  He did struggle catching the ball.

23 responses to “Report: Galloway heading to Kansas City

  1. Whats the point of getting a downfield threat if your QB will be on his back by the time he gets downfield.
    Ive seen a better line for a 2nd grade fire drill.

  2. Poor Matt Cassell.
    Trying to make a name for himself and look at his God-awful receivers.
    Man, does Galloway suck. I know he’s been in the league for like twenty years, but funny, I don’t ever remember him being any good.

  3. It couldn’t hurt the chiefs to give him a try, I would think the Jets, Bills or Dolphins would want to give him a playbook workout but I guess if he is confused by the scheme he might not be much help. I remember the Steelers were rumored to be interested in him before he signed with the Pats, and Limas Sweed has certainly not been a solid number 3 of course Mike Wallace has been doing pretty good.

  4. I guess da Eagles Trade 2 Chiefs for Derrick Johnson is Unlikely. Dang EAGLES!!! Get On Da Ball!!!

  5. hahaha! you might as well say ” Galloway is out of football” he was released so he can pick his own team instead of getting traded to a team he might not like, and he picked the CHEFS. hahaha

  6. Oh he can still run as fast as ever. No synch with the Pats offense or Brady. Will be a good pick up for somebody.

  7. They wouldn’t be “thin” if Haley threw the damn ball more often to Bowe (and Bowe learned how to catch; oh well, bring on Galloway)…

  8. Not sure if get how this helps KC.
    The new brass is taking the correct approach in bringing in the guys cut from better teams, because, in theory, they are better than the worst players in KC. Thus, KC gets better, little by little.
    But bringing in another over-the-hill WR when we already have Engram does no good.

  9. I think you have to look at it this way, or at least my optimism for the Chiefs forces me to…
    The Chiefs still are sitting on a lot of cap room, even after they splurged on Cassell. They’re making moves and taking a long look at anyone they think may be able to provide an edge. Galloway isn’t going to be looking for a multi-year deal anyway and the Chiefs surely aren’t looking to offer him one. This is really a no lose situation for the Chiefs.
    That said, I don’t see Galloway fitting in with the Chiefs (and I’m even a Galloway fan). He dropped a few very catchable balls in New England, he hasn’t been able to stay on the field the past couple seasons, and his role would be extremely limited (I don’t see him doing special teams, do you?). He’s only going to take time away from Bradley, Engram, or Wade which really doesn’t seem like an improvement.
    My guess: Galloway’s time in the NFL has come to a close. He’ll likely end up resigning with Tampa Bay and promptly retiring.

  10. People don’t go there to die. The city kills them once they get there. But, in this case, Galloway has already died of other unnatural causes. Regardless, why would any living being want to be there?

  11. Galloway has done it with great athleticism his entire career. New England is asking him to excercise some technique and he can’t do it.
    Moss has god given talent but he (and Welker) are both thinking man’s receivers. They usually know when to break it off and when and where to sit and Brady will find them.
    Harrison/Wayne/Clark were like that too. Great athletes but knew what their QB was thinking.
    He could still be productive in a vertical attack. Just not in NE system.

  12. KC only has Dwayne Bowe, who is the newest TO in the sense that the man can play, but drops too many catchable balls. Think about it though, Haley in KC taking what NE doesnt want. Cassell, Vrabel, and now Galloway. With his relationship to NE, this may continue, if he stays employed…

  13. “Kansas City……where New England players go to die.”
    New York Jets…where Cleveland’s best players MUST go….per the secret Tannenbaum/Mangini severance pay agreement.

  14. Galloway can still run and get open, but I think he is afraid to get hit, and drops the ball in anticipation of getting hit.

  15. You know you have bad WR depth when most of your WRs (Wade, Bradley, Engram) are guys who at some point in their career failed to make the Bears roster.

  16. wow, whats with all the hatin’ on Joey Galloway. He has had plenty of pro-bowl seasons. he has had his ups and he has had his downs but over his career he has been a great receiver. here are some examples:
    2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 57 rec 1,014 yards 17.8 ypc 67.6 ypg 6TDs
    2006 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 62 rec 1,057 yards 17.0 ypc 66.1 ypg 7 tds
    2005 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 83 rec 1,287 yards 15.5 ypc 80.4 ypg 10 TDs
    2002 Dallas Cowboys 61 rec 908 yards 14.9 ypc 56.8 ypg 6 TDs
    1998 Seattle Seahawks 65 rec 1,047 yards 16.1 ypc 65.4 ypg 10 TDs
    1997 Seattle Seahawks 72 rec 1,049 yards 14.6 ypc 69.9 ypg 12 TDs
    1996 Seattle Seahawks 57 rec 987 yards 17.3 ypc 61.7 ypg 11 TDs
    1995 Seattle Seahawks 67 rec 1,039 yards 15.5 ypc 64.9 ypg 7 TDs
    then again, when your the 15+ ypc type receiver, it’s tough to fit into the NFL when your 37 (soon to be 38) years old. anyway, my point is you can rip on Galloway for not being good this year, but don’t say he’s never been good, because then you obviously just started watching football last year.

  17. At least people are talking about Kansas City being a hellhole instead of Oakland. Looks like the Raiders will at least finish ahead of the Chiefs this year.
    Hey, I got to look at ANY bright spots when I can find them!

  18. oh, one more thing, Galloway is 22nd in receiving touchdowns ALL-TIME in the NFL. I think thats pretty impressive. and plenty of them have played 14+ seasons just as Galloway has.

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