John Fox: 'We'll evaluate' benching Jake Delhomme

Carolina coach John Fox wouldn’t rule out benching quarterback Jake Delhomme after another bad performance in another Panthers loss today.

“Like all positions we’ll evaluate it and whatever changes we need to make, we’ll make,” Fox said, per Steve Reed of

Delhomme threw three interceptions in today’s loss to the Bills. He now has 13 picks this season, which are the most in the league and put him on pace for a whopping 35 over a 16-game season.

At least, if a quarterback can last 16 games while averaging more than two picks a game.

For his part, Delhomme acknowledged that the way he’s playing, it’s reasonable to think the coach might be ready to make a change.

“I’m not a dummy,” Delhomme said after the game. “When you’re not playing well offensively, you always have to look at the quarterback. I don’t think there’s any doubt. I’m certainly not looking to give it up by any stretch of the imagination, but let’s be real here. Two big turnovers today really affected us.”

If Fox benches Delhomme, Matt Moore would likely be the starter, although he might also turn to third quarterback A.J. Feeley.

12 responses to “John Fox: 'We'll evaluate' benching Jake Delhomme

  1. Why not give Matt Moore a shot at starting, what are they afraid of him doing…”throwing a interception”

  2. Gee fox what is there 2 evaluate its about time you do the same and admit your more of a dummy for giving him 3yrs 20 million after last years playoffs but it takes a dummy to know a dummy right? do us all a favor and you and jake help each other pack your bags “PLEASE” bring on bill coher

  3. AJ can play. He throws picks, but he throws TDs too. And he did it with much less at the receiver position than Delhomme. Why not give him a shot? He can’t be worse than Jake.

  4. John Fox and the coaching staff don’t care anymore because they have already been fired. Word on the street is that Hurney has told the staff already that they are gone with this awful start. God please let Bill Cowher be the next coach!

  5. Jake didnt play the best, first interception was deff 100% his fault. However, you can’t place the blame of the 4-5+ passes tipped from WR’s into the hands of DB’s this year. Or WR’s making their own routes or just running overall crappy routes.
    I don’t know why everyone is soo Gung-ho for Bill Cowher…Cowher had the same stigma as far as records and not winning the big game up until the point where his team (outstanding Pitt team). Seifert came into Carolina with more titles, better winning percentage, and all the hype in the world replacing Dom Capers and turned out to be one of the worst decisions in franchise history. Just cause the guy won a title dosn’t mean its the best decision or the right one.
    Yes their is inconsistancy in the coaching staff but thats mostly because the panthers have been going through positional coaches and coordinators like they’re out of style every fall…Look at how solid Minnesotas been, a major contributing factor that no one seems to see is the fact they’ve had the same staff for 3+ years now.

  6. Pantherfan, IMO, the pass was tipped because it was horribly thrown. Like many other passes he threw, he was majorly overthrowing his target.
    I would take pee-wee herman at this point over Fox. He is a horrible leader. The plays being called by his team are borderline insane. here is one for you. The Panthers are 3rd and 20+ what play do you call the majority of the time? How about a long pass. 75% of the time, the Panthers will pass behind the line of scrimmage and count on the WR to run 20+ yards for the first down. They do it over and over and over and over and fail over and over and over and over.
    I mean you need to stick with your guys and plays long enough to know they are failing but Fox has taken that notion to the extreme. What I really think, he has nothing more left in his bag of tricks, nothing more to offer, nothing more he knows what to do.
    Jake and Fox have given us great years, but it is time for them to leave. We need to move on as a team or they will see nothing bu empty seats for every game next year.

  7. I’m probably odd man out but I still don’t want to see Fox go. He’s a defensive guy and the Panthers held them under 200 yard total. That side of the ball seems fine.
    Jeff Davidson and Delhomme share the blame in this one. Davidson is a terrible O-Coordinator. I don’t know who looked at the Browns back when we kicked Henning out and said, ‘Gee, that’s a great offense, we should put that guy in charge of play-calling’, but it was clearly a bad move.
    So sure, lay that on Fox and Hurney, but they’ve drafted well and the team they’ve built has been good for the most part.
    Bad play-calling on offense (Davidson) and a quarterback that overthrows most passes and without fail all deep passes are the problem. Start Matt Moore (couldn’t be much worse) and see what you have waiting in the wings. Fire Davidson.
    Go Panthers.

  8. The defense is looking good, they got some guys back off the bye and have played well. Matt Moore needs to be starting right now and I feel he gives us the best chance to win. Jake get to uncomfortable in the pocket and starts shaking. The fact is we do have talented skill position players on offense it just that with Jake Delhomme at the helm this team is looking way worse then it is. If threw no interceptions yesterday nine points would have been most likely good enough to win it. Guy Incognito is right Jake is the main one hurting this team not Fox or the defense.

  9. Gouranga:
    I see your point and its a hard argument to go against with how the Panthers have played this season. However, one glaring weakness in your arguement is that the O-Coordinator is doing the play calling not Fox. If anything I’m sour with the fact that they dumped Hurney over Davidson. Like others have said, who looked at the browns offense after Davidson got fired and said “we should get him to run our offense”. Personally I think they would of been better off pickign a young guy from a college system who can at least bring in fresh ideas.
    The idea behind the third and long runs/ screen passes to WR’s is to catch the defense off guard. Generally one of the most productive plays on third and long is a draw play or quick screen.
    The panthers issue with that is their past 2 O-coordinators have done it way too much. Thus making it expected. The other issues with throwing theball long on a third in long is a) carolinas WR’s have bee terribly inconsistant as well as QB play and B) its a severly high risk play regardless of QB. Most teams will back their safteys up and just have them be patient and wait to break up pass or cause an easy turnover. Thus making the short slant or quick screen to get the ball to your play maker in the “open field” hoping they can get the job done. Smith and Williams have done some of their best work in the open field. The worst part about this? The panthers offense is a power run offense and isnt built for big down the field passes. ]
    Its the classical Big 10 type team squaring up against SEC or Big 12 teams.
    If this season continues to go the way it is I would really like seeing the Panthers give Matt Moore a solid shot. I believe the guy has a big upside. At this point you can see Jakes confidence is becoming severly deflated and that was one of his biggest assets. He was never in the top 5 QB’s of the league but his intangables were amazing. He was a great leader and is seemingly losing his ability to “forget the bad play”.
    Yes Jake has overthrown some of these guys however quite a few of the tipped passes have been catchable balls. Often the worst thing a WR can do is tip a ball up in a area with several defenders in it making it easier for them to make the int. If Smith hadn’t tipped the pass yesterday I whole heartedly feel that the pass wouldnt of been intercepted. Look at the better teams in the league and you wont see half as many tipped passes or drops and somehow I believe that coralates to less turnovers.
    Just my 2 cents

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