Chiefs dust off Kenny Smith

As the Kansas City Chiefs continue to try to remake their roster, they’ve slipped into a DeLorean and set the dial to 2003.

The Chiefs have signed defensive lineman Kenny Smith.  Yes, that Kenny Smith.  The one who hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2003, when he started nine games for the Saints.

Though the release from the team says that he played with the Saints through 2004, the player page for Smith shows zero appearances in 2004 or 2005.  For 2006, 2007, and 2008?  Nothing.

He fills the roster spot that was created when Tank Tyler was traded to the Panthers on Monday. 

13 responses to “Chiefs dust off Kenny Smith

  1. That’s the reason you don’t remarry your ex-wife.
    BTW, this is my impression of getting remarried (or in this case, bring back discarded ballplayers)!!
    It’s like the moron who lost $50 on a football play and $100 on the instant replay!! Go figure.

  2. A question that I don’t know the answer to:
    What is the longest time of separation between games in the 4 major sports?
    I would think 6 seasons has to be up there…

  3. Otis Taylor, note that a lot of baseball players left for a bunch of years for WWII… probably 5 or 6, but likely not more than that.

  4. I’m pretty sure DeBerg had a comeback with the Falcons after a number of years, as did Rypien with the Colts. Not sure how long though off the top of my head maybe 4-6

  5. Well, according to that obscure reference source called Wikipedia, he was on IR last season (2008) with the Patriots. I think there’s some connection between the guy that ran the Patriots in 08 and the Chiefs in 09 but I’m not positive. I may have to check this Wikipedia place again since I can’t get informed football news elsewhere.

  6. “The Chiefs have signed defensive lineman Kenny Smith.”
    “Yes, that Kenny Smith.”
    Oh thanks, that explains it.

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