Jets could partially fill Washington's shoes with Justin Miller

The New York Jets placed running back Leon Washington on injured reserve Monday, a day after he suffered a compound fracture of the fibula.

But the Jets have yet to replace Washington’s roster spot.  So what will they do?
“I think we’ve got a plan,” coach Rex Ryan said Monday in comments distributed by the team.  “We’ll see what it is going forward.  We’ve certainly looked at all those options.  We’re going to make the best decision for our team moving forward.”
One option that could be coming to fruition involves bringing back Justin Miller, a cornerback and kick returner who spent three-plus years with the team.
Miller returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in 2006.  Coupled with an average of 28.3 yards, he made it to the Pro Bowl.
The Jets cut Miller last November, after a dislocated toe limited him to only one regular-season appearance — a stunning plummet for a guy who was poised to start at corner across from Darrelle Revis.  
The Raiders claimed Miller on waivers, and he scored two kick-return touchdowns in only seven games.
In the offseason, Miller re-signed with the Raiders, but he has bounced on and off the roster.  The Raiders brought him back earlier this month, but they cut him again, after only one game.
In New York, Miller would help fill one of the many functions that Washington performed, and it would confirm beliefs that the Jets will simply break Washington’s various roles up among multiple players.
So if Washington fully recovers from his broken leg, maybe his absence will actually improve Washington’s leverage in contract talks once the Jets realize how hard it will be to properly fill his shoes.

5 responses to “Jets could partially fill Washington's shoes with Justin Miller

  1. Some how most the Backup runningback’s have Kicked A^% this year. If luck will have it so will Justin Miller.!! Bottom line “They still aren’t going any where.”!!!!

  2. I did a search for shonn greene in this article but it found nothing…………..
    This article is about the jets right? let me search on the word jets….
    Ok I found about 8 hits on the word Jets….
    Let me try searching for GREEN maybe there is a mispelling…..
    hrmm 0 hits for GREEN…..
    let me search on ryan maybe this isnt about the jets..
    hrmm 1 hit for Ryan…
    Wow this is really strange…
    This article cant be about the jets and their running back situation, either that or you Shonn Greene isnt how you spell Shonn Greenes name…..

  3. Investing large amounts of money for a running back who has suffered a major injury would be a bad investment. How many of the “star”backs in the league underperform once they receive the big bucks? How many tough backs get hurt during the season? When a team invests in a questionable player, they lose. Better to get lineman.

  4. The article is about replacing Washington’s return ability…you know…kicks? Of course Greene steps in in the RB role. This is about special teams.

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