Monday visits with Dan Patrick, Tim Brando, Sid Rosenberg

As we plow through another busy Monday morning, I’ll get a few much-needed breaks via some radio visits.

For starters, I check in with Dan Patrick at 9:20 a.m. ET today to talk about Sunday’s games.

Then, at 11:25 a.m. ET, I’ll join Tim Brando of Sporting News Radio for a weekly chat on the weekend that was.

An hour later, the great and powerful Sid Rosenberg of WQAM in Miami welcomes me onto the air again.

I mentioned Dan and Tim because they host respected and widely-followed national shows.  I mentioned Sid because, if I left him out while mentioning Dan and Tim, Sid would have spent the entire spot whining about my failure to mention him.

2 responses to “Monday visits with Dan Patrick, Tim Brando, Sid Rosenberg

  1. SID is the man!!!
    too bad he got fired from 790 the ticket from 6-10am.
    joe rose & sedano suck in the mornings
    MIKE…..ask sid about the giants d-coordinator and how much he ‘likes him’
    the guy is another Tim lewis and has singlehandily destroyed our season

  2. i don’t suppose you could “plow through” fixing the comment submission error issues with this site, could ya? 😉
    sometimes i miss the old hamster-powered PFT. you know, the one that had cookies. 😀

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