Browns bloody Cutler

As the band KISS continues to relentless promote its latest album and tour (didn’t they go on a farewell tour ten years ago?), Bears quarterback Jay Cutler paid homage to one of Gene Simmons’ trademark moves on Sunday.

Popped in the mouth by Browns linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, Cutler bit his tongue and was bleeding from the mouth.

Maybe in the second half Cutler will celebrate a touchdown pass by spewing a fireball.

Or maybe he’ll just light a fart.

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  1. “…Cutler bit his tongue and was bleeding from the mouth…”
    Now what’s he supposed to lick Jerry Angelo’s azz with?

  2. You forgot to mention that it was a late helmet-to-chin spear by Wimbley. He was penalized and will be fined.
    PFT: We give you part of the scoop

  3. Anderson’s gonna get blodoy when his teammates pull a Code Red on him (and the coach who refuses to admit his mistake and pull him.)
    Is he really 2 for 9 for 13 yards with an INT and a Fumble at the half? I’ll bet that 4 yarder had a lot of zing on it… but will it be enough for him to keep his job?

  4. You know how you can spot Kiss’s tour Bus on the freeway ? It will be the one with the right blinker on for miles. KISS is changing it’s name to something more age appropriate, they will now be known as AARP.

  5. Brady Quinn must be MONUMENTALLY bad if he’s not better than Derek Anderson. Either that or Mangini hates his guts personally. I’ve been watching the NFL since the 60’s and Anderson is puke inducing. The Browns are worse than I thought. I feel bad for their fans.

  6. Now do all you Bears fans see why we have to protest or SOMETHING? The only reason Anderson is playing is so they don’t have to pay Quinn. Aren’t you all glad you root for a different team?

  7. KISS is glad Cutler is no longer in Denver, tribute or not! (He can’t throw a fireball). Pouting crybaby! The “Windy City” is perfect for him.

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