Chris Samuels confirms he has yet to make a decision on retirement

Earlier today, a report surfaced that Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels plans to retire due to a neck injury.

We then were told that he’s going to wait up to four months while he secures treatment and evaluation from Dr. Robert Watkins, a Southern California spine specialist.

Samuels, in a statement released through the team, has confirmed that he has not made a decision regarding his future.

“I will continue to seek medical advice,” Samuels said.  “I hope to see where I am physically over the next couple months.  At this time, I have not made a decision, but I love playing for the Redskins and hope to be back.”

2 responses to “Chris Samuels confirms he has yet to make a decision on retirement

  1. he was a good lineman for a long time……………..
    the skins ain’t got too many…scratch that, the skins don’t have any, other than dockery, both tackles stunk this past game and we got no hope, other than to maybe pay some hot name wr or dt $100 million and give up future draft picks……………………then we’ll throw every down while portis stomps around the sidelines with our backup qb and kick field goals
    someone ought to start a website called

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