DeAngelo Williams, Pat Williams, Benny Sapp fined

Friday is fine day in the NFL, and three more players have reportedly learned that their next paychecks will be lighter because of illegal hits on Sunday.

Darin Gantt, the Carolina Panthers beat writer for the Rock Hill Herald, tweets that Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams was fined $5,000 by the NFL for an illegal chop block in Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

And Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press reports that Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams and cornerback Benny Sapp were fined $5,000 each for separate penalties in Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Williams grabbed Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace by the facemask, while Sapp struck an opponent after the play was over.

So, to clarify, illegal hits that could injure an opponent draw fines of $5,000 or $7,500, while sliding in the end zone after a touchdown costs a player $10,000.

Two players who weren’t fined, Jensen reports, are
Steelers linebackers Lamarr Woodley and James Harrison, who did not have their paychecks docked for hard hits on Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

14 responses to “DeAngelo Williams, Pat Williams, Benny Sapp fined

  1. I guess I understand these fines to an extent, but I really feel they are a little ridiculous. I don’t see how they can really fine these guys for something that was not intentional or malicious.
    If they are playing the game and they make a mistake, they get penalized, I don’t see why they plop down a fine for these guys playing the game hard. The penalties are enough, and unless you can prove they intentionally were out to harm the other play, I don’t see the need for the fine.

  2. Harrison and Woodley were lucky it wasn’t Brady; it would have been $20k each. Just goes to show that not only do you have to beat the Steelers you also have to beat the ref’s also.

  3. Funny, Jeff Duggans didn’t get fined for the chop block that cost the Vikings a key go-ahead TD in the 4th quarter.

  4. first 4 comments are great. but for the last line for rjgreen3, Dugan DID beat the refs, and they still got screwed.
    For alot of those guys, the 15 yard penalty is more of a punishment (as it hurts the entire team) than the stupid fine. The NFL should start awarding bonuses to the guys that hit hard enough to make the highlight reels.

  5. Harrison’s hit on Brady’s knee was beyond dirty. He grabbed him at the shin and jerked his leg around. Harrison is quite possibly the dirtiest dude in the leauge, I just think that everyone is scared of the guy because his little kid didnt finish his vegetables so he sent his pit after him. HA! Terrible I know.

  6. Enough with the constant whining. It was a good game and the Vikings are a good team. But you Vikings fans are making it really hard for the rest of us to not hate your team. I hope Green Bay kicks the shit out of your team this weekend.

  7. Yeah, Steelers fans have it hard. Two Superbowls in the last three years, playoff contenders forever….

  8. they fine ochocinco for 10g’s for wearin a black chinstrap, and they fine larry english 7,500 for horsecollar on orton??? No Fun League.

  9. @SteelFanMo – Don’t worry,after kicking the shit out of the Steelers and letting it slip at the end, Green Bay will pay. Hate us…because we are great!

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