Stafford no closer to playing

Despite a week off, it appears that Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford will remain on the shelf with an injured knee, at least for now.

Per ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Lions plan to proceed conservatively with Stafford’s kneecap subluxation, in the hopes that he’ll be able to play later in the year.
From the sound of it, then, don’t look for Stafford to practice this week, or to play on Sunday when the Rams come to town for what could be the last, best chance for the team from St. Louis to avoid matching Detroit’s 0-16 feat from a year ago — which also would match Tampa’s all-time mark of 26 straight losses.

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  1. I had a subluxation of the kneecap more then 2 years ago and I am still not 100%. Its a tougher injury to come back from than most people think. It took mine about a 5 weeks to heal and then it turned out that I had torn my meniscus so the knee had to be scoped. Hopefully Stafford will recover faster than me and be back because he is one of the bright spots on the Lions for the future.

  2. Dude…you are comparing yourself to an NFL player? Come on!! HAHAHAH
    the Dr in my family says a few weeks and he should have been fine…what is going on with him suggests more damage than the lions are saying…..

  3. I live in metro detroit and a lot of people think that the team may be playing it up becasue they realized the team is way to shitty, and the line is going to get him killed so they are keeping him out.

  4. the Dr in my family says a few weeks and he should have been fine…
    pop-eye, you’re comparing the diagnosis from your “family physician” ???? calling the kettle just a little black aren’t we???
    wooops, can we say black on this site????

  5. He just needs to eat a hotdog on the sidelines. Any early line spreads for the Rams? I’m telling you, Pay-Per View!

  6. i dont trust schwartz.
    i love him. i just dont trust him. he comes from the belichick tree.
    i wouldnt be surprised if stafford is perfectly fine. anybody remember the day of the injury? he didnt even leave the sideline. he didnt even go over to the trainers table. he just sat on the bench and the trainers felt around his leg and ended up giving him one of those neoprene knee pads. if it was all that terrible wouldnt they have rushed him off on a cart? or at least jogged off to the locker room for a closer look? he ended up watching the rest of the game, standing up amongst all the other players.
    there was a report that stafford was playing catch, flinging the ball 60 yards down the field. he would never be able to plant and generate that much torque if his knee was all that bad.

  7. I am very thankful that the Pats have Brady, but it must be cool for Lion’s fans to have an Angus Young look-alike on the sidelines in his little cap.
    ROCK ON!

  8. I guess for Patriots fans it is easier to take not getting any info from the coaches regarding players because they are successful. But when you are historically bad, and your best two players are out this long, they need to throw the fans a bone and just tell us whats going on.

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