Westbrook experienced headaches

Eagles running back Brian Westbrook has been officially announced as inactive for Sunday night’s game.

Coach Andy Reid said earlier in the week that he expected Westbrook to play, but something changed Friday.

“On Friday afternoon Brian began experiencing symptoms of a mild
headache,” a statement from the Eagles read.  “From that point forward, we had Brian re-evaluated by [team
internist] Dr. Gary Dorshimer and we put him through extensive testing.
Even though those tests were determined to be negative, we all thought
it would be in the best interests of Brian and the team that he should
be deactivated for tonight’s game. We will continue to evaluate Brian
this week.”

Starting strongside linebacker Chris Gocong is also inactive, and will be joined by wide receiver Kevin Curtis, offensive lineman Mike McGlynn,
running back P.J. Hill, offensive lineman Max Jean-Gilles, defensive
end Victor Abiamiri and cornerback Dimitri Patterson.

The Cowboys had no surprises in their inactives.  Out for Dallas: cornerback Allen Rossum, safety Michael Hamlin, linebacker Steve
Octavien, linebacker Jason Williams, guard Montrae Holland, center Duke
Preston and offensive lineman Pat McQuistan.

14 responses to “Westbrook experienced headaches

  1. Get well soon. I hope they’re testing him for a possible stroke. He should really be put up for another 2 weeks, imo.
    Eagles 44
    Cowboys 6

  2. Rest him. let him heal up. We have horses to carry into the playoffs, and he will contribute then, Just play him enough to make everyone plan for him and enough to keep him in the game.

  3. oh dear!!! A HEADACHE! call it off, people, westbrook has a headache.
    what a puss. terrell davis played in a superbowl with a migraine, and won. westbrook is old, fragile, and broken down, time to let shady finish out the season as #1 with westbrook switching in for screens and such

  4. Sucks Westy is out, but what can ya do, Eagles should be used to it by now lol.

  5. Davis played one quarter with a migraine, got meds at halftime and was fine for the second half. Westbrook’s “headache” was caused by a concussion, just a little more serious.

  6. dang ,i hate to hear it for westbrook or anyone…take the time necessary …this game is not worth taking another hit to the head…..hope the doctors do thier job………

  7. its cumulative, ickeywoods. wait, ickey? what are you doing on pft? i digress…its cumulative. hes been on and off injured for about 25 consec. weeks now and its getting old faster than he is. id prefer it if he wasnt our starter. then we wouldnt worry too much if our 2nd rb was questionable week in and week out

  8. For anyone who might rip on Westbrook you got zero class. I’m a vikings fan, so I have no dog in this fight. But the health of players should be first and foremost, ask some of the old time players. It always amuses me that people on this post who’s idea of physical activity is lifting the remote to change the channel, rip on athletes who have legit injuries, it’s only a game fellas.

  9. Be nice if Andy Reid could mix in some balanced playcalling. Maybe teams would respect some play action if they actually Andy would call a running that worked.

  10. What are the “symptoms of a mild headache”? Um…..pain in the head area? When Andy Reid gets hungry, does he complain of “symptoms of needing something to eat”?
    What a blowhard.

  11. VikingsPimp says: November 8, 2009 9:16 PM
    For anyone who might rip on Westbrook you got zero class
    We’re talking Cowboys fans here, VP. They’re the bottom of the barrel. If they had any class, they left it in bed with their sisters.

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