Hanson compares prosecutor's decision to '77 AFC championship

Raiders defensive assistant Randy Hanson is a lifelong Raiders fan.  And Hanson’s current predicament, flowing from his belief that the current coach of the team he loves broke Hanson’s jaw and threatened to kill him, has not altered Hanson’s point of view.

Frankly, we’re starting to think that Hanson is overdoing it, possibly on the advice of a lawyer who realizes that anything other than unequivocal worship of the silver and black would be used against Hanson once he files a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the franchise that knows a thing or two about navigating the plaintiff’s side of the civil justice system.

Per Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Hanson bizarrely has compared the decision of Napa prosecutors not to charge Cable with assault to a perceived bad call in the 1977 AFC Championship between the Raiders and the Broncos.

In that game, Denver running back Rob Lytle appeared to fumble the ball.  The Raiders recovered and were headed for an easy touchdown until it was learned that the officials had ruled that Lytle was down before he fumbled.

And so, regarding Thursday’s decision not to prosecute Cable, Hanson says that “it felt like the Lytle fumble all over again.”


“The Raiders would’ve gone to the Super Bowl,” Hanson said.  “But
they blew the whistle, and all [Oakland fans] could do was shake our

Hanson also expressed satisfaction that the decision came when it did.  “If there’s a silver lining,” he said, “it’s that they got this out of
the way on a Thursday, and now they can focus on [playing] the Jets
[Sunday].  This is a really important game, and maybe this decision will
help them win.”

We’re kind of hoping that this is all an act from Hanson.  If it isn’t, the guy really needs to get his priorities straight.

He believes that the coach of the Raiders physically attacked him, and Hanson has said that he literally feared for his life.  Hanson thereafter was cast aside by the team, prevented from working for the franchise he supposedly loves while still being paid.  Even if he’d been born with a birthmark his forehead that matches the team’s helmet logo, the manner in which he has been treated should have resulted in Hanson setting aside any fanboy tendencies, at least until his situation is fully resolved.

Indeed, if he truly was gratified by the removal of the distraction, then why did he create a distraction in the first place?  And if he’s concerned about the team being focused, why does he seem so intent on filing a lawsuit?

We’re not saying he shouldn’t sue.  Hanson’s jaw didn’t break itself, and we continue to be troubled by the league’s failure to conduct its own swift and thorough investigation into what appears to be a garden-variety case of workplace violence.

But he can’t profess to still be a die-hard fan at the same time he’s plotting a course of conduct that would create trouble for the team he supposedly loves.

Maybe Hanson truly is able to compartmentalize the two competing and conflicting emotions.  The problem is that it’s starting to appear to be grossly contrived at best, and downright pathetic at worst.

49 responses to “Hanson compares prosecutor's decision to '77 AFC championship

  1. What the f_ck are you talking about? No, really does anybody understand what Florio is saying? You were all over the map there. So, confused.

  2. We continue to be troubled by the league’s failure to conduct its own swift and thorough investigation into what appears to be a garden-variety case of workplace violence.
    I find other things they do more troubling. They claim a higher standard and only pursue it against easy targets. Starting to think Davis scares them too much to bother trying to press an investigation with no criminal charges were filed. Jaw didn’t break itself, legal standard is beyond a reasonable doubt – with conflicting witness statements from people that still work there it is not easy to reach.
    Hanson looks like a weasel and probably deserved whatever he got, but that doesn’t make it right.
    I was starting to wonder if Aiello sent you a gift basket, you have started to sound more and more like another mouthpiece for the NFL. Stick it to em Mike.

  3. “we continue to be troubled by the league’s failure to conduct its own swift and thorough investigation into what appears to be a garden-variety case of workplace violence.”
    This is the single most dispicable part of the story, Mike. Not Hanson. Not his love for the Raiders and his bizarre statements. The fact that the NFL has not even looked into this event, which occurred IN THE NFL WORKPLACE, is disgraceful.
    The fact is that the NFL wants to have it both ways. They want to say “Oh, that is an individual team thing.” But that’s only when it is something that is not affecting their anti-trust exemption. If Congress were to say, “Look NFL, if you want to be given a break on the anti-trust thing, that’s fine…but you have to treat Oakland’s conference room as if it were a part of YOUR headquarters, so if a guy gets his jaw broken in there, you have to find out why it happened on NFL PROPERTY!!!” then there would be a team of investigators at the doorstep of Tom Cable and Al Davis faster than Roger Goodell can say “Make it rain in here boys!!!”

  4. Easily Explained…
    The Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological shift that occurs in (coaches) when they are threatened gravely but are shown acts of kindness by their (leader). (Assistants) who exhibit the syndrome tend to sympathize with and think highly of their (leader), at times believing that the (leader) is showing him favor stemming from inherent kindness. Such (assistants) fail to recognize that their (leaders’) choices are essentially self-serving. When subjected to prolonged captivity, these (assistants) can develop a strong bond with their captors, in some cases including a sexual interest.

  5. If the prosecutor refused to press charges you gotta figure that Hanson’s version of the event simply doesn’t jibe with the facts of the case.
    It seems the only thing we know for sure is that Hanson ended up with a broken jaw.
    It is unclear whether the injury was received by a punch or if Hanson got the injury getting forcibly removed from a chair.
    If it was a punch, why would the prosecutor decline charges unless Hanson swung at Cable first? A scenario no one has mentioned but seems plausible. It is my understanding that Hanson is not a big dude so Cable may be a little embarrassed that he cracked Hanson even if legally he can claim self-defense.
    If the whole chair thing happened, then it would be hard to argue that Cable’s intent was to cause physical harm to Hanson and the whole injury was an accident brought on by Cable’s rough handling of Hanson.
    Either way, to equate the present situation to a botched call from 32 years ago makes one wonder if Hanson is playing with a full deck and may be another factor behind the DA’s decision not to press charges.

  6. The guy’s a freakin nutjob, Florio. What don’t you understand?
    By the way, I believe that this incident will propel the Raiders to be all they can be, while still having Russell as their QB, of course.
    I think Cable comes off as the tough guy, “I got your back” kind of coach, as he preaches an “us against the world” philosophy.
    It would be awesome to be the bad boys of the league again and do whatever it takes to win, like we used to.
    To hell with the haters, just win baby!

  7. I believe the DA said he fractured his jaw not broke his jaw. There is a difference. Could you report how Nancy Gay liked her crow last night for dinner.

  8. Does it not suprise anyone that this is another example why Lane Kiffin suggested Hanson be seen by a professional last year.

  9. Excuse me for being somewhat confused, but after reading so many articles about this, I still have one question I need to ask:
    Did the Raiders fire Hanson after this incident, or does he still have a job with them? It’s been very unclear what his current status is with them.

  10. Sounds like something Al Davis might say. I’ve always thought this guy was Al’s snitch in the locker room. He has to profess everlasting loyalty to the Raiders and Al to the bitter end. You’re right, it makes him look like a poor victim while he takes everybody to court.

  11. Florio. I don’t know how old you are. I watched that 77 Championship game and it was not a perceived bad call. Rob Lytle fumbled the ball and Dave Rowe was running the other way for a Raider touchdown. It was shown over and over on instant replay for all to see. IT WAS A FUMBLE! Yes, the Raiders were robbed! I’m sure you can get access to the video of that game and see for yourself.

  12. A. The “perceived” bad call was an actual bad call. The NFL has since acknowledged that.
    B. I hope this guy keeps on talking, because he sounds more and more ridiculous.
    C. His statement to the DA’s office about being willing to cooperate now, since the Raiders didn’t give him what he wanted, doesn’t seem like it’s going to help his civil case.
    D. A fractured jaw isn’t the same thing as a broken jaw. Bones are fractured without as much force as a “break.”
    E. No matter what happened in that room, Tom Cable seems smarter and smarter for not running off at the mouth like Hanson did.
    No, I’m not a doctor or a lawyer, I just play one on this website…

  13. So how did his jaw get broken?
    Is he still with the team?
    Will he file a lawsuit?
    Those are the questions needing answers.

  14. Have you seen this guy, he turly looks like he is on drugs. Besides I have never heard of a football guy at that level being such a wuss. Even non tackling Deion would throw blows. This guy is looking for an easy payday if he was telling the truth, he should have not been so inconsistent with his comments. This is clearly a picture of a Lawyer advising his client purely to get paid, not about what really hapened in that room. Don’t see no jury giving out any big bucks for this so called fight.

  15. this guy is a nut job. his story has changed several times.
    i don’t think his jaw was broke or cracked at all.

  16. This story is becoming worse than the Pats cheating, Eagles signing Vick, Terry Bradshaw dying, Brett Favre un-retiring, and Cowboys video screen stories combined. I mean, the dude still works for the Raiders (right?)!?! Drop it already. It’s so dumb.

  17. Believe it or not Florio, there may just be one or two people that are more complex than you are.
    And which team would you suggest he transfer his life-long love to? His beef is with Tom Cable – not the organization.
    And, his arrangement seems to be a very reasonable one; the team can’t abide the tension of having the two men together, so they put the one on paid leave. PAID. I wonder how long that will play out for, since Randy Hanson is apparently one of Al’s personal favs.

  18. This was indeed all over the place. Hanson doesn’t need to have the DA get a conviction “beyond a reasonable doubt”, all he really needs is “a preponderence of the evidence” right Florio? And, as has been so aptly explained here, the jaw didn’t “fracture” itself.

  19. For what it’s worth, the fumble is shown at 4:14 of the following video clearing up any doubt about the fumble. Raiders were indeed robbed.

  20. Hansen is a punk. He fell down and broke his jaw.
    He was a spy for Al and got what he had coming. Romanowsky claimed on the radio that he is jacked up on drugs and Kiffin suspended him because he is nuts and a manipulator and medler.
    Cable’s credibility is much greater.

  21. Sadistic dog torturers, guys who beat up their girlfriends, married guys who have multiple affairs, steroid users, and now coaches who beat up other coaches.
    The NFL, ladies & gentlemen. Please, pay lots of money to let it into your home in as many ways as possible. Thank you.

  22. I think it was more like the ’76 “Roughing the Passer” penalty against Sugarbear Hamilton, probably the worst call in NFL History of a erroneous penalty changing the outcome of a game – and the outcome of a SB. Without that call John Madden would not be in the HoF.

  23. What is the confusion?
    you cant be a fan of the team you have to sue to get your due restitution?? why should that be an act?
    the DA and Hanson’s team had to admit it was going to be too hard to prove Cable was the one who actually touched him when he was pushed or fell over backwards or whatever it was and – hello, unintentionally smashed his face on a table. Should he be compensated? Yes. By the team or an insurance agency or Al, himself. Should everyone stop speaking to the media about it? Yes. It’s too easy for PFT to mountain-ize them molehills.
    Seriously. a coach freaked out on a subordinate coach, threatened him, whatever. An accident happened. End of (if only) the “story”.

  24. “If the prosecutor refused to press charges you gotta figure that Hanson’s version of the event simply doesn’t jibe with the facts of the case. ”
    I wouldn’t say that. I would say that Hanson’s verson doesn’t jibe with the testimony given by other witnesses of the altercation.
    Those witnesses could very well be lying to protect their boss but the D.A. has no way of proving such a thing, even if it is extremely likely.

  25. What the hell are you talking about Florio? This rambling rant you posted lost everybody. My 12 year old could have written a better article.
    Seriously, you need to go back to journalism 101 and brush up.
    As for the Cable/Hanson situation, this is clearly an example of somebody getting paid off to not file charges. To hell with the NFL. They are not going to punish a head coach mid-season. This is clearly a battery case no matter how you look at it. The Oakland area DA needs to be investigated.

  26. # mike says: October 23, 2009 9:54 AM
    So how did his jaw get broken?
    Is he still with the team?
    Will he file a lawsuit?
    Those are the questions needing answers.
    1. Who cares? There are no witnesses.
    2. Yes, he’s been employed through this whole process while being absent at the same time. Something tells me he’ll lose his job imminently though.
    3. Who cares? He’ll lose anyway.

  27. He was strange when he was with the Vikes, and he’s still an odd frigging duck with the Raiders, but his position and motivation behind his statements is fairly clear — placate Al Davis to get some sort of monetary sttlement because he’ll likely never work in the NFL again.

  28. Let’s face it, Hanson agreed to be Al Davis’ stoolie and report everything back to him….Cable was probably a bit miffed by this , especially since he’s.. you know… kind of incompetant at his job ( Don’t even get me started on how the coach of my team managed to lose to him last week) So since he knew Hanson was there as a disloyal jerk, one thing led to another and POW! Marshall, and the other assistants probably just lied to the police , who likely worship the Raiders, therefore no charges. Hanson could probably make more money in a tell all book that spells out everything that goes on in the Raiders organization than he will in a civil suit. I don’t feel sorry for Hanson though, and Cable’s just an idiot that’ll get fired eventually.

  29. The guy will never work for an NFL team again. Also his jaw was a hair line facture which could be caused by falling out of his chair or grinding his teeth while doing a Eight Ball

  30. “Perceived bad call”??????
    That was one of the worst calls in the history of the NFL. Right up there with other classic Raiders screw jobs including:
    — The Immaculate Reception
    — The Tuck Rule
    That play never got a catchy moniker, but it was just as bad as those other two famous incidents where the league robbed the Raiders. How many Super Bowls might the Raiders have won if not for fixed officiating?
    BTW, maybe Hanson does have some kind of mental issues. But I admire his love and allegiance to the Raiders. It’s just another example of why we’re the most hardcore fans of any team in any sport anywhere in the world right now.

  31. I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t play one on TV, but I thought that assault and battery were two different things…?

  32. I heard the Hanson has a drug problem and (as Florio like s to say) thus, explains his weird behavior. This guy won’t be coaching in the NFL anymore so he’ll go for a pay day. What a loser. Look at his head shot for his coach profile. He looks like a criminal. What a tool.

  33. Way to go drbob1117 – I haven’t had my breakfast yet and you bring up Al Davis’ stoolie. Should have said ‘stool pigeon’ since it was that pigeon who helped beat down your Ealges!

  34. “In that game, Denver running back Rob Lytle appeared to fumble the ball. The Raiders recovered and were headed for an easy touchdown until it was learned that the officials had ruled that Lytle was down before he fumbled.” = lack of Raider knowledge = typical.
    Do some research if you don’t know yourself.
    Lytle was standing up and running forward into the pile. He didn’t “appear to fumble” he fumbled. The Raiders recovered in the pile near the goaline, there was no run with the fumble.
    Small point, but it directs me back to your apathy in getting things correct/accurate @ the Raiders, and bias in painting the scene with your own “facts”.

  35. gr8r4ver & drbob
    Read the DA’s report on what happened before you comment. It might also be helpful to go back to the 3 different statements by Hanson and read them as well. For you gr8r – that would be journalism 102.

  36. rusty23: OK, I read the DA’s report… I’ll change POW! to Dump and Splat… so fine , they don’t want to press charges for something that ridiculous….what other parts do you disagree with? The other assistants clearly had Cable’s back; a person of integrity wouldn’t say’ sure he charged at Hanson , he got bumped and fell and broke his jaw, but Cable didn’t do anything wrong’… If you did that to some weasel at your job, do you think you’d get to keep it? I guarantee Roger Goodell’s standards won’t be the same as the Napa Police; he’ll get suspended. I wantto punchFlorio in the face: Sorry, about your breakfast, I obviously meant stool pigeon; I just forgot when some 80 year old dude’s involved, stoolie could have a double meaning..While I don’t feel bad for Hanson, as I stated, look at it from his standpoint… all he did was what that clown Davis asked him to do and he got a broken jaw and fired without cause.

  37. Joe: You’d be off by a ton… what part don’t you agree with? Do you really believe Cable’s a good coach who did nothing wrong that day? Do you believe Hanson wasn’t sent by Davis to act as some kind of ear for the front office? And as far as the gutter humor, hey , I was just having fun with IwanttopunchFloriointhe face…..Lighten up…As far as your remark goes, I won’t stoop to your level other than to say if we each took an IQ test, you’d lose by much more than say, the Raiders average margin of defeat.

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