Vikings avoid blackouts

Last week there was concern in Minnesota that the Vikings, despite being one of the best teams in the NFL this season, could be at risk of failing to sell out their home games and being blacked out on local television.

But now the Vikings say the next three home games will all be broadcast on local TV.

The Vikings play the next three Sundays at the Metrodome, against the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears. Vikings chief marketing officer Steve LaCroix says the Lions and Seahawks games are “virtual sellouts,” and that the Bears game has “very limited” availability.

In other words, the games aren’t actually sold out. But they’re close enough to being sold out that they’ll probably be sold out within 72 hours before kickoff. And if they’re not, then the team, the local Fox affiliate and/or local sponsors will work together to make sure any unsold tickets are bought.

The Vikings’ last local blackout was in 1997.

91 responses to “Vikings avoid blackouts

  1. They only have one loss, and have to worry about Blackouts? The queens fans are the worst in the NFL. This team needs to move.

  2. It’s laughable how many people on here talk shit about how great the Vikings are and that they even approach the possibility of a TV blackout. Poser fans of a poser team.

  3. That’s right. One of the non-“true” fans (me) gets to sit on the couch, eat food that doesn’t cost a fortune, drink beer that doesn’t taste like bubbly water, and watch the game for free. Not that I would have gone to the game if it had been blacked out. If you want to say that Minnesota fans aren’t loyal because they don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to sit next to a bunch of drunken idiots (you), feel free. I’m not loyal, and I pity those of you that are.

  4. know the league’s blackout rules don’t work as intended if a team with the record and star power of Brett Farve, “The new Mr. Nike” Peterson, and the current “rookie of year” Percy Harvin on the team and still almost black out. I don’t feel so bad here in Jacksonville anymore. If we had any star power or hell, a winning record we will be selling out. Good Job, NFL…

  5. Maybe the weakest fan base in all of sports. You’re 7-1, you have Brett Favre, you have Adrian Peterson, maybe rookie of the year in Percy Harvin, a very exciting defense with a maniac like Jared Allen to watch…and the word BLACKOUT is still being batted around.
    I will tell you the same thing my mom used to tell me….You don’t deserve nice things if this is the way you treat them.
    P.S..Lifelong minny resident and Vikes fan here, so I see it first hand!

  6. Worst fans in the league? Whatever. garylandon41 why don’t you just get out here. We don’t need to hear anything from an idiot like you.

  7. Has been 12 years since a blackout for all of those idiots saying we can’t sell out a game.
    Just so the Vikes fans know, Bob Nelson is also FireTed. He will deny it, but it is the truth. I have some nifty ways of figuring this stuff out. Go ahead FireTed and deny it, I know the truth. A true douchebag with enough time to set up multiple accounts and spend all day posting. Hey, here is a nifty idea, sign in now as Bob and tell is it isn’t true!!! Ha. What an enormous loser!!!!

  8. The Vikings fans who don’t go to games aren’t the worst in the league, they are the smartest. We don’t want to sit next to you drunken assholes that think football games are life. It isn’t life. It’s just football. I like to watch a good game as much as the next guy. I love to watch Adrian Peterson throw your defensive back to the ground like he’s a child. I also like to watch the rest of you idiots shell out hundreds of dollars when the game can be seen for free. The TV coverage is much better than anything you will see at a stadium. After going to two games last year, the best part is that I don’t have to sit next to some guy who is like you. You are the reason that going to football games sucks. You’re drunk before kickoff, you blindly follow anything the organization says, you bleed football. We don’t. It’s just a game.

  9. The only game in risk of a blackout was Detroit. There was like 1,800 seat left out of 60 some thousand. Now is there really a point to going to see the Lions!!!! Now I can see if you would go to see Detroit vs the Packers….. at least that would be a close game.

  10. Gee, maybe this is a sign that attending a game is not affordable for the average middle-class family. If a family with 2-3 kids tags along for a game, you’re looking at spending a whole paycheck. Outrageous ticket prices, $30 parking, obstructed view seating, narrow concourses. It might be cheaper to see the Vikings on the road. I know when the Vikings played the Rams in St. Louis, about 50% of the crowd was Vikings fans. I’m sure the same thing will happen in Arizona too. By the way, to all those anti-Vikings fans on here talking trash, why don’t you head over to Arizona’s board & talk smack for having trouble selling out the season after they made the Super Bowl. These losers that say Vikings fans are the worst in the league are probably some of the least knowledgeable football fans on the planet.

  11. WOW! So many have such a narrow view of this issue. This is not about how great the Vikes are/Favre/Jared Allen/etc. – or apathetic fans. Problem #1 – Has any of the posters sat in the upper deck higher than say – Row 22 or so? HD tv is way better to watch than purple dots. We need a new stadium!! Problem #2 – The pro sports tickets systems are a joke! If more than face value is to be paid, why can’t we find a way to funnel that revenue to the Vikes, instead of tossing it down the toilet of ticket resellers galore. $220 for a $60 face value ticket is a rip-off! If I could pay it to the Vikes or a stadium fund I would feel better about it.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong. The games will be sold out! Again for those a little slow to pick up on that, the GAMES WILL BE SOLD OUT. It really doesn’t matter who buys those tickets, they will be sold. Keep in mind gang, that Florio and his scribblers have a mandate to try to find Vikings fodder for the bunch of Vike haters to jump all over them. This is just another example of that.
    See you at the game Sunday. 7-1 begins to look like 8-1. The Pack and Bears fans are now all about firing coaches and general managers, now there are two teams not worth buying tickets to watch.

  13. What some of you do not seem to realize that the word blackout is only being said by ONE site, one that is so desperate for hits they will use certain teams like the Vikings in an effort to get those hits.
    Nothing on, nothing on, nothing on One would think if the story was even the least bit credible, someone, ANYONE else would have had a report about it.
    Good job doing absolutely nothing but stir controversy for your own personal gain!

  14. Amazing that all of you jackasses can’t read.
    “The Vikings’ last local blackout was in 1997”
    12 Years ago. I’d say that’s a pretty damn loyal fan base for having to sit in the metrodome every week. That place is a hell hole from start to finish. So unless you’ve been there, shut your ignorant pie holes.

  15. vikestwinswild1, sorry to burst your bubble, but they are the worst fans in the league. I live in Minneapolis and watched how much trouble they’ve had selling tickets, even when they have a winning record. Back in the 90’s, the corporations would buy them out in the 12th hour, but they stopped that practice. Season tickets were sold out the year after Randy Moss rookie season, but that only lasted one season.
    When you have a hard time selling tickets to the first home playoff game in 10 years or when your team is 7-1, it’s time to move the team to a better market. At 7-1, you can’t even call the fans not buying tickets “fairweather bandwagon fans” anymore. What a sorry excuse for a fan base!

  16. I’m a fan and I watch most every game from my couch with my boys and it’s f,,,ing sweet. One game maybe two a year is all I need. Go Vikes

  17. Wouldn’t say Vikes have the worst fans in the league, but it’s close. En route to their division title last year, they had to get a few extensions and help from the local TV stations to avoid black outs. They also want a new stadium too and they can barely sell out the dome.
    Do baseball games get blacked out? If so I would mark down a bunch for the Twins come 2011 when their baby jesus golden boy Mauer is wearing Yankee pinstripes!!

  18. Ok before all you fans start bitching and moaning… the economy in Minnesota is still horrendous, we are a Midwest powerhouse that believes in family and not keeping much debt. Lack of extra cash is hurting the team. Look at the Twins – they had a great season but still had less people show up than last year.
    It’s the economy – not the fans.

  19. Why would they build a new stadium when they cant sell out the one they have? Oh well when the vikings move at least you fans will be used to watching them on tv.

  20. Let’s see, Arizona made the Super Bowl last season & are having trouble selling out & yet nobody talks trash about them. 100% of the trash talk at the Vikings. Minnesota is a great sports state with good followings for the Vikings, Twins, Wild & Gopher sports. If any Minnesota team is to leave, it will be the Timberwolves because nobody here cares about the NBA. The Vikings have the 14th longest active sellout streak in the NFL (ahead of Philadelphia of all teams) which could jump up to 12th if Kansas City & Tampa Bay fail to sell out a game this season. Wild have THE longest active sellout streak in the NHL at 375 & counting. Minnesota has great fans. So shut up all Vikings haters, F You.

  21. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere, no, what’s sad is you actually believe the garbage you spew.
    This is a nonissue.
    ‘Bandwagon’ fans? Seriously? So people would be more of a fan by blindingly showing up to games, willingly give a team their money to show support for poor performance? Instead of showing the ownership/team by hitting them where it hurts the most by NOT showing up.
    The problem in Minny is NOT what you spew, whatthehellisgoingonoutthere, even with your extreme knowledge of the Twin Cities and their residence, the problem is the Dump.. I mean the Dome. We are sick and tired of sitting in that crap hole, no matter how well the Vikings are playing. Look at the attendence to Gopher, Vikings and Twins games there throughout the league.. Slowly but surely they decline. Even in successful campaigns.
    But, your wealth of knowledge trumps truth. Continue the spewage of your ‘intelligence’..

  22. @whatthehellisgoingonoutthere. It always make me chuckle when people from Wisconsin move to the Twin Cities, fleeing the craphole that is Wisconsin, only to stand on the street corner and preach about how great the cheese state is. Ironic.
    Great news story. “Hey everyone! Another sell out. Same as every week since 97!”

  23. This is just another attempt from anti-Viking Mike Florio to cause controversy. Arizona couldn’t even get 30,000 @ Sun Devil Stadium for a game yet somehow they get their new Stadium which now 1 year after playing in the Super Bowl they can’t sell out their State-of-the-art home. Bengals couldn’t sellout Riverfront Stadium yet they get Paul Brown Stadium which they’re also having difficulty. Tampa Bay almost never sold out in the old sombrero but now that they have the new Stadium they are. So mike, where is the talk about those other teams, huh? The anti-Viking crowd really needs to shut their mouths. SKOL VIKINGS!

  24. a few things for the “football fans” why would someone pay for few hundred dollars to watch the Vikings kill the Lions or Seahawks? The Vikings are favored by 16 and a half points. Second, will the Jaguars have a sellout this year? or the Lions? or the Rams? No,No, and No so take all that poser fan crap andstick it your ass. And last, your team must really suck if you are mad at the Vikings success, I feel sorry for you ‘fans’

  25. i can tell most of the poster here are from LA, which had 2 teams and they moved. But dont worry, the Jaguars will be there in a few seasons for you, then they will move somewhere else a few years after that. The Vikings will always be in Minnesota and they will have a new stadium and they will be blackout free forever.

  26. “But now the Vikings say the next three home games will all be broadcast on local TV”
    The fact that the Vikings are having this kind of season – a season for their ages – and they have home games that aren’t sold out, man, what the hell does that say about Minnesota fans? “Will be sold out” and “ARE sold out” are two different things, by the way.
    The economy sucks in every state, not just Minnesota, and the costs of attending games is high in most other NFL venues as well, yet many other NFL teams have sold out games week after week.

  27. No, dumbass, being a bandwaggon fan isn’t about how your overrated team can’t sell out games, it’s about how many fans on here all of a sudden think they are Super Bowl bound after they beat a bunch of shitty teams…MN fans talk ad nauseum (get a dictionary if you have to…its that book you use to hide your porn from your mom) about how shitty Green Bay is…and they beat Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis, San Fran and Baltimore….not a winning record among them…combined W/L record of 9 wins, 29 losses…don’t get your crayons out, Vikings fans, I will do the math for you….that’s a .236 winning percentage….you are right, Green Bay is shitty…and Minnesota beat a shitty team twice. Yeah, you have to play who you play but until you play somebody other than “The Little Sisters of the Poor,” try to talk a little less shit and have a bit of humility (again, with the big words, I know) and temper your unfounded enthusiasm, just a bit…at least until you beat a team with a winning record. (see also New Orleans Saints)

  28. Maybe the weakest fan base in all of sports. You’re 7-1, you have Brett Favre, you have Adrian Peterson, maybe rookie of the year in Percy Harvin, a very exciting defense with a maniac like Jared Allen to watch…and the word BLACKOUT is still being batted around.

  29. “It isn’t life. It’s just football.”
    Oh right. Let’s try to act like football isn’t all that important to Viking fans when in reality, Viking fans are the same lunatics that go all around this site proclaiming how dominate the Vikings are and that they will win the Super Bowl this season.
    You Viking fans can blame the economy all you want but that doesn’t seem to stop all the other NFL fanbases from selling out. And the economy is affecting the whole country, not just Minnesota.

  30. Ok one thing you people are overlooking. Much of the issue that the Vikings have in selling out games is the stadium. Teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Philly and so forth, have good teams but mostly they have a great stadium experience and atmosphere. You can have a good team with a great stadium experience and you will sell out games even in a bad economy.
    I understand about Arizona and so forth but looks at places like Seattle who had a terrible stadium in the Kingdom and then moved to their new digs and have the best stadium in the NFL, great atmosphere and the people want to come.
    I truly believe in the build it and they will come philosophy. Plus a new stadium would stimulate the local economy more than it will hurt it. I don’t have the stats in front of me but do you think the Vikings ever had a problem selling out the old Met? The atmosphere was incredible. Although the Dome gets load it is horrible for fans! If the Vikings get a new stadium deal and build something that excites the fans you will never have a problem with a sellout if you have a decent team. Most of the super-suck teams this year are close to sell outs or selling out because they stadium experience is good.
    The economy does play a part. Cincy has had like 80+ sellouts and their franchise has been horrible. They have a great stadium! This year has been their best since 2005 adn they almost did not sell out the game against the Ravens which was a huge game. All is food for thought!

  31. I’ve been to the Vikings home games this year and know one thing, the dome has been packed and it’s been loud. The Vikings face the Lions this week with the bye week leading up to the games some of the buzz has probably worn off for the casual fan, but make no mistake the dome will be a difficult place to opposing teams to come this season and all the games will be sold out.

  32. FireTed (or Bob Nelson- which ever you want to go by)- no one is reading your long drawn out posts. Remember, think Twitter sytle- 140 characters (or so). If it takes you 500 words, you are not getting your point across quickly enough.
    Oh, and also no one cares what you think so you are really just wasting your time (once again I did not read your post).

  33. FireTed,
    I’m a huge Vikings fan and post on here regularly, and I think a lot of other Vikings posters here would say the same thing – I only post in retaliation to all the asinine comments made by all the Vikings bashers. Mostly Packer fans. I stick up for our team, fans and state.
    I will agree there are a couple loose cannon viking fans who claim:
    They know who they are – and they need to calm down. We’ve bashed our own for comments like that.
    You did say one thing that I agree with though – the packers suck.

  34. @symo2k20:
    I hate to burst your bubble, but every Rams game has sold out this year, with no last minute tension. Check your facts. But, realistically speaking, the worst fans award must go to Jacksonville – that stadium is half-full all the time.

  35. They haven’t had a blackout in 10 years, all you idiots don’t know what you’re talking about.
    The Vikings haven’t “almost had blackouts”. It’s already guaranteed that none of the next 3 weeks are going to be blacked out. I’d say having a game “virtually sold out” 3 weeks before the game is not even flirting with a black out.

  36. Hold on, now. I have been hearing over and over about how Minnesota is a dazzling, vibrant place to live and Wisconsin is an economic and cultural wasteland.
    Now, Minnesota can’t sell tickets because the economy is so bad here? And as far as culture, Minneapolis just took over SF as the metro with the most gays per capita. To go along with the most Somalians.
    Congrats Minneapolis! Great Culture! I can’t wait for “A Brother’s Touch Stadium” to open up!

  37. @fire ted
    Did the packers make your vagina bleed early this month? To much stress from watching sharon rodgers eat grass all day? Packers suck and rodger swallows.
    It’s all about how hard you play and turning that into W’s. Something the Packers can’t do.

  38. Michael David Smith, you didn’t get the name of the organization that was bailing out the vikings and buying the tickets!
    Who spent the money to bail them out this time?
    There just aren’t enough people interested to sell out the the third smallest venue in the NFL.

  39. You guys are idiots, the only place that said anything about a “blackout” was this site. The game was going to sell out the whole time, and it did…Florio puts VIKINGS anything as a header and immediatly gets hits. You’re all now dumber for having believed it. Haha. Go vikes.

  40. Bob Nelson who has been paying upfront to keep you alive? Theres no way in hell someone that stupid can even be living.

  41. Just because every fricken Vikings thread gets 30+ comments doesnt mean you need to make up these non-stories to produce activity on your website. Go find some real news.

  42. I wanted to add some things to my original post.
    1) I dont’t have the exact stats but they are 20,000 short because they have a 80,000 seat stadium. If the Metrodome was 80,000 capacity they would be 10 to 20k short.
    2) Pre Quest Field Seattle was considered to be horrible football fans in the Kingdome. Although the went to the Super Bowl the culture changed with a new stadium.
    3) New England. Yes they have 3 Super Bowl titles but I do not fully believe this is the reason for their strong following. The move from the old stadium to Gillette improved things considerably for fans and sponsors.
    4) Minnesota is in the bottom of generating revenue due to their stadium. The support is not the problem. The stadium is not up to standard and affects things such as ticket revenues, PSL’s and sponsors. The economy is bad but you have to spend to get sometimes and the jobs, additional revenue and other things would eliminate the blackout issues and would put our fandome on par with Green Bay and Chicago. Our fans are just as good as what you will find in Green Bay or Chicago.
    5) San Francisco. Although not good for 10 years their history still makes them a storied franchise. Are you telling me that if they had a new stadium that they wouldn’t be at the bottom of revenue in the league? Come on’ Man! San Francisco would not only jump up their revenue but would also have a greater ability to generate more interest in free agents.
    The only reason why the Vikings turned it around is they have an administration that drafted well and an owner that was willing to dish out money for free agents that were a good fit for the team. Pre Wilf as McCombs and we all know what he did to the organization.
    Skol Nation although not the best in the country is strong. I absolutely guarantee that if you get that stadium deal done, not only will the state benefit but the fan base will grow to be one of the top in the NFL.
    The state greatly benefited from the dome and made a ton of money off of it. Although a stadium would cost 10 times as much now, a new stadium would pay for itself in the revenue it would provide to the area and state in general.

  43. I don’t think any Packer fan can question a Viking fans loyalty. I can get a ticket to any Packer home game I want. This is from the club that has a “40 year waiting list” for season tickets. How is it possible for me to even touch one of those tickets.
    It’s because you “fans” are all talk. Get off your butts and buy those tickets up before a non Packer fan gets them. I saw a lot of purple at Lamboo a couple of weeks ago (and I saw a lot of Purple in the end zone that night : ), again how is that possible. Take care of your own house before you go after someone else s.
    Now, as for the 1200 seats that were left for the Vikings game. They suck, and I wouldn’t drive 200 miles to set in front of a pole. And this is a non issue because the tickets are sold and will be the rest of the season. And will be sold out for the Playoffs also.

  44. “I don’t think any Packer fan can question a Viking fans loyalty. I can get a ticket to any Packer home game I want. This is from the club that has a “40 year waiting list” for season tickets.”
    How about actually putting your name on the waiting list, smart one. You can’t see what it is like until you do.

  45. What this article said is that the Vikings have sold out every game for the last 12 years… That is pretty impressive with the crappy teams they have fielded other than the few moss years.
    The Jaguars have the worst fans by, half empty stadium and constant blackouts.
    If you want to point fingers for people not affording NFL tickets you may want to point a great big one(prefferably middle) at the whitehouse.

  46. Before all you inbred Packer fans walk to talk shit about Viking fans, consider this.
    The Metrodome is one of the worst fields to attend a sporting event. Hence Zygi Will trying desperately to get a new stadium built. The parking is not that great, they don’t have a bunch of hillbilly’s with 2 teeth holding signs allowing fans to park on their front lawns.
    So how does that turn into Viking fans being fair weather fans? Why is it that the Metrodome is considered one of the loudest stadiums for opposing teams to play in? Talk about fair weather, how about GB fans booing a icon when he returns to your field because your higher ups pushed him out of town when he still wanted to play? I don’t know if I would call that fair weather or just plain idiocy.
    BTW, who’s team is 7-1 and who’s just sucks? Thank you. You all attend GB games now to boo other players, it has nothing at all to do with loyalty.

  47. Gergie,
    It’s kind of funny – I can walk into the Metrodome and buy a Vikings ticket as well. The difference between the Packers and Vikings is that even if the Packers are 2-14, they could build an 85,000 seat stadium and sell it out every week. The Viings are 7-1 and have to worry about blackouts,plus the Vikes had worries about selling out last years playoff games. Now I know you guys have only been good twice since Bud Grant left, but at least you can catch the west coast games when the Vikings move to Los Angeles.

  48. As someone that’s been on the Steelers season ticket list for 16 years, I don’t have a lot of compassion for these teams that have trouble selling out. I’m holding out hope that I might get a sniff of tickets within the next couple of years, however, I’m not holding my breath.
    Come on guys!! Your team is 7-1!! Give them some support!

  49. non-story…
    christ, the last time there was a blackout bill clinton was prez, the titanic movie was just released, and the packers were defending their latest nfl title…ask any packer fan and they’d probably tell you it was a lifetime ago
    i see what you’re doing here florio, and it’s working…
    you’re getting all kinds of hits from the people jealous and angry over the vikings success. they can’t wait to come here and comment how terrible the fans are cus it makes them feel a little bit better about their own teams.
    you sir, have succeeded
    and you have me and the rest of these idiots to thank

  50. If anyone posting here has never been to the Metrodome, then I submit you don’t know the extent of the problem. It is simply the worst stadium in the NFL, hands down. It is one big giant toilet bowl with the skid marks. It smells like a toilet bowl (when the viking fans are in there) it looks like a toilet bowl and how any sane thinking fan (thereby eliminating most biqueen fans) can spend their hard earned money to subject themselves to sitting in there is beyond me.

  51. A new Stadium will help sell out games. The Metrodome is a terrible fan experience. And I know because I’m a Vikings season ticket holder. Do you know a big reason why the Wild have sold out every home game in franchise history? Because the Xcel Energy Center has the best fan experience the NHL can offer. It’s 10 years old and STILL the best arena in the NHL.

  52. 1 more thing I want to add, the only reason St. Louis has sold out all 3 home games this season is because fans from the opposing team filled up half the seats in the Jones Dome. When the Vikings were there, half the fans were wearing purpe.

  53. Hilarious how easily Florio can rile up the sheep and trolls. At least he had the dignity to point out that Vikings games haven’t been blacked out in over a decade.
    Anyone who thought the Vikings were “at risk” of a blackout is a complete idiot, plain and simple.
    And anyone thinking our fanbase “doesn’t care” or isn’t engaged can just stfu right now. You only believe that because Florio and herds of little whiny packer fans post that crap all the time.
    Favre jersey, #1 seller. 12 years since a blackout. Vikings games this season are setting ratings records and ratings for both Vikings packers games were higher in Minneapolis than any city in Wisconsin, where their team is supposedly wildly popular.
    So as much as you want to have cute little articles about how disengaged our fans are the evidence of where people actually are sticking their dollars and their Sunday afternoons tells completely the opposite story. And for these same reasons your theories on the Vikings moving are also pretty bunk.
    Why would a team that is more popular and watched in its own market (according to TV ratings numbers) than the majority of NFL teams be moved? I know, the stadium. But moving them before they get a stadium would “reduce the pie” as Jerry Jones puts it. You’d lose out on a rather large and dedicated market to experiment in LA where football hasn’t worked in the past.

  54. Congrats Pack fans, you are a loyal fanbase.
    What’s the award for that again?
    In the grand scheme of things, I could give 2 shits what anyPack fan thinks of our fanbase.
    Vent your spleens all you want.
    By the way, TT and the Packer brass are counting on you to keep selling out Lambeau.
    Where is their incentive to field a competitive team if they know that you sheep will continue to flock to the games whether they are 14-2 or 2-14? This version of the Packers brass is more concerned about the bottom line than wins and losses.
    If any of you are “shareholders” I’d call a meeting to discuss!
    LMAO Packer shareholders…..Priceless!

  55. I have done everything in my power to watch every single vikings game that has occured for the last 20-25 years. I enjoy the luxury of a comfortable couch, great viewing angles, a large pizza, and good beer(for the least 9 years on the beer part) all for the grand total of $30-$40 on a Sunday AND I get to watch all the other NFL games on NFL network for the day. If I go to the game (which i go to at least one a year) I lose the entire day either getting out of parking/traffic mess or sitting on the bus, I drop anywhere from $120-$240 on the tickets, each beer would be at least $6 and tastes like ass water, and a hot dog (you know those things that are like $1 for a pack of 12) are like $6 each. so, I’m looking at dropping a paycheck for uncomfortable seats and generally a shitty view (because i don’t have $500 for “good” tickets)
    so I guess I’m not a vikings fan because I don’t have an endlesss wallet. even though I’ve watched some of the worst games in Vikings history all the way down to the last play (game against the Bengals about 4 or 5 years ago with like 6 turnovers… NYG in the NFC championship game…. plenty of others to note)
    I am one of many of my friends and family that are exactly like what i have mentioned above. but I guess we are crappy fans because we can’t afford rediculously priced tickets in a shitty run down stadium.
    FYI – I support a new building
    FYI – I always feel poorly represented by my elected officials.(usually the ones i didn’t vote for win)
    I can guarantee there are at least a million other people in Minnesota that feel the same way as I do.

  56. My god Fire Ted do you understand what being a fan is all about?! Our team is 7-1 what do you want us to say? We suck?! WE ARE FANS so we get excited. I know I know it’s hard to put yourself in our shoes with such a terrible squad (losing to 0-7 teams and all). I mean look at your name, you hate your squad from the top down.

  57. Typical dopes, mostly cheesers, adding their typical drivel on the same old Viking tan/ticket issue. Another non-story designed to increase site traffic and give cheesers something to feel good about as their team sucks yet again.
    First, there’s less than 1,000 tickets left for sale to the games in question — the crappy ones in the upper deck no one wants. Most every team has 1,000 or fewer tickets for sale before each game, yet PFT gets a kick out of noting the Viking status to get the cheesers rolling.
    Second, the Vikes have sold out every game for over 10 years without the so-called bailout crap mentioned by the cheesers living in MN (the state with the decent jobs).
    Third, if there’s a Pack fan comparison, look back at the last Lambeau/Vikes game and check out all the purple in the stands. Even with Lord Favre returning it was, and remains, easy as hell to get tickets to Lambeau. It’s not a ton of blindly loyal fans that own those season tickets, but individuals and groups holding and re-selling tickets to make money. Not to mention the fact that half the dopes posting above don’t own season tickets to their team — I do.
    Viking fans are as good and loyal as the fans of any team. The difference is they don’t have to toot their own frigging horn every day because this ain’t a one-horse town and they can focus on supporting a quality well run team. What else can cheesers be proud about other than their loyalty as fans? Their GM? Their lard-ass head coach? Their smoking conversion to the 3-4 defense? Their crappy young developing players? Let them whine about a couple hundred unsold tickets — they need the limited mental stimulation.

  58. Oh crap, here we go again. Vikes fans and Pack fans calling each other names. Here we go:
    There hasn’t been a blackout there since 1997 so really this is a non issue. So what if TV stations & corporate sponsers had to help a few times–happens most places.
    @ ewurm
    From several of the posts I’ve read from you in the past I have thought the last part of your name (worm) was very appropriate. Now that I’ve seen the type of fan you are I’m sure of it. Calling your own fans drunken idiots–Go east some shit and make some compost. That’s what worms do.
    @ Bzilla
    I’ve never been to the stadium but I understand it is pretty bad. Curous though, if the games aren;t seeling out, why do you have to pay $220.oo for a $60.00 ticket? Not trying to be a smartass–seemms to me you could just go to the ticketoffice and buy one. If the”resellers” have bought all the face value tickets then it should be a sellout.
    @ tufar
    Yo are right. Those two teams are probably not worth buying tickets to. But they still get sold.
    @ twiz
    You’re right. Florio just stirring up shit to get his Vikes/Packs hits.
    @ bitchplease–economy’s bad everywhere but I know it’s got to be a factor in a lot of cases. Let’s see, but Vike tickets or get my kids meds. No choice there.
    @ FireTed or Bob Nelson
    Take Cutlerisapussy’s advice. Or better yet, just go away.
    @ sando
    Favre’s jersey is #1 seller no matter where he goes. Find those TV statistics hard to believe but I haven’t checkced so you may be right. I think most Pack fans have already written off this season anyway.
    This is a serious question. Is the Meytrodome so bad that building a new stadium would really increase attendance. I mean the economy will still be bad, (maybe-it will take a few yeasr to build it and something might occur by then to turn it around-God I hope so), there will be more seats to fill, Favre will be gone–will a new stadium reall get sold out? Is there no way to upfit the Metro, as happened at Lambeau?
    And for you “Vikes moving to LA” folks, I just can’t see the league letting that happen. Just to storied of a franchise, too much history, rivalries just to good to screw with. OF course it is Milf’s team. I guess he can do with it as he pleases–and to those guys it IS all about the money.
    God this name calling is ridiculous. I’m a PACK fan & I know we suck & need lots of changes. Unfortuantely, we do not have an owner that can make that happen next weeek so it may take some time.
    Fortunately though, there will never be talk about GB goiong to LA.
    @Cutlerisapussy–sorry this post is so long. They kinda irritate me too.

  59. The Viking fans that prefer to watch at home have very right to do so. Who cares if someone would rather watch on TV than see it in-person? I like to go to Lambeau and sit in the elements…I really do…because it makes me feel like I am part of it. If the players have to play in twenty-degree temperatures with a stiff wind in their faces and a little bit of drizzle mixed in for good measure, than the least I can do is support them in the same conditions. It makes me feel connected, with the players and the surrounding fans. I think many Packer fans have the same attitude and it is what separates Packer fans from most other fanbases. But I also know it is not for everybody…like my wife for instance. Does that mean she shouldn’t feel comfortable watching on TV? Of course not. Television revenue exists for a reason…people like to watch on TV. I don’t have to climb Everest to be able to enjoy watching someone else do it.

  60. footballrulz says:
    @ sando
    Favre’s jersey is #1 seller no matter where he goes. Find those TV statistics hard to believe but I haven’t checkced so you may be right. I think most Pack fans have already written off this season anyway.
    Favre is new to the team and is a popular player so certainly I don’t mean his #1 selling as a bragging point as much as I just mean that it shows our fans aren’t totally terrible.
    The TV statistics absolutely are real, see links below. It is quite possible that the Packers TV ratings were less due to their team getting beat in the game or maybe they generally leave home to go to game parties and bars or some other phenomenon.
    But really my point is that obviously the Vikings are very popular in their own 4 team market. They sell out games just like other popular teams. Florio points out our games because people care about the VIkings, good or bad, and post on the articles. If he mentioned how San Diego took until the week of to sell out game X nobody would care. Not their fans or rivals. Somehow it is a story with the Vikings. Packer fans brag about how long their backlog is but so many of those folks are just getting the season tickets to sell them. I went to the game there last season and had absolutely no trouble finding tickets. It would have been more difficult to find on to the game at the dome.
    It shows that Minneapolis game ratings easily surpassed Green Bay despite the game being played in Minneapolis and 50,000 plus of their biggest fans being at the game. This was at the beginning of the year while the Packers were still undefeated.
    The above link was just for the MNF game. You will find the exact same story for the second match if you like. Also the Texans/Vikings preseason game was the most watched preseason game in a long time and ratings were extroardinary in Minneapolis. Ironically Green Bay was higher in ratings than Houston. Or sadly. Not sure.

  61. Wow, I’ll go ahead and tackle this one:
    You make a post saying that many winning teams face possible blackouts due to speculation, speculation, and speculation and then the Vikings don’t come anywhere close to blacking out, so you make a follow up post stating that the Vikings “avoid” the blackout that you speculated? And you’re criticizing ESPN? I expect constructed news from mainstream news sources, but not an amateur “fan” -based football site.

  62. “3) New England. Yes they have 3 Super Bowl titles but I do not fully believe this is the reason for their strong following. The move from the old stadium to Gillette improved things considerably for fans and sponsors.”
    You got this backwards, Chuckie.
    Gillette stadium definitely improved things considerably for fans and sponsors – facility wise – yes, but it didn’t improve their strong following…. It was the strong following that allowed Gillette to be built in the first place. The Patriots fan base exploded with the parcells era, survived the Pete Carroll era, and went ballistic with the success of the Bellichick era. But make no mistake, the Pats were selling out Foxboro long before there was a Gillette.
    Don’t blame the Vikings poor attendance on the facility, don’t blame it on the product (the team is doing GREAT!). Blame it on the fans, who don’t want to come out and spend the money that fans in so many other cities are willing to spend.

  63. CutlerISaPussy says:
    FireTed (or Bob Nelson- which ever you want to go by)- no one is reading your long drawn out posts.
    No way is Bob also “Fire Ted”.. Bob Nelson LOVES Ted. And no one reads your crap PERIOD, long or not. Go watch hockey, you clearly have nothing relevant to say here, “Twitter style” or not.
    Richm2256 says:
    Don’t blame the Vikings poor attendance on the facility, don’t blame it on the product (the team is doing GREAT!). Blame it on the fans, who don’t want to come out and spend the money that fans in so many other cities are willing to spend.
    I think that about sums it up. Viking “fans” are taking their team for granted. There are worse stadiums and FAR worse teams, and they never come close to having a blackout. I don’t understand why you still wouldn’t support your team when their having one of the best seasons in their history.

  64. Ok I wonder who all the whiners on here that say Vikes fans are pathetic, what team they cheer for?
    ummm, I wonder?
    Losers, first of all, almost a blackout, ALMOST!
    Get a clue!
    Greenbay almost won a few games also.
    The reality is they didnt have a blackout, they havent had one since 1997.
    Also Greenbay does suck!
    Try something different to attempt to make the Vikings fans look bad, because all you tweebs did here is make your self look like typical sore losing Packer fans.
    Almost a blackout,hahahaha
    I almost won the lottery!!
    I almost had sex with the hottest girl in hollywood.
    I almost thought the Greenbay game against the Vikes was going to be hard fought!!

  65. @ Sando
    Thanks for the link. I was not attempting to criticize the fan base. I agree with your point about Florio generating hits. I mean, in reality, there has been no blackout since 1997.

  66. @ Sando
    Forgot, this. Got interrupted mid post by a customer (few & far between thewes days).
    Well now that I looked at the new posts Beer Cheese has already said it. You guys need a new stadium. According to BigSky, this is your year. I know almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades but you guys need to start showing some love to your new owner or that new Stadium ain’t gonna happen. To him X’s & O’s are fine but $ & cents matter most.

  67. You can brag on how they ‘just missed’ the blackout but if you Viking fans really supported the team that much, then there would be no mention of blackouts, simple as that.
    and there are several other stadiums out in the NFL that are in just as worse conditions as the Metrodome that still sell out. Candlestick Park is falling apart but you don’t hear anything about them avoiding blackouts. Same goes with FedEx Field. That place is known not to be a well built stadium but they still manage to sell-out.

  68. Where is my other post????
    Who cops this stuff, am I writing a word that does not allow every other post on here??
    Or are most of the posters on here PFT people in disquise?

  69. For Piss sakes!!
    We are talking about the dome being at 94 % capacity!
    It’s not like there is 35,000 people there.
    Give it a freaking rest already.
    That place was a mistake from jump street.
    Also, it’s not the “lack of sellouts” that is hurting Wilf, it’s the lack of luxury suites.
    They aren’t going anywhere and you Pack fans shouldn’t want them too.
    I’m tired of the same old bullshit from Florio and you clueless Packer fans.
    94% capcity and the Vikes fans don’t support their team..ludicrous.

  70. Tabemaju has it right. There “could” be a blackout. There is a “possibilty” of a blackout. Then the game sells out and the Vikes “avoided” a blackout. Stupid.

  71. Seriously, these desperate Packer fans just can’t get it through their padded skulls. Vikings franchise and fans are very respectable.
    Both Vikings/Packers games this season had higher ratings in the Minneapolis area than in either Milwaukee or Green Bay. All of your comebacks ignore this one. I’m not saying we are “better” or you suck or anything like that. I’m just saying that you don’t have the right to call us pathetic in terms of caring about our team when we obviously like watching the game more than you.
    Vikings have not had a blackout since 1997. I don’t have an official stat or anything but my guess is that streak is better than quite a few teams out there. It is annoying that our solid attendance at a crap facility in the smallest 4 team market in America is somehow something that morons get to make fun of. If anything it is something that we should get credit for. A medium sized city with 4 major sports franchises has 12 years of sellouts at a crappy facility. I’m not embarrassed about that one bit.
    Vikings jerseys are and have been good sellers. Vikings get good ratings around the country and that is not just a Brett thing. Our team travels fairly well. Our consistently packed stadium is one of the loudest in the league. There was a whole lotta purple at Lambeau and St. Louis this season. We are no towel waivers, but respectable in our own rights.
    Seriously, the Vikings are by no means the best franchise in football with the most passionate fans. I’m not trying to say that. But to call us “pathetic” in that regard is just retarded. It completely ignores the facts that I have presented above. We have a very respectable NFL franchise with a nice storied history. I don’t want to get into a pissing match about who’s “better” and all that crap but I’m definately happy we have the Vikings and am proud to have them represent our state in the NFL world.
    What it comes down to is you guys just need to come up with better arguments to diss us with right now. Because this one ain’t a workin’. Try to come up with something a little less ignorant. Those usually work best.

  72. If anybody thinks this team will sell out a 75,000 seat stadium in Los Angeles, get off the crack. Not even a strong following from the opposing team would help sell out. The Vikes will stay in Minnesota WHERE THEY BELONG!

  73. Los Angeles has proven that they cannot support a team. Here’s a novel idea for those wondering why it is possible to not have a soldout game after going 7-1. The Vikes are playing the Lions and Seahawks. Really? It probably will be like watching the Globetrotters taking on an opponent. The Bears game probably won’t even be that close and it will be the near clinching game for the NFC North. Da Bears and the Pack will both be 4-5 after this week. The only thing left will be to play for home field advantage.

  74. “Here’s a novel idea for those wondering why it is possible to not have a soldout game after going 7-1. The Vikes are playing the Lions and Seahawks. Really? ”
    Even when they do play good teams, the game doesn’t sell out. Just look at the playoff game last season. and it doesn’t matter who they are playing either. That is nothing but an excuse. The whole point of a fanbase is to support your team no matter who they are playing. Plus, how do you know the Seahawks or Lions won’t give the Vikings at least a run for their money. They may be a weak team but anything can happen in the NFL and there are such things called upsets.

  75. packers4life,
    Just give it up dude. The stadium has sold out for 12 straight years so drop the tired “just look at the playoff game last season” bs. That game sold out with no TV network help. The Vikings didn’t know until Sunday afternoon that they were in the playoffs and sold 75,000 tickets by Saturday afternoon in a recession. It is just absurd reading your post after post of junk.
    TV ratings show that Vikings fans tend to watch the games more than Packers fans. Our attendance record is 12 years straight. Our jerseys sell. Our fans show up at opponents within driving distance.
    I know you hate it. I understand. But you just have to deal with the fact that the Vikings are a solid franchise, with a solid team, and solid fans. Always have been. If you can’t see that by now, then you never will.

  76. packers for life:
    Again what part of 94% sold don’t you understand?
    Even the playoff game was at or about that level.
    I’m sure you have never been there. It is a horrible palce to watch a football game.
    Anyway, I’m not embarassed by any of it.
    Just because your grandparents ensured lambeau was sold out for years to come, doesn’t give you the right to brag.
    Especially if you don’t have season tickets or even pay to go to one game.
    BTW, shouldn’t you be worried about the Dallas game?
    Oh yeah, you’re season is over at the 1/2 way mark.
    Tampa? How do you lose to Tampa? And you are on here dissing the Vikes and their fans?
    You are the only 2 time winner of the asshat of the day contest! Congrats!
    You are now the favorite for asshat of the year!

  77. Another thing to the Packers dealing with envy issues right now. Look at the game at Lambeau. Almost every seat in that house is season ticket holders with a waiting list. Yet you look around the stadium and there were a LOT of Vikings fans.
    That means Packers season ticket holders were selling their seats, possibly up to days before the game. I’d say at least 5% of that place was purple. And obviously many of those fans were not season ticket holders but rather bought their tickets from holders that wanted the money more than the experience.
    So what’s the difference between 5-20% of seats being sold the weeks leading up to the game by season ticket holders to people deciding weeks or days prior to go to the game from what we do? In the Dome I bet it is a reasonably similar number of people deciding last minute to buy tickets from season holders and from the box office if they are available.
    Really the difference is trivial. In both cases you have a lot of individuals that acquire their tickets from a seller close to the start of the game. Whether that seller is a jaded fan, the team box office, or a fan looking to turn a profit the difference is irrelevant. Well, it is irrelevant as long as most all the tickets ultimately do get moved. Which in our case is 12 years running.
    The difference between your team’s passion or whatever you want to call it and ours is not that flippin different. Go to the Metrodome once. Sure it is a dump but you want to talk about some loud and excited fans that is a dang good place to find them.

  78. “That game sold out with no TV network help.”
    I am pretty sure that there was an article on this site saying there was.
    “The Vikings didn’t know until Sunday afternoon that they were in the playoffs and sold 75,000 tickets by Saturday afternoon in a recession”
    You do realize that the whole country is in recession and not just Minnnesota, don’t you?
    and alot of Packer fans are at the Metrodome when the Packers play there as well.

  79. If you say that Viking fans are the worst in the league, then you’ve obviously never been to the Metrodump. It is, unequivocally, the worst venue in the country to watch any sport.
    They have sold out every game for 12 years, many of which were losing seasons.
    And, they’re playing the Lions… yay.

  80. Anyone gonna be at the game this weekend against Detroit? If so let me know cus Ill be there for the blow out (knock on wood).

  81. J.Cannon, I’m a season ticket holder so I will be there. I have been to every home game (Regular Season & Playoffs) since I moved back to Minnesota in 2000.

  82. packers4life says: November 12, 2009 3:20 PM
    “That game sold out with no TV network help.”
    I am pretty sure that there was an article on this site saying there was.
    “The Vikings didn’t know until Sunday afternoon that they were in the playoffs and sold 75,000 tickets by Saturday afternoon in a recession”
    You do realize that the whole country is in recession and not just Minnnesota, don’t you?
    Uhh.. that game DID sell out with no TV help. It took expansions to the deadline, but it still sold out. Yeah, it was the playoffs.. That doesn’t negate that the majority of fans didn’t like the way the Vikings played last year, didn’t like T-Jack, and hate the Dump. Economic depression or not.
    It’s ok, keep ignoring the facts. Keep bringing up the ‘pathetic’ Viking fans. It looked like they enjoyed those Lambeau seats..

  83. Unlike all those sorry cities that don’t have anything in there life but football, here in the Twin Cities, we have the Wild, Timberwolves, Twins and good college games to go to. All Packer fans have is the Packers. They have nothing to do besides cow tipping. The Twin Cities have tons of things to spend money on. In this economy, most people think smarter and watch the game on TV with replays, good food and the whole family. Why is it that all you haters do is complain and can never come up with a reason “your team” is better? It is funny that you would even read about the Vikings if your team is so superior.

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