Jeff Reed apologizes to Steelers fans

Steelers kicker Jeff Reed, arrested after Sunday’s win over the Browns for public intoxication, has apologized to the team’s fans.

“I have the utmost respect for this community, this team this organization,” Reed said, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  “I apologize . . . for being a distraction to this team.”

And, as it turns out, Reed wasn’t busted merely for partying like it’s 0.1999.  He also was charged with resisting arrest, simple assault, and disorderly conduct.

The whole thing started because another teammate, tight end Matt Spaeth, got himself into trouble for peeing into something other than a urinal.  Reed was arrested after coming to Spaeth’s aid.

The fact that Reed was cited earlier this year for beating up a towel dispenser puts him in jeopardy of greater consequences under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy, which focuses heavily on repeated offenders.

For now, the team is taking no action against Reed, and he will be playing on Sunday against the Vikings.

61 responses to “Jeff Reed apologizes to Steelers fans

  1. SteelerNation accepts his apology just like last time. They love field goal kickers.

  2. Just one question if he got arrested after leaving his car to come to Spaeth’s aid, Does that imply that he was driving?

  3. “tight end Matt Spaeth, got himself into trouble for peeing into something other than a urinal. Reed was arrested after coming to Spaeth’s aid. ”
    Wait…tell me Jeff Reed wasn’t coming to his aid…to help him pee on something…shoot, can those Steeler boys not find a decent woman?

  4. There’s nothing as pathetic as a mean drunk.
    Especially the kind of mean drunk who beats up paper towel dispensers and screams at minimum wage employees or who “comes to the aide” of someone who is 6’7″ 270 lbs.
    Speath was definitely in the wrong but at least he didn’t join in on Reed’s BS behavior.

  5. So he got drunk and had a little fun. “Havent we all”…”It’s not like we went out and Raped some woman Unlike someone we know.” and now He’s trying to cover it up. Less we forget.

  6. “I have the utmost respect for this community, this team, this organization,” Reed said. “But come on, I’m a Steeler. We all know just how trashy we can be. My Quarterback is a rapist, our All-Pro linebacker raises aggressive pitbulls (and I’m pretty sure he’s murdered people, by the look in his eyes), and our SB MVP WR is just-plain TRASH, for christ’s sake! Can you really blame me?”

  7. What a joke!!
    Why is this idiot kicker held to a different standard than the rest of the league?? If this were a high profile player, he would be SUSPENDED for 4 games, as this is a GROSS violation of the personal conduct policy….
    NFL is a freaking joke….double standards across the board…bunch of hypocrites

  8. You Steeler haters are @$$wipes. Maybe, you should put off the trash talk until your team wins 6 Super Bowl Championships. Ha!.

  9. Reed needs to argue that he should not be subjected to the league’s Personal Conduct Policy for the simple fact that kickers are not football players.

  10. “The fact that Reed was cited earlier this year for beating up a towel dispenser…”
    Man, them Steelers have a thing for towels don’t they?

  11. # chapnasty says: October 21, 2009 3:05 PM
    For once I am going to use the race card. If he were black he’d be suspended for 8 games.
    I think the main reason he suffers no discipline is, HE IS A STEELER. Really don’t think it has anything to do with race. Only rascist people throw out the race card.

  12. Is Reed getting suspended? Is ESPN Reporting this?
    Or is the NFL and THE Sports Leader protecting the Steelers again?

  13. floriohatestheravens says: ….
    It wasnt like he was involved in a triple homicide investigation or was involved with conspiricy to sell cocaine . Know what im sayin ?
    No one gets suspended until he gets his day in court unless your pacman jones or chirs henry . I think your more upset that when you got to 3-0 you donks in bmore thought you was headed to the SB . Now at 3-3 you hate the world and everyone is against the Ravens . Bad news slick your not winning the division again this year either .
    You need to take your time and focus the anger to your teams pathetic defense and the unibrow .

  14. I think that Steeler fans will forgive Reed. Most Steeler fans are drunken idiots so they should be able to relate to him.

  15. you Steeler haters and your jealousy, it’s truly pathetic.
    if the league was going to suspend him, they would have done it immediately. You can’t just suspend a kicker near the end of the week, then the Steelers are scrambling to sign a kicker off the street to kick in a big game at Heinz of all places? Give me a break.
    Goodell: “yeah, mr.rooney, actually we’re going to have to suspend your kicker…sorry we didn’t come to this decision earlier but we were gathering facts all week…well hope you can find one by sunday!”
    there’s a coach who’s committing violence and breaking people’s jaws and most of you want a kicker suspended who prob just needs to quit drinking so often, punching towel dispensers, and mouthing off to a cop.

  16. chapnasty says:
    October 21, 2009 3:05 PM
    For once I am going to use the race card. If he were black he’d be suspended for 8 games.

    If he were black he’d be on Ripley’s Believe It or Not. He is a kicker, after all…

  17. @ scomibord
    You do make a valid point, however I assure you I am not racist, just making an observation.

  18. Craig says: October 21, 2009 3:16 PM
    Just one question if he got arrested after leaving his car to come to Spaeth’s aid, Does that imply that he was driving?
    No, Reed’s father (which is who he was released to) and I believe his mother was in the car as well, which kind of makes me question, why is Spaeth peeing in front of Reed’s mom?
    For all those asking why he hasn’t been suspended yet…he will be, the league can’t do anything until the court rules on it or else the NFLPA will be all over Goodell like white on rice, derrrrrr.

  19. Craig,
    In an article that I read, he was not taken to jail, but released to his father, who was driving the vehicle. So no….sorry….he wasn’t drunk driving…I know that’s where you were going with that. He’s not Donte Stallworth 😉
    Having said that I’m not excusing his or Spaeth’s behavior. Spaeth is a 6’7″ waste of space. Reed’s antics are getting old. If this was the first time I would believe and accept his apology. It’s not going to be so easy this time Skippy. I don’t care if you’re one of the few who can kick at Heinz Field or not, your a douche. His drunken antics and notorious foul attitude are not a secret to most Steeler fans. I know several people who have ran into him at an airport, bar, restaurant, etc and more than half say he’s an *sshole. I guess it depends whether or not he’s PMS’ing.

  20. According to the first article when this was first reported, his parents were with him, and his dad was driving.

  21. @ SixburghDynasty
    So you are saying that just because suspending him would hurt the Steelers the NFL shouldn’t do it? Are you implying that a suspension of any other player for any other team wouldn’t have the same impact? Are you seriously confirming that all of us are right and the Steelers are getting special treatment?

  22. C’mon…This is small potatoes for Syringeburg.
    Guess how many of their players in recent years have been arrested for beating women?
    4: James Harrison, Santonio Holmes, Cedric Wilson and Najeh Davenport.
    Plus they had a pimp (literally): Richard Seigler
    Hell the mascot, Steely McBeem, was arrested for a DUI a few years back. Maybe Reed’s just trying to keep up.

  23. Yeah Brady Gazelle,
    Just like the only thing the NFL did was fine and take a draft pick (of which they had an extra #1 round draft pick that year anyway) from Belicheck and the Patsies for CHEATING then quickly swept it all under the rug. You DO NOT hear about it ANYWHERE other than fans anymore. There is a reason for that genius….
    Just like nothing was made of a massive TV screen hanging over the field in Dallas which could easily interfere directly with the game. What was done about that?
    The league has yet to do anything to a head coach who literally broke the jaw of one of his employees.
    You act like Reed isn’t getting in trouble b/c he’s with the Steelers. There are far more important this that have been overlooked by the league that have nothing to do with the Steelers. Get over it. I bet, in time, that something WILL happen to Reed from the league. This is his second alcohol related offense, albeit his first one was rather minor, SOMETHING will happen. Whether it be a fine or something else. I also wouldn’t doubt if he must take some type of substance abuse class.
    The guy wasn’t HIGH and DRUNK and hit a person crossing the street. He didn’t start a massive brawl in a strip club and have Spaeth shoot at somebody. He didn’t shoot himself or Spaeth, or anyone else in the leg. He didn’t hold anyone while Spaeth stabbed said person. He didn’t drown/hang/electrocute and dogs.
    Those are all criminal acts, what Jeff Reed did was an *sshole act and inexcusable. Plain and simple. Thoug if things were as bad as they make it sound he wouldn’t have been allowed to leave right there on the spot. He’ll be dealt with in due time I would say. And, btw, if I was the Steelers I would play him this week too. It all comes down to winning, and playing at Heinz Field, having Reed is an advantage. There isn’t a team in the NFL that would do anything different in this situation…not a single one.

  24. if the steelers get special privileges then keep them coming. I love collecting championship dvds and other memorabilia!
    reed looking out for spaeth…..just another example of the steelers working as a team!
    i accept your apology Jeff, CHEERS

  25. Did Reed have two or three blue cheese stuffed olives in the martini he was drinking during his apology?

  26. Your collective hate SUSTAINS us Steeler fans.. Keep it comin, we’ll just focus on winning Super Bowls.
    This just in: people do stupid things! Even if you haters had jobs, you’d better hope you can’t get fired or suspended for doing dumb $hit cause you’d be homeless/jobless every week.
    G’night, ladies.

  27. LMAO. Charlie, I’m laughing so damn hard I feel the need to go out and take whiz on the street. I don’t see any cops…..back in a flash!!

  28. @ steeltownpride
    The only thing i have to say to you is NOVEMBER 29th!!! HEART!!
    And thats not true players get suspended ALL THE TIME after arrests….its a personal conduct issue….

  29. I am a Steeler fan as many of you should know by now. I have to say that I am not happy with what Reed did in public. I do think the NFL players have to watch what they do and be held to a standard. Having too many drinks is one thing, but giving police a hard time (allegedly) is another. I have a hard time believing the police are completely lying here. Reed has to watch his actions in public and not be a jackass. If he wants to drink, nothing illegal about it, but don’t get in trouble. So I will say this:
    1. If he is found guilty, he should be suspended for one game. This is yet to be determined.
    2. To me, the reason the Steelers suspended Holmes for one game and not Reed at this time is due to one involving pot (illegal) and one involving alcohol (not illegal).
    3. I read that Reed was not driving, but that his father was. Reed was in the car and got out.

  30. @ Vox’sMommy
    You are about as dumb as your son, lol. The screen over the Dallas field is legal by the rules of the NFL and it was approved by the NFL. So it requires no action from the NFL. Furthermore it hasn’t been close to being hit by a football since that idiot gas pumper tried to hit it.

  31. Chapnasty…I very well aware that it hasn’t been hit yet pal. I just don’t think that if it CAN be hit, and if it COULD HAVE been avoided it shouldn’t be there. I’m not saying that the league should take away Jerrah’s phallus hanging from his Stadium roof, what’s done is done. They have to live with it now. Something should have been done to not have it so close, plain and simple. I don’t give a sh*t if it’s w/in the regulations or not, those regulations are generations old and certainly don’t apply to a modern freaking megadome. Use your thinking cap brother. It if CAN be hit…accidentally, purposely…it doesn’t matter. It SHOUDLN’T be there. I’m just going to assume that your lack of comment on anything else in my post that you at least somewhat agree with those points.
    Please don’t mistake me for dumb b/c I think Jerrah’s peni…er….phallu…er…Big Screen should have been moved. It’s my opinion, just like it must be your opinion that 50yr old rules should apply to modern structures today. Just like I think Reed is a drunken idiot who needs slapped across his face, maybe in jail?
    No, I’m not as dumb as my son. I dropped that poor boy on his head so many times I just stopped taking him to the hospital afterwards. That’s probably the cause for his Romo-delusional fantasies.

  32. “chapnasty says: October 21, 2009 3:05 PM
    For once I am going to use the race card.”
    For once?
    I thought you supported Limbaugh.
    Isn’t that what you dittoheads are all about?
    Division by race & class?

  33. @Steelers4Life …
    Thanks for trying to throw logic into this whine-fest. Reading these posts is like listening to people screech about celebrities: “If that were an ordinary person, he’d get blah blah blah.” Most people have no idea how the average person is treated by the legal system. Most celebs get the same or even tougher sentences than John Q. Public in the same circumstances.
    Steelers, regardless of race, aren’t treated any differently than other players. It sounds like Reed could benefit from rehab. I’d rather see him taking up space there than in jail where the spot could go to a dangerous offender. As for NFL discipline, stop comparing apples and oranges. Each case is separate and should be considered on its own merits. Let this one run its course.

  34. Just make your field goals, so we can get #7 baby. Screw all these haters.
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Dude went out and got liquored up after having beat the Brownies for the 12th straight time.
    What’s the big deal?
    Must be a buncha Mormon’s commenting here.
    Nah, probably just Morons.

  36. Hey guys, Viking players have been known to get in fights at nightclubs, get DUI’s, party on boats with prostitutes etc. etc. We still love them on Sunday. To error is human. Drinking,pissing where ever and a lil fighting ? Could be worse. lol

  37. “The Rural Juror says: October 21, 2009 3:49 PM
    Is Reed getting suspended?”
    Yes. Next week. During the bye.

  38. “# droppingloads says: October 21, 2009 3:53 PM
    I think that Steeler fans will forgive Reed. Most Steeler fans are drunken idiots so they should be able to relate to him.”
    Sure, Mr. “I just shit my pants”
    Nice name…

  39. “# PervyHarvin says: October 21, 2009 6:03 PM
    Could be worse. lol”
    Yup, he could have worn a Patriots jersey and announced “I just wanted to feel like a cheater!”

  40. @ forestgump
    yet again you prove it “stupid is as stupid does”
    I’m not going into Limbaugh again as still I havent seen any proof to your or that genius deb’s claims. But seriosuly, dont start because that is not my intentions. politics ran its course on this site so dont bring it up.
    But also, neither of you ever provided any proof that i was a racist. I was saying, I can’t stand it when people pull the race card as an excusefor their actions. In this situation I was implying if it had been a black guy he would be punished thereby destroying your claim that I am a racist. You moron.
    @ Vox
    I totally agree with your logic on that screen, just kind of sick of hearing about it. I think it should be raised as well my friend.

  41. “# chapnasty says: October 21, 2009 4:26 PM
    Are you seriously confirming that all of us are right and the Steelers are getting special treatment?”
    This coming fram a Pats fan, whose QB has a rule named after him that says: “Please don’t touch me!!!”
    Sure, Hines Ward has a rule named after him too, but that’s because he plays too hard and we can’t have your wusses getting the shit knocked out of ’em.

  42. “# floriohatestheravens says: October 21, 2009 3:23 PM
    NFL is a freaking joke….double standards across the board…bunch of hypocrites”
    What would a Ravens fan do, if not for blaming someone / everyone for their miserable existence?
    Waaaaaaaa. The Refs screwed us!
    Waaaaaaaa. Unfair treatment!
    Waaaaaaaa. We suck.

  43. LOL Percy, I’m starting to think that you and Raven’s Maniac are two of the VERY FEW people here who actually have any sense. That’s coming from a Steeler fan.

  44. “chapnasty says: October 21, 2009 6:17 PM
    I was saying, I can’t stand it when people pull the race card as an excuse for their actions. ”
    Yet you did;
    “For once I am going to use the race card.”
    Thanks for proving that I hit the nail squarely on the head. Rush would be proud.

  45. @ Florio’s lawyer
    Cowboys fan, Hate Tom Brady and the rules created by the “chick-ification” of a mans sport

  46. Chap…I hear you man. I wasn’t trying to dredge anything up or take a shot at Jerry/Cowboys. I was just using it as part of my example. As much as I hate to admit it, the big screen was a pretty cool idea, IMO it’s just waaay too big LOL.

  47. @ forest
    My god you make it too easy… My reference to a race card was that he isn’t getting equal discipline. The race card as you are imagining me to use would be in reference to “he pulled me over because im black”. You my friend cannot think beyond simple statements and understand that some terms can be used in different manners. From now on, I will calrify everything for people like you who are too s-s-s-s-slow to pick up on it.

  48. I want to know who hasn’t at some point in their life (maybe college) got drunk and yelled at cops?
    I for one am guilty of this. In fact I’m pretty sure that I’ve taken a leak outside drunk while yelling at the cops at the same time.
    Everyone getting bent out of shape about this Jeff Reed situation should just go to or watch Sex in the City till you cry yourself to sleep.
    About this race card stuff….I’m calling Obama right now! He’s going to sort you guys out.

  49. Avid steelers fan here. College educated. Successful professional. Have drunk socially but never got drunk or did anything stupid like jeff. Agree with other comments: he is a PROFESSIONAL so he needs to ACT like one. And how old is he? He’s 16 right? Well he’s sure acting like one. And yea, unfortunately a lot of the fans are drunk. And they act stupid too. So they’re ok with it. At Heinz last SUnday a guy was so drunk he vomited on the person in front of him. Jeff would be so proud. Probably one of his drinking buddies LOL. I hope Jeff either straightens out or is let go and replaced. I want the Steelrs reputation maintained and improved. Do you hear me Rooney?

  50. @steelersfanmd …
    Don’t worry–if he doesn’t clean up his act, he’ll be gone next season. The Steelers tend to get rid of “problem” people. I’m curious, though. Would you feel he should be let go if he were a stockbroker or an IT guy getting drunk and peeing in a parking lot after hours? I’m not condoning Reed’s behavior–I’m just wondering whether it’s fair to expect football players to live up to a higher standard than anyone else.

  51. As I recall, Jeff was not drafted and was unemployed, helping a friend build a house, when he was called up to try out for the Steelers several years ago. He should be DAMN grateful for the job, salary, and fame he’s received since then because he could otherwise just be some nameless chump collecting unemployment right now.
    Jeff, you need to get your head out of your butt and appreciate the position you’re in. Represent the team like a PROFESSIONAL athlete. This @*)&$* is getting old FAST.

  52. HamBurghlar says:
    You’ll focus on winning SB’s and, of course, losing to teams like the Bears and nearly losing the control of the Lions… Idiot.

  53. @ Deb:
    It depends on one’s occupation. For some occupations yes, the standards are higher. But guess what: when someone takes that job its par for the course. A professional athlete is on a different level from an IT tech support or stockbroker. Why? Because a professional athlete is ‘supposed to’ be a hero, a symbol, something for kids to look up to, a positive symbol for the city, the community and further the sport. Remember, sports are in competition. So good football players represent not only their town or state but also their profession. Bad athletes do the same. The same applies to police officers, teachers, politicians. Each profession has its own respective ‘code’ that needs to be followed. Higher standard? yes, Surprise? no. They know that when they take the job.

  54. @steelersfanmd …
    I’m not arguing–just posing the question. As fans, we expect a lot from these men. They have to rev up to an intense level of aggression, yet rein in that explosiveness (especially as rules on hits and blocks become more restrictive). And when the game ends, they’re still scrutinized. It’s no surprise some of them don’t live up to our expectations. It’s more surprising most of them do. As in all walks of life, the media tends to focus on the tantalizing stories of the “bad apples,” but most NFL players meet those high standards: They simply do their jobs and spend a lot of their free time engaged in civic activities–probably moreso than the average professional.
    Obviously Reed, as a kicker, isn’t under the kind of aggression-conflict pressure faced by more physical players. And I agree that a lucrative NFL contract is a privilege, not a right. If he can’t live up to his commitments, he should lose it. But it’s still sad to watch him self-destruct. People don’t deliberately set out to ruin their lives.

  55. rusH1023: Shhhhh….the sound of your stupidity is making my head hurt..
    Since when have the Steelers not lost a game they should have won during the season, and won the big ones when they counted? Keep tryin to talk $hit, one day you’ll make sense.
    Oh and “nearly losing control to the Lions” means that we didn’t lose the game, right? So that’s a win? But you’re saying an “almost loss” counts as a loss? I think you’re the idiot, holmes..

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