Week Seven Morning Aftermath: Saints 46, Dolphins 34

Truly great teams find a way to win games that appear to be hopeless.

And, under that standard, the Saints are a truly great team.

“There was really no doubt on our sideline that we’d come back and win this game,” quarterback Drew Brees said of the mood when the score was 24-3.

The moment at which others began to believe came after Brees persuaded coach Sean Payton to go for the touchdown with five seconds on the clock and no timeouts in the second quarter on a first-down play from the Miami one.  Brees plunged in for the score — and suddenly 24-10 at the half looked not so bad.

It looked a lot better less than a minute into the third quarter, with safety Darren Sharper doing what he does, picking off a pass and taking it to paydirt.  24-17.

Thereafter, the Dolphins pushed the lead back to ten a couple of times, 27-17 and then 34-24.  But Ricky Williams’ third touchdown of the day was the last score for the Dolphins. 

And the Saints just kept rolling.

They scored 22 more points to zero from Miami, giving New Orleans a total of 45 or more four the fourth time in six games.  All told, the Saints outscored the Dolphins 43-10 after spotting Miami a three-touchdown lead.

Next Monday, the Saints finally get a chance to show off their new ride in the NFC South, against the Falcons.  With five more divisional games coming up — including a total of four against the hapless Panthers and Bucs — the Saints are on track to nail down home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

And if the road to the Super Bowl goes through the Superdome, it’ll be virtually impossible to keep the Saints from making a return trip to Miami in February.

For the Dolphins, the promise of back-to-back wins following three straight losses has melted into a 2-4 record that puts them in tough position to make it to the playoffs.  And with back-to-back road games against the Jets and Patriots on tap, it could be essentially over for the Fins by the middle of November.

32 responses to “Week Seven Morning Aftermath: Saints 46, Dolphins 34

  1. If the officials hadn’t blown the Dugan tripping call, it would have been an entirely different result. The bad call and 2 phenomenal (and lucky) turnover run-backs by the Steelers defence enabled them to win. Otherwise, the Vikings would have left Pittsburgh with what should have been a well-deserved victory.

  2. “Brees plunged in for the score”
    Or he edged the ball over the goal line for a nanosecond before he was pushed back behind the line of scrimmage, but whatever.

  3. Sean Payton will find a way to lose when it counts. He always does. That you can count on.
    Also, J Shockey is a otter chaser.

  4. Gotta tip your hat. Week in, week out the Saints look like the total package. They were already scary good, but now they have shown they can handle adversity.
    Looks like only injuries can keep them from losing their stranglehold on the NFC. Clearly they are the class of the league right now.

  5. @TorVikeFan: did you miss the boat?
    But since you went there, Brett stinkin Favre lost the game for the Vikes. The rest of the world knew he would do that sooner or later. Did you like how he failed to run down the Steelers after the turnovers?
    Yesterday you got to see his true colors.

  6. Shame on MIA for not picking up a receiver in the off season as they must have known Ginn was not going to be much better.
    And why go away from the Wildcat?? The Saints couldn’t stop it in the 1st half and obviously made adjustments to it in the 2nd half – does that mean MIA couldn’t make their own adjustment? Why not do what DEN has been doing and start out in the Wildcat and switch to conventional every once in a while.
    And I wouldn’t even bring up the Pat “Deer in Headlights” White play…..

  7. Dude, go to the fricken Vikings/Steelers’ thread and complain. They did hose that call btw.
    All the Fins needed to do was get a few fricken first downs in the 2nd half. Ginn sucks. How many times does he have to drop a call before he is demoted?
    I give the Saints all the props. They hung in there where most other teams would have folded.
    To Tony Sparano – Please use our top couple of picks for a WR!! You know, the guys that are supposed to catch the ball and run with it, not drop it or run out of bounds when a defender is coming.
    Props to the Jets for bouncing back. Makes me fricken wonder how bad the Eagles are that they lose to that trainwreck known as the Oakland Raiders.

  8. Congatulations to the Miami Dolphins for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for the 2nd time in 6 games. First agains the Colts last month on a Monday Night game and now against the Saints on Sunday.
    The reward they get will be higher draft picks and an easier schedule in 2010. So losing does have its rewards.

  9. I can sum up the Dolphins loss in two words:
    Ted Ginn.
    I hope Cam and Ted Sr. got explosive diarrhea at the family picnic.

  10. @Otis Taylor 89
    Nope, it didn’t look like MIA made any adjustments in the 2nd half.
    That 2nd round pick for Pat White could have been used for a WR, no?

  11. It was the tale of two halves. Miami looked dominant in the first and completely clueless in the second. Looked like two completely different game plans, first half was to win and second was not to lose, which never works. Ginn is officially a wasted pick, how many big time passes can one guy drop? The tuna now knows what this offseason is about, a bigtime recvr and shutdown secondary players. Also our special teams are anything but special.

  12. The Dolphins best chance was to get a lot of return yardage in special teams. The Saints were ranked low in that category this year.
    That didn’t happen.
    The Saints lost the turnover battle on the road and won. While that is usually a fluke, it was the punchless Dolphins that they beat, a team with a good kick returner, Ginn, that couldn’t get it done.
    The key to defeating the Saints will be getting 5 sacks like the Dolphins did.

  13. sometimes this coaching staff looks brilliant and then other times they look like Brian Daboll. When the Tuna show came from Dallas, why couldn’t they have brought Miles Austin, or even Patrick Crayton with them? Heck, I’d settle for Sam Hurd at this point. Also, why are we running WR screens when none of our WR’s are big enough to block on the outside, or having Henne in during the Wildcat, thus removing another blocker from the field? And what’s with premiering of Ricky vs. New Orleans? It’s been how many years since he was there? Where was Ronnie Brown? What’s with the stupid calls when we’re up by 21 and 4 minutes away from the half? If we’re not going to pass out of the Wildcat then don’t have any QB’s or WR’s in there at all, just Running Backs and Tight Ends and smash them in the freaking mouth! Also, If I see Pat White come in at any part of the game other than receiver, I’m gonna, well.. I’m gonna be real mad. Just like now. I think I’m gonna be a Cardinals fan.

  14. I’ll admit it.
    I was worried when the score was 24-3.
    I did not believe.
    But we have Drew Brees and a Defense!
    I sure hope I am right on this one. After so many season of hope (or or most occasions – no hope). After so many embarrassing seasons, losses and plays. (There is not enough space here to chronicle the “history” of the Saints.) After so much the people of the City of New Orleans and the Gulf South Region has gone through off the field. A Saints Super Bowl appearance would be something we could all be proud of.
    If the Saints make it to the Super Bowl, I’ll be there. I just hope they can win the game, because I think the team on the other side will be the Colts led by the other Manning. Maybe a little bit of Archie will shine through at the right time and the Saints can get the win.

  15. Relax on Miami’s offseason pickups people. There is only so much a 1-15 team from two years ago can do to improve their roster in so little time.
    They acquired virtually their entire offensive line with Long, Smiley, Grove, Thomas and Fasano (yes the TE plays on the line) in the last two offseasons. Their secondary is fine with the two rookie draft picks in Smith and Davis. They have their quarterback in Henne and his backup in White. They did what they could with the wide receiver position in drafting Hartline and Patrick Turner in the middle to late rounds of the draft. Hartline looks like a player.
    This upcoming offseason they will need to address the outside linebacker, nose tackle and try to find a #1 WR. In the meanwhile enjoy the amazing product Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano and the rest of the staff has managed to put on the football field considering what they had to work with initially.
    This team was a play or two away from defeating the two best teams in the NFL in the Colts and the Saints. They will be heard from again this year in their playoff run. All the pieces are almost there…

  16. If you would have told me the final score only, I would have been happy with that, but being up 21 points and losing by that many is just downright embarassing. I don’t care if you are playing the best team in the league. If you are up 21 points that means that you are doing a lot of things right.

  17. Shouldn’t we be heaping SHAME on the Dolphins for trying to run up the score when they had a 24-3 lead?
    That’s what everyone would be doing if the Patriots didn’t lay down at that point…. because everyone knows it would be inconceivable for a team to score over 40 points in little more than 2 quarters to come from behind.

  18. Make no mistake about it there was blown call from the refs but Miami lost this one due to their own fault and the Saints doing what they needed to do to win the game. The play calling was horrible from the ending of the 2nd quarter till the end of the game. Miami kept on sweeping right or going off of right tackle and they kept on getting stuffed. Instead they should have kept running it up the gut like they were doing in the 1st quarter. The Saints has a pretty fast defense so to try and go around the edges so early in the game was dumb. If that was not enough they than panicked and abandon the run. Ronnie Brown was had no where close to the touches he normally has in this game. So they took the ball out of their best players hands. There may have been a ton of dropped passes and miss tackles but majority of the blame goes too the coaches.

  19. i’m with overkil2 – what made this loss so hard for us dolfan fans was the circumstances. we snatched the defeat from the jaws of victory here.
    and i’m not taking anything away from the saints – they are clearly the best team in the league and i’ll root for them the rest of the way through – they were gritty and played a great game.
    but when you force 5 turnovers (winning the turnover battle) and sack brees 5 times, you need to win that game. the dolphins collapsed in the second half, clearly not showing the effort that they are capable of.
    If Ted Ginn starts for this team next week i will really call in to question Sparano’s sanity. The dude has legitimately cost us two games now. That drop he had against Indy cost us that game, and his bobble-drop-gift-to-Sharper gave them a free TD, and his other drops were drive-killing-would-be first downs. Ginn has no business starting at WR until he can fix his issues.

  20. Who ‘Dat, Baby! I don’t think the Saints can be defeated. ’72 Dolphins better get a sniper prepared to end the Saints run.

  21. Rule #1: The best team does not always win.
    Rule #2: The ball is not round and tends to bounce in an unpredicatble amnner. It is not always easy to catch or hold onto, even for the best of players.
    Rule #3: The better team will overcome adversity and prove they’re worthiness of being pronounced champion calibre.
    Rule #4: Fans, no matter how smart they are, don’t know what goes thru a coaches mind nor what strategy coaches will start or end a game with. Fans are not coaches they are watchers
    Rule #5: Players are fickle and may shine one quarter and suck the next 3. See Rule #2 and substitute ‘player’ for ‘ball’, same concept.
    Saint @ Jets? Jets offense gave up a lot of points.
    Saints @ Miami? Saints Defense gave up a lot of points, but the coaching staff made modifications – Saints moved men up to the line, forced Henne to make hurried passes (some were dropped). Nobody commented how much time Brees had to throw in the second half verses how many times he was sacked in the first half. Point is the Saints are a Bona Fide team – they can score offense AND defense and they can come back from waaaayy behind.
    Saints won? Miami lost? Only thing that counts is who has more points when the clock runs out. That will never change. When a team is ahead more often than not under that single circumstance that team will be recognized as a champion. Saints 6-0. Fan since ’81. We deserve our day in the sun. And NOBODY will take this away from us.

  22. People KILL me when they blame blowing leads or getting blown out (in this case 24-3) on the refs. What about the other 10 plays you left on the field?
    Meanwhile…the Cowboys were somewhere winning…. Go ‘Boys.
    “Some people say I’m crazy as a snake”

  23. I am a long time Dolphins fan from way back to the glory days of the early 1970’s, but I have been a Saints fan since Day 1 of the franchise so I feel your pain Dolphins fans.
    The Saints are for real this year and, barring injury, should be on their way to another trip to Miami in early February 2010.
    The Dolphins have a very good team but I don’t see much better than 9-7 for the season, which means np playoffs. The defense is pretty good, the running game is very good, Henne looks like he has some talent, but those receivers blow. It is not all about high draft picks when it comes to receivers. Look at the Saints. Colston was a 7th rounder and Moore was undrafted and was waived three times in his career. The big thing is getting guys who can catch. Ted Ginn, Jr. can’t!
    On a side note. I hope Rickey Williams decides to play a few more years. He looked great yesterday and really fast. If he sticks it out another four or five years or so, he could possibly move into the top 10 all time in rushing and pass Earl Campbell on the all time list. I would like to see that, because I think he is a good guy who just “likes” to toke up a little bit. At least he doesn’t torture dogs.

  24. Where are Joey Porter’s comments? Declined to speak to media after the game? You can’t run your mouth all week then turn mute after the game. He should have faced the music.

  25. @TorVikeFan … Good grief, it’s not enough that some Vikes fans are WHINING all over the Steelers/Vikes threads, you’ve got to come here and bother these folks with it, too? How embarrassing! These two teams played an extraordinary game. Leave them alone.
    Congrats to both Dolphins and Saints for great play in this tale of two halfs. NO is playing the best ball in the league, but I thought Miami might pull the upset. But momentum turned just before the half. I’d like to know how Miami fans feel about the wildcat in relation to this game. Should it have been used more, less? What’s your take?

  26. “# rasalas says: October 26, 2009 8:54 AM
    “Brees plunged in for the score”
    Or he edged the ball over the goal line for a nanosecond before he was pushed back behind the line of scrimmage, but whatever. ”
    don’t have a sore a** because the fins blew the game. Who cares if he barely edged the ball over the goal line for a nanosecond? That’s all you need. Are you not familiar with the rules of the game?? This isn’t rugby. In case you missed it, he dove into the endzone straight up the gut of your precious defense highly ranked rush defense the second time lol.
    # mooremi9 says: October 26, 2009 8:55 AM
    Sean Payton will find a way to lose when it counts. He always does. That you can count on.
    Also, J Shockey is a otter chaser.
    Sean Payton is a mature head coach finally, he was really young and inexperienced when he first came into the league, he’s learned a lot. Looks like your senior coach could learn a few things from Payton, like don’t over think things (timeout before halftime which gave saints momentum, thank you.) You can keep hoping on hope that Payton will mess up. I’ll take our undefeated record against your losing record any day. Oh and that wildcat stuff was pretty fun to watch. P.S. thanks for the two pick 6’s those were fun too!
    I was resigned to the fact that the Saints would probably lose this game being the dolphins LOSING record and the saints coming off a big win against the Giants but much to my surprise, they ended up whooping some aqua mammalian booty and this will probably end up ruining the dolphins chances of a playoff appearance.

  27. @ HuckOnes:
    Right on man. Your Saints proved their no quit attitude yesterday. They’re an easy team to cheer for, and while I hate to lose the game, I don’t mind so much that it’s the Saints. Drew Brees is a beast, and it’s been a long time coming for the city of NO. I hope you guys win the freaking SB!

  28. Last I checked the games or 60minutes long. Saints put the beat down on in the 2nd half. Someone better call Horacio with CSI MIAMI cause a crime was comitted.
    Go SAINTS!

  29. The turning point of this game was the Davone Bess (the usually guaranteed hands of the team) turnover near the end of the first half which ended a potential scoring drive that would have the fins up 31-3… and getting the ball first in the second half (and the possibility of it being as much as 38-3 before the Saints ever got the ball again) to a much closer 14 point swing and a score of 24-10.
    That being said, this is 85% the OC Henning’s fault. They never found what works and then go back to it over and over ignoring the Parcells philosophy of running the same thing until they stop it. They played more traditional offense and less pure power running. Too many one-off failed plays in an attempt to keep the defense guessing and too many “wildcat” plays with Henne still on the field in the hopes of the Saints keeping the “wrong” defense on the field. I can’t remember if they ever even ran the formation once that they destroyed the Jets with where Ronnie takes the snap, Ricky is in motion, no QB out wide, 2 TE, the fullback and everybody else up front blocking and the just power running it through the middle outblocking the defense by having theumbers matched man for man on blocking where whoever has the ball just has to beat hisman because everyone else is paired off. ripping off runs of 6-14 yards at a time. It was their bread and butter against the Jets…they knew what was coming and still couln’t stop it and the fins didn’t even seem to try it once to see if it would work on the saints. I think 2 weeks of gameplanning for this game made the coaching outthink itself and they would have had a lot more success running the ball just committing to this simple play and having all those men up front making room for the run.
    All that said,a few completed catches and the fins win ayway. Ted Ginn is a bum. He is useless at WR and shies away from ALL contact. Rookie year he returned 3 to the house (even if 2 were called back on penalties away from the play) and this year he is guaranteed to get it to the 25/30 withhim running out of bounds before being touched instead of hitting someone turning back infield and try to get a few more. Bess never drops/fumbles and had an uncharacteristic bad day. Fasano has all but disappeared after a monster 08 and Hartline almost always pushes off so any completion without that call is a miracle. Even the sure thing runningbacks were dropping short balls.
    The dolphins D was amazing in the first half and then obviously one team made adjustments and the other didn’t because the awesome pass rush that kept the saints from completing drives disappeared entirely and conversely, Henne was harassed through most of the second half. GIRBIL WILSON has been the drizzling poops all year and needs to be sat for Jason Allen or the rookie draftee (Chris Clemmons I think?) he was embarassed by that big play by Shockey and should rip up his contract and give back his pay checks to the dolphins that he has been stealing from them each week.

  30. rasalas says:
    October 26, 2009 8:54 AM
    “Brees plunged in for the score”
    Or he edged the ball over the goal line for a nanosecond before he was pushed back behind the line of scrimmage, but whatever.
    That “whatever” my friend is a touchdown every day in the NFL. That was only one of his rushing td’s. The other was straight up the gut.

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