Boldin: Whisenhunt not "man enough"

The Arizona Cardinals earned a big win over the Chicago Bears today, but not everyone in the Cardinals’ locker room was in a mood to celebrate afterward.

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who was inactive for the game, said his injured ankle felt good enough to play, and he was baffled that coach Ken Whisenhunt held him out. And he said he was even more baffled at how he found out that he wasn’t playing.

“I’d have probably felt better if somebody would have been man enough and walked up to me and told me what the situation was,” Boldin said after the game, per Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic, “but I had to walk back in the locker room and find all of my stuff gone.”

Whisenhunt, however, said he didn’t decide that he was going to rest Boldin until minutes before the deadline for declaring players inactive (90 minutes before kickoff), and that he approached Boldin as soon as he did decide.

“I put his name down right before that 10:30 deadline,” Whisenhunt said. “I was torn right up until that. He [Boldin] was still out on the field.”

The Cardinals’ passing game was just fine without Boldin, as Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner completed 22 of 31 passes for 261 yards and five touchdowns. But the Cardinals’ locker room won’t be fine if Boldin and Whisenhunt aren’t on the same page.

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  1. Boldin just needs to rest up, get completely healthy and work on making another run to the Super Bowl. Being a vikings fan this cardinals team is one of the few in the NFC that truly scares me, the saints being the other. Plus, I need you to get well to help me in my fantasy playoffs!!

  2. boldin is a jackass crybaby. whisenhunt is a damn good coach.
    they are winning without him. does it matter what page boldin is on?
    lets see how well the crybaby does elsewhere next year.

  3. If he wants to bitch, doing it after a big win is not the time. Another great receiver who cares only about himself. What a baby.
    I guess the writing’s on the wall with Boldin, he’ll be gone soon. Maybe he’ll wind up in Chicago with that other cry baby, Cutler. Both are very talented, but couldn’t care less about their team and actually WINNING football games. Losers.

  4. Anquan’s a competitor, but even he should know that the Cards will need him healthy for the playoffs. Whisenhunt is doing the smart thing here.

  5. I guess it’s too difficult for some of you to consider how Boldin found out he wouldn’t play. I would be pissed off too. You dorks apparently wouldn’t be upset. I guess your used to sitting the pines, so no big deal.
    Players want to play. You think he has been playing hurt because he is a whiner? Wow, have you been absent these pasts years.

  6. Just once I’d like to hear a diva professional athlete voice a complaint without referring to manhood or respect.

  7. “GirthyOne says:
    November 8, 2009 10:16 PM
    I guess it’s too difficult for some of you to consider how Boldin found out he wouldn’t play. I would be pissed off too. You dorks apparently wouldn’t be upset. I guess your used to sitting the pines, so no big deal.”
    You realize we’re talking about the Bob Sanders of Wide Receivers, right?

  8. Wow Alquan, how valuable are you? They keep you out and still win by 20 on the road.
    Yet another primadonna athlete. Things were so much simpler when I did read all the crying from the athletes, or perhaps they were more team orientated back in the 70s and 80s.
    Hell, if I was an athlete, I’d be happy as hell to be collecting that check. Whisenhust probably realized that Soldier Field has one of the choppiest fields in the league, and why risk it on a mid season game, especially since they already have the division pretty much locked up.

  9. A tough diva WR is still a diva WR. Clearly Warner and his 5 TD passes didn’t miss Boldin too much this week. Enjoy your new team next season, Anquan.

  10. I just saw Boldin crying on TV about not being on the active roster for the game . I think California governor Arnold Swartzenegger said it best when describing the cry baby legislators in Sacramento , ” Their a bunch of Girly Men . ” Antwan Boldin welcome to the fraternity of ” wah wah ” players that make too much money and have very little impact on the game .
    The Cardinals despite what Warner and Fitzgerald say DON’T NEED YOU !

  11. Boldin is a great WR, but he’s a jerkoff. Last year right after the Cardinals beat the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, he wasn’t on the field celebrating with his team because he was pissed off that he was replaced by Steve Breaston during part of the game winning drive. Seriously, you just made it to the Super Bowl and you’re pissed off over playing time?! He won’t be happy until he gets an extension and he probably will get it because if the Cardinals were going to trade him, they would’ve during the draft in April.

  12. Hey, the Bears aren’t who we thought they were and all, but it looks to me like ‘Zona can drop this ass. What a dickhead.

  13. If he’s this pissed now, wait until this time next year when he’s with the Redskins or Raiders.

  14. If Boldin was a white player he would have been handled differently by the coach, and all of you honkies on this site would be crying he was treated unfairly. GO WHITE DEVILS!

  15. best move the cards did was not giving boldin a fitzgerald type contract.. the guys is great, but you cant be paying a receiver 9 million to play in 6 games.

  16. @ hooby: Still laughing. Florio might have to put that in the body of his next story on the Cardinals and crybaby, steroid injecting Boldy boy!!
    @zappa: GTF outta here dutch bag and STFU. This is cleary not a race issue JA. STFU and get a life and stay off the message boards until you have something meaningful to share. Oh …. that would be never.

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