McCarthy: Nothing but respect for Favre

Brett Favre says all he asks for is respect. Mike McCarthy insists respect is all he’s ever shown Favre.

McCarthy opened up to Alex Marvez of this week as he prepared to coach against Favre, and he stressed that he has nothing but respect for Favre, who will lead the Minnesota Vikings into Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers Sunday.

“He’s fulfilling his desires and ambition to continue to play. I don’t think anybody disrespects or has a hard time with that,” McCarthy told Marvez. “There’s a time for him to focus on his situation. I know I am focused on the Green Bay Packers.”

Prior to the 2008 season, Favre didn’t make it easy for McCarthy to focus on the Green Bay Packers. After Favre retired and un-retired, the Packers told him they didn’t want him back and ultimately traded him to the Jets. But even though there were some hard feelings on both sides, McCarthy says he always wanted to show respect for Favre, who had been Green Bay’s quarterback for every game since 1992.

“As an organization we were in a tough spot,” McCarthy said. “I can honestly say during that time, I had two
things on my mind: To make sure to respect the organization and not
disrespect Brett Favre. I felt we did that.

“You didn’t want to
disrespect him or his time here. We want to be respected for being put
in a tough situation and making a tough decision.”

So from McCarthy’s standpoint, the message is clear: I respect Favre. I just want to beat him.

24 responses to “McCarthy: Nothing but respect for Favre

  1. And what about the reports of the trade set up to the Bucs that he and the Bucs were happy with? That was really being used solely for leverage to trade him somewhere else?
    Trading him where he doesn’t want to go, real respectful.

  2. Florio’s master plan of keeping me off these here boards failed! Comment Submission Error? No problem! I have figured out the copy and paste formula!
    Like I was saying:
    As an unapologetic Brett Favre homer, in my view, both Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson can go suck a lemon. Here’s hoping for a 45-27 beatdown on the Thompsons… errr… Packers.
    That’s right, I just called my shot.
    Now, time to play The Ballad of The Homosexual Tony, followed by some Uncharted 2, and to cap the evening, beating some Packer ass on Madden Xbox Live. Come get some

  3. This media fueled soap opera has been old for a while. There is plenty of blame to go around between Favre and the Packers for what happened and as a Packer fan it really doesn’t matter anymore. Brett is a Viking and when he isn’t anymore I’ll love him again. He wants to play and the Vikings wanted him. Good for them. The Packers and Vikings were rivals long before Brett Favre and they will be rivals long after he’s gone. That is the real story and I can’t wait to renew the rivalry it should be fun to watch. Watching football is supposed to be fun? What a concept. Go Pack!

  4. # TheFoo says: October 31, 2009 7:24 PM
    And what about the reports of the trade set up to the Bucs that he and the Bucs were happy with? That was really being used solely for leverage to trade him somewhere else?
    Trading him where he doesn’t want to go, real respectful.
    Not only that, TT never informed Favre he was traded to the Jets. Favre only found out when it was reported on Sportscenter.
    The Packer organization lost it’s class once Ted Thompson was hired.

  5. favre wants to be respected, yet in recent history has shown the Packers the exact opposite. As a Packer fan, I loved favre. He gets no respect from me as he disrespected every Cheesehead in the country by declaring his vengeance against the Green and Gold. Come on brett, Irv raised you better than this. A toast to brett taking the Vikequeens to the NFC championship game only to throw 6 picks and land on his tractor a couple weeks early. Only then will minnesotans truly know what it is like to ride the favre train (yes I made his name in lower case on purpose).

  6. Why is anyone talking about respect here, no one respects each other here so respect should be a nonsubject. My Dad wears my moms stuff and his viking stuff and there is no respect/ if favre wants to cross dress in vikes stuff then let him but dont make packer fans respect him like that, no one should have to suck his horse richard in purple that 4sure let his own team suck his horserichard

  7. Favre will be remembered in the hall of fame while McCarthy ends up being nothing more than a footnote in Packer history. If you truly respected him you would have let Rodgers and Favre compete for a job, instead you made up a bunch of BS running him out of town. You know nothing about respect.

  8. Remember we as viking fans for along time called brett favre an inbread hick and we wanted him really bad, so you think maybe we wanted him to inbread more with our purple people peepers

  9. My friend worote this at another vikes site:
    Vikings – 42
    Packers – 24
    I don’t think this one is close either.
    Either way, cheers or boo’s, 4 came back for this game.
    He’s got this offense in place to light this mofo up like it’s Hiroshima. I would not doubt we are so far up that Jackson gets to play over half of the 4th quarter and they get to 24 against our second string players in there on D. This will be the most watched game of the year.
    Maybe more so than some of the playoff games.
    The Vikings have got to be so pissed they let that game go against the Steelers last week, packers are going to get a whuppin’ like they haven’t seen in a long time.
    I bet it’s about 35-10 to start the 4th.
    They get a couple of junk TD’s to save some face.
    purple something .com

  10. Isnt Favre an inbread hick? It used to be plastered at all our viking fans sites, yeah until we got him now he is a inbread hick in purple. we need culppeper back

  11. I enjoy living here in Wisconsin, and at times like these I kinda miss the normalcy of classy, competent, common sensicle Ron Wolf. BUT, I’m also a life long Vikings fan, and I really, really like that Ted Thompson is now calling the shots for the Pack. One of the best things that ever happened for my club. SKOL!

  12. Based on the comments for any Favre/Packer/Viking post, most of you sound like inbred hicks. Packer fans should be ecstatic with Rodgers. All of the complaining “Packer fans” need to go pick up some tamiflu They went from one franchise qb to the next. Look around the league and you’ll see teams with a revolving door at quarterback, some for a decade or more. If you’re a Packer fan then root for the Packers. If you’re a Farve fan then root for the Vikings or whoever he’s playing for next year, but either way stfu and enjoy the game!

  13. bf made promises he, his team, and hillbilly family cant keep.
    If anyone, including Mn. (worst fans in the county) fans,doesnt think this will be a blow out by the Packers you are wrong.
    Lock of the year, Packers by alot.

  14. All of you “Packers fans” wishing him to beat the Vikes or cheering for the Vikes need to listen real close. WHEN HE IS FINALLY DONE AND RETIRED, US REAL PACKER FANS DO NOT WANT YOU BACK BECAUSE YOU OBVIOUSLY NEVER WERE TRUE FANS OF THE TEAM. YOU NEVER ROOT FOR THE ENEMY. on a side note, the game will be close not the blowout people are predicting GB wins 24-27

  15. All week on Sirius NFL radio (awesome awesome 24 hr NFL talk radio by the way), I have been hearing the question: will Farve be booed as he comes out to play this game?
    There is no way that the stadium has an audible majority of boos.
    Respectful cheers would get almost no attention next week. A chorus of boos would be talked about for weeks to come and it would not reflect well on Green Bay. Some people might be alright with it and some will certainly boo as he comes out ready to play, but I would bet my car (since I don’t own a house) on no audible majority of boos before the game starts.

  16. What a joke. McCarthy perhaps was not at fault. But the Green Bay Packers hired Ari Fleischer to ensure that when the smoke cleared the fans would be turned against Favre and side with the organization.
    I don’t know that something like that has ever been done in pro sports. I know for a fact that the Timberwolves did not hire a top notch PR spin doctor to make us hate Garnett when he wanted out.
    This move shows such a complete and utter lack of respect for a man who helped rebuild your franchise and brought you 15 winning seasons. It is unbelievable. It also shows disrespect towards your fans who you are obviously trying to manipulate and turn against their hero.
    And the fans of Green Bay are too stupid to even realize it. They ate Ari’s carefully canned explanations of the situation and in no time they went from “Brett is a god” to preferring if he either just stay retired or go to the Jets.
    You guys basically lost that 15 year chunk of history. Now all you talk about is what a diva he is/was and how he choked so bad all those times. And the absolutely hilarious part is you are too dense and simple to even notice those strings tugging at you from above. Sheep.

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