Tommie Harris doesn't think he has anything to prove

Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris expects to play against the Browns on Sunday, one week after landing on the inactive list for the team’s game against the Bengals.

Harris was listed as out with a sore knee, but he said the injury report wasn’t true and coach Lovie Smith indicated that performance, not health, was the reason why he wasn’t in the lineup. Harris met with reporters on Friday and answered a question about whether or not he felt he had something to prove to Smith as the season progresses.

“I don’t have to show him anything,” Harris said. “He knows what I can
do. Everybody knows what I can do. I don’t have to prove anything to
anybody. I prove it to myself. I owe it to my teammates. I owe it to this organization to get back to tip-top shape.”

Harris is both right and wrong. He’s right that he owes it to the organization that paid him a $6.67 million roster bonus to be in tip-top shape and be physically able to contribute to the team in practice and on Sundays. He’s also right about everyone knowing what he can do on the field. He’s wrong about not having to prove he can still do it, however.

Harris has not been the destructive force that he was in past years to this point in the season. That’s why he got a four-year, $40 million contract in 2008 and why the Bears gave him that roster bonus. If he doesn’t prove that he’s still capable of impacting offenses negatively, they’ll probably come up with a different decision before he’s due another $2.5 million in June.

Whatever else he said, Harris seems to understand the position he’s in with the team.

“If you give a guy a whole bunch of money to perform or you ran a
Fortune 500 company and the guy didn’t produce like he did, what are
you supposed to do?”

Harris has 10 games to prove he can produce the way he did in the past or the Bears will probably show him what you’re supposed to do.

12 responses to “Tommie Harris doesn't think he has anything to prove

  1. Yes Tommie, the Bears know what you can do, and it’s nothing. Harris has become an idiot. Period. He’s done as a player and Lovie knows it. The Bears are a worse team with him on the field. Good riddance.

  2. bluestree says: October 31, 2009 11:55 AM
    Bearsrule; how do you really feel?
    Yeah, it’s a little strong, but after awhile enough is enough. When he does play, he’s terrible. He doesn’t practice, but acts like the Bears owe him the favor of playing. Injuries have taken their toll, badly. Sometimes, I just want Tommie to shut up and stop saying all this nonsense. You’re right, he’s jumped the shark.

  3. Harris hasn’t been helpful rushing the passer this season, and rushing the passer is something he simply has not done well so far this season.
    That being said, he’s their best DT, against the run or pass. Adams is just a big guy, sub-par starter. Marcus Harrison is a project. Idonije is undersized (after losing weight this off-season to be better at DE and special teams. Without Harris, the Bears front 4 was absolutely awful against the Bengals when trying to stop the run.

  4. I think what’s up is Angelo got his JC’s mixed up and his team is starting to figure that out. Its called the Cutler Kool Aid hangover, and it appears to be very insidious.
    I know Bears fans view us Broncos fans as bitter…but history seems to repeat its self over and over again with that dude. Namely, his talent comes at the expense of the collective heart surrounding him.

  5. Hey, the guy’s career is trashed because of injuries. Seems like the attitude didn’t start till he was hurt. Either way, he’s being paid too much money for a underperforming part-timer.

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