Saints lose fullback Evans for season

The Saints have replaced one former Patriot fullback with another.

The team placed Heath Evans on injured reserve Thursday because of a torn ACL suffered Sunday against the Dolphins.  Evans was doing a nice job as a blocker and occasional receiver. He’ll be replaced by Kyle Eckel, a Navy product who has played with the Dolphins, Patriots, and Eagles.

New Orleans’ third-ranked running attack should survive without Evans.  Mike Bell has been running with abandon as the team’s “closer,” often resting in the first half and taking over for Pierre Thomas down the stretch. 

The Saints proved last week they can come from behind, but the team’s three-pronged running attack is set up to maintain leads better than Saints teams of the past.

21 responses to “Saints lose fullback Evans for season

  1. Whatever, the giants are going to beat the saints anyways in January…. Reggie bush is a bust too he might as well be gone for season as well

  2. maybe they should get fragile freddy taylor from the pats too………….
    They also should keep an eye out for a new TE shockey is over due for his season ending injury

  3. Typical Giants fan. Got their ass handed to them three weeks ago(by the Saints). They can’t even beat the Cardinals.

  4. Gotta love that never say die spirit of those Giant fans. The Saints spent most of that 4th qtr trying NOT to drop 50 on the G-men. Kinda felt like a scrimmage.

  5. That third prong (Reggie Bush) is pretty weak.
    I love you like a brother. But the Saints whooped the snot out of the Giants and I am afraid that they would do it again come January.

  6. I hear ya Boudin. Maybe Brandon Jacobs is a bust also, HAHAHAHA.
    Shockey is beast man. Did you see that 60+ yard reception last week. He stiff-armed the safety for about 30-40 yards. I love jealousy. With all the weapons we have on offense Reggie can be bust for the rest of his career. I’ll take ten TD’s from a player a season anytime. Again, jealousy rears its ugly head. The Saints lose & everyone dogs them. They smoke all competition & still get dogged. Must be a Giants fan. Who ended your unbeaten streak, CHUMP!!!!!!

  7. Superbowl ring? and that helps him contribute how? he still is averaging the same amount of yards as Reggie the supposed bust, and has 1 less TD.
    maybe that ring is slowing him down. great argument!!

  8. Brandon Jacobs = Bust
    Reggie Bush = 2010 SuperBowl ring
    WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yo, Gurp!
    Superbowl rings are nice but past history has passed. The here and now is that the Saints are playing better than any team in the league. The Saints are averaging 39.7 points per game and giving up an average of 21.2 points a game. No other team has that much point differential.
    In three straight games we beat ALL the New York teams in a row. Of the 3 the Giants gave us the LEAST problem. The Jets managed to hold our offense to 10 points. We got the other 14 on defense. Buffalo managed to hold us to 27 points.
    Your sad sack Jints gave up how many? – 48 The Krewe of Drew made your D look pretty sad.
    Your Giants may make the playoffs but from what I saw last weekend in the AZ game, NYG keeps shooting itself in the leg, I mean foot.

  10. Jacobs wouldnt be considered a bust because he was drafted in the 4th round.. Reggie was a #2 pick….. Now when reggie helps NO win a superbowl, probably never, ill rethink my opinion on him…..

  11. Jacobs does not run very hard for a 260+ lb. RB. Anyone who watches him play can see that. Is he a bad player? No. Just not the beast he has been made out to be.
    Imagine if Marion Barber weighed 260.

  12. Evans and Eckel are both solid “lunch pail” kind of guys. They work hard, they’re smart, they don’t make mistakes….and they’re as unspectacular and bland as they come. BUT…they will do their job consistently and do whatever is asked of them. I love players like that. The best way to describe these guys is……Anti-Diva.

  13. I was impressed by Eckel during his time with the Eagles. Not the biggest, fastest or strongest, but he plays his ass off and will do whatever is asked of him.
    Every team needs a hefty handful of guys like him.

  14. i love this quip by giants fans “wait till january” with some suggestion that the game may be played in giant stadium….
    what they don’t realize is they are already effectively 3 games down right now…..and looking at the schedules
    tampa twice
    panthers twice
    atl twice
    st. louis
    do you see more than 3 losses here for the saints?
    and that’s if the giants win out with games left against
    philly, dallas, denver, atl, minny, san diego….
    hope to see them back in the superdome on that fast track with c.c brown in the deep secondary……

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