Tommie Harris apologizes for punch

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris apologized on Monday, a day after he was ejected for punching Arizona Cardinals guard Deuce Lutui.

The Bears’ defense struggled with Harris gone, and the Cardinals won 41-21. Harris acknowledged that he put the Bears in a tough spot by getting ejected just 1:05 into the first quarter.

Yes, I felt like I hurt my team,” Harris said, per the Chicago Tribune.

Harris said he was embarrassed at the thought of what people who saw him punch Lutui must think of him.

“I just want to apologize to my fans, first off [and] the little kids out there that saw that action, that I behaved in that manner,” Harris said. “I apologize to my teammates. … I’ll make up for it.”

Harris said he apologized to Lutui personally as well. He also said he apologized to Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, a close friend of Harris’s.

For his part, Lutui didn’t seem to take it personally, saying after the game that he thought it was unfortunate Harris had to be ejected. But Harris seems to know he deserved the ejection. He also said he expects to be fined, and after that, he hopes he can move on.

19 responses to “Tommie Harris apologizes for punch

  1. He probably did it on purpose to avoid his regular Sunday ass kicking. Screw him, he’s washed up. He would have been of no use. The Bears should just cut him. They won’t, but they should.

  2. What was it the scarecrow sang to Dorothy? Oh yeah, “If I only had a brain…”
    # 91 would make a seriously big scarecrow, but he should be able to relate to the song.

  3. Tommie Harris on the way back. I like cheering for good guys like him to vindicate themselves and overcome mistakes.

  4. @bearsrule: If he’s so washed up, why has the defense been completely abused the two games he hasn’t played?
    He isn’t as good as he used to be, but he still does more at that 3-technique than anyone else on the team.

  5. Punching another player in the facemask doesnt really hurt that player, it just makes you look like an idiot since it probubly hurt your hand more than it did the other guys head.

  6. Have no idea how this guy went from greatness to worthless so quickly. Get rid of him. He sucks at football.

  7. “And after that, he hopes he can move on.” Move on to what… UFC or WWE ? The Figure 4 of the flying turnbuckle is harder to do that punch a helpless opponent who’s face down on the ground.
    Haynesworth can teach him the eye gouge.

  8. Pervy,
    So your saying the Vikes would take care of a thug by being thugs? Good point…. *rolls eyes*
    The Bears should cut him, not because he’s done one thuggish thing in his career, but just because he can’t stay healthy and isn’t playing up to his contract at all. It’s gonna be tough for me to watch sports for a while.
    Cuse fan, beat by Lemoyne
    Don’t watch NBA or NHL
    A’s fan in baseball. Season over in April.
    Bears are awful this year.
    Who’s a good cricket team in India? any suggestions?

  9. Washed up or not. Doesn’t really matter when looking at the topic of the post.
    From here it looks like we do have a man stepping up and apoligizing and expressing remorse/regret and accepting responsibility. Looks like it was done without arm twisting from the team and without it being scripted by a publicist.
    For those wondering what a mistake is and how it should be handled, this is it.

  10. @bearsrule: If he’s so washed up, why has the defense been completely abused the two games he hasn’t played?
    BECAUSE THE DEFENSE SUCKS. What don’t you understand ? It doesn’t matter if he plays. The defense gets abused even when he does play…. Jesus.

  11. The reason this whole thing sucks is because the Bears have a history of releasing players and the player goes to another team and has success. I believe for whatever reason Harris wants out? and we will see him become good again.

  12. What is going on with this guy? He seemed to be a good guy all the way around, and something changed after he got injured. I seems like his attitude has really gone south. Somethings up.

  13. haven’t seen much of dewey axewound lately…
    hopefully he didn’t hang himself after realizing how wrong he was about the bears’ season

  14. I do feel that the punch was very uncharacteristic of the Tommie Harris that I know and love. In saying that, we all have made some mistakes that we wish that we could retract or take back. By no means am I saying Tommie is excusable for his actions, but I think he has aplogized, willing to accept whatever disciplinary action that he has to, and is ready for his next game! Everyone is saying he is not the “beast” that he used to be! Who would be after a major hamstring surgery? Washed up, I do not think so. I know he is probably tired of his environment and as stated above and other places, he may do well on another team with different leadership. I wish him nothing but blessings and success in whatever path he takes!

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