Brees speaks about almost becoming a Dolphin

Dolphins fans that have long moved past the Nick Saban era get a chance this week to relive the Nicktator’s single worst decision running Miami’s franchise. (Yep, even worse than interviewing with Mr. Florio.)

Brees.jpgI’m referring to Saban’s failure to land Drew Brees during the 2006 offseason.  The Dolphins instead ended with Daunte Culpepper, Saban eventually landed in Alabama, with the John Beck/Cam Cameron combo platter arrived in Miami. 

In advance of this Sunday’s Saints-Dolphins game, a few excellent articles are out detailing what exactly happened four years ago.

Brees admits to Mike Triplette of the New Orleans Times-Picayune that he was leaning towards Miami initially, which confirms many previous reports.  But the Saints and new coach Sean Payton made it clear they were “all in” for Brees, while Saban’s interest was lukewarm.

Brees recalls that, “Saban was just kind of like, ‘We’ll see what the test results say, and I’ll get back to you.’  And I was like, do you want me here or not?” Brees said. “And he was like, ‘Well, yeah, I do, I just have to make sure.'”

The Saints were ultimately willing to offer more money, and closed the deal soon thereafter. (Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald provides another good blow-by-blow account from the Dolphins perspective.)

Brees is tired of the subject this week already, so he released a statement Wednesday.  He said the Dolphins didn’t believe in his ability to come back.

Brees is clearly happy that he wound up landing with his Plan B.

“Nothing could have worked out better than it has here . . . This is where I belong, and I felt like this was a calling.”

As someone who went to college in New Orleans and loves the city, I’m happy things worked out the way they did too.  The Saints’ bond with the city is truly unique, and what Brees means to New Orleans is enough to make a sports cynic turn into a softie.

So, thanks Nick!

12 responses to “Brees speaks about almost becoming a Dolphin

  1. The silly Dolphins gave up a 2nd round pick for Fumblepepper and sunk to the bottom of the NFL.
    Where would they have been with Brees and that 2nd round pick?
    Classic screw up. How many other teams are now kicking themselves for not signing Brees then??
    It is just the Dolphins were the closest.

  2. I thought Brees was just a happy go lucky guy. We’ll see what happens when he plays p*ss*d off.
    I bet Brees throws for 450 yards, 6 touchdowns, and the Saints win 54-7.

  3. Thanks, Nick . I hated you when you left LSU. I’m glad you were the dumbass that passed on Drew. Can you feel the Brees???? Who Dat!

  4. The Saints’ bond with the city is truly unique …
    …. when they are not wearing paper bags over their heads.

  5. As someone who has lived near both Green Bay and my current home two hours west of New Orleans, I can tell you the relationship with the city of New Orleans is not necessarily unique, however I would compare it to Green Bay with respect to the fans and how the fans have a sense of ownership. The collective “we” is very much in play among Saints fans…they live and die on a level I would compare to Packers fans. I have lived here since 1995 and Saints fans have suffered for most of that period, and for the most part have been very loyal through the bad…like Aaron Brooks’ backwards pass…and Ditka….and the fact that they chose Aaron Brooks over Jake Delhomme…they didn’t get a clue during that Christmas Eve game against Dallas before he signed with Carolina. For a city that has been through a tough couple of years, I am glad Brees chose the Easy over South Beach.

  6. Just about every dolphin fan wanted brees.
    The only person who preferred Culpepper to Brees was that stupid lying a-hole Nick Saban. He made a bunch of very poor personnel decisions. What’s even sadder was his lack of success in the draft. Being that he just came from the college ranks, and even coached a team in the east/west game, the fact that he couldn’t evaluate NFL talent for crap is probably the biggest reason he put his tail between his legs.
    Bottom line: Dolphin fans loved Brees. Many of us still do. I root for the guy in New Orleans now. He’s just a good guy with an amazing talent. It wasn’t until just last year that i finally got over missing out on Brees.
    In other news, why can’t this site use cookies? i’m tired of logging in everyday, and writing posts that don’t save because the NBC system can’t handle cookies. For what it’s worth, SI, ESPN, and CBS’s sites all allow & use cookies.

  7. Look, I love New Orleans and have no animus toward the Saints, but let’s ease up on the hyperbole.
    Seriously. Saints fans weren’t any better than Falcons or Jaguars fans until about three years ago.

  8. i think almost everyone in Miami including ownership wanted Brees, but Saban wanted Culpepper because a hurt knee isnt as bad as a hurt shoulder, whoops, and i dont think Brees is mad at the Miami Dolphins, first off that happened so long ago and now there is new ownership and coaching so he wont be playing angry, Brees has already proven he was worth it and that Saban couldnt make a good decision in the nfl EVER.

  9. Ahhh the wisdom of Nick Saban… I just hope Brees isn’t too pissed. I’m not looking foward to him going up against our young secondary

  10. yes, i hope brees isn’t coming into this game with that proverbial chip on his shoulder.
    after all, it was saban that passed on him, not parcells and sparano. i guarantee you if parcells & sparano were running this team in 2005, they would have grabbed brees, not culpepper.
    god damn you nick saban. you are the bane of my dolphins fanhood

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